The following table shows some of the pending material we have at RCGroups. The articles are listed generally by their last update date. We do not typically publish more than one article per day per webzine so it is possible to estimate a publication date by counting down from the top of the list. However, please note that the publication schedule is fluid for many reasons and may change without warning.

Upcoming Articles:
Name Author Status

What do the "status" values mean?

The following table explains the status values that may appear on this page. There are others that we use internally.

PlanningThe article is just in the "thinking" stage. Articles are put in this status to help us keep track of new ideas and also to help us remember if we've promised a review item to someone specific.
Reviewer awaiting shipmentThe article is a review of a product and the reviewer has not notified us that he has received it.
In-processThe author is busy working on the article. RCGroups is waiting to receive it. We expect most reviews to take between 30 and 90 days. Red marks mean the article is late!
ReceivedRCGroups has received the article and is preparing it for publication by formatting it to our standards. Articles are typically in this state for several days, unless a problem prevents us from finishing the article in a timely manner (e.g. missing images, poorly written text).
FormattedThe article has been formatted by our web programmer and is ready for publication. It will be on-line within a manner of days.
HeldThe article is received and at least partially formatted but publication is delayed for some reason. From here the article may return to the publication queue or it may be withdrawn. Most of the time articles are held due to missing or poor quality photos, or because we are missing vital information, such as the name of the author!