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6ch help please

Hi All
I have found some good deals on 6ch's although I dont have the experience to fly one I think financially now would be the time to buy one and fly it later when I get mor experienced/ So heres a list of what I have found and by all means your advice is most welcome.

New Art Tech RC Perfect 3D 6 Channel 400 Class Falcon CCPM Heli 2.4Ghz RTF $159.00
Rotor diameter:652mm/25.7in
Weight(No battery):460g/16.2 oz
Weight(With battery):575g/20.3 oz
R/C System:EFLY 6BII 2.4G
Motor:B2040-17L V2,Brushless inner runner
Battery:11.1V,1300mAh Li-Po
ESC:20A Brushless
Perfect 400class 3D helicopter for the beginners and intermediate pilots
Easy to control and capable of all 3D maneuvers due to CCPM mode
Durable and convenient for disassembly
Awesome look & style with silk screen printing on the canopy and main blade
EFLY 6BII 2.4GHz R/C System

New Esky Honey Bee CPX (Orange) 6CH CCPM RC Helicopter RTF 2.4GHz$109.00
Honey Bee CPX features a simple platform from the Honey Bee CP3, with a cool appearance Fuselage, making it a very beautiful scale RC helicopter to play with. The fuselage is made with thin plastic, making it real light, not affecting the flying performance, ESKY factory also think about the easy access of the battery, the front fuselage can be taken out easily without any tools, it is a great features when you are playing outdoor.
Although it has a Scale Fuselage, it can also perform 3D aerobatic flights. The Honey Bee CPX is a very stable and relatively easy to control 6 Channel CCPM Helicopter. For those who wish to enjoy the flight, it is a great model to start with.
Tail driven motor, provides more sensitive and rapid response.

Esky has created a newly designed 2.4GHz frequency band,2.4GHz RC system with advanced Spread Spectrum Technology and digital FSK (frequency shift key) Coding Technology. This offers many advantages compared to traditional 72 MHz transmitters.
Here are some highlight features of the Esky 2.4G 6CH Honey Bee CPX稗rightly painted scale fuselage, offers more flight enjoyments
匹CPM Control System features stable flight and quick response
筆Otor directly controlled tail rotor blade, good tail locking performance and is easy to control
100% assembled and tested at the factory, ready-to-fly out of the box
百everal canopy options provided for the customers


筆ain Rotor Diameter:540mm
標eight:approximately:420g(including battery)
1 x Helicopter Body (Ready-to-Fly)
1 x Transmitter 2.4GHz 6CH ET6 EK2-0406I (001726, 000988) *Transmitter battery is not included.
1 x Receiver 2.4G 6CH
1 x 11.1V 1000mAh Li-Polymer Battery (002497)
1 x Charger
1 x Quick Start Guide and Manual in English & Simplified Chinese


660 mm length, 230mm Height
彦lying Weight 740gs (with battery), 70cm main rotor, 15cm tail rotor
Outrunner Brushless Motor 4000Kva
稗elt-drive tail rotor, boom mount tail pitch servo
匹omplete Forward, Backward, Left, Right, Up, Down, & Pitch Control (Rudder, Aileron, Elevator, Pitch, and Throttle)
30A Aeolian ESC Digital speed controller
6 channel 2.4 GHZ radio, fine trim adjustment on all channels, FS-CT6B
匹ontroller with 3D mode, PZT and PLT adjustable knobs, PIT/ PLT parameter lock
紐adio controller requires 8 x AA batteries
1 X lipo BATTERY 2200MAH 11.1V 25C
3 x 9g servo S0009(Blue) + 1 x 26g swevo(Black)
1 x headlock gyro
彦ull set includes helicopter, radio controller, dc battery charger, 11.1 Volt 2200mAh Lithium Polymer battery, Owners CD, Instruction Manual

6CH 3d Esky Honey Bee CP3 RTF
(2).11.1V 1000mAh Li-polymer battery
(3).Super370 motor + CN12 motor
(4).2.4GHz 6CH Transmitter
(5).2.4GHz 6CH Receiver
(6).3 in 1 controller(gyro,mixer,ESC)
(7).Digital servos(weight:7.5g,, speed:0.1s/60ー)
(8)Canopy color: black
(9)it need about 2 hours to charge the battery and can fly about 8-10
minutes .
Product Description:
This is the latest version of the legendary Honey Bee CP2 the all
new hobby CP3. After several years of development and
improvements over the CP2the CP3 is now much stronger and far
more stable than its predecessor. This is a fantastic 6 channel electric
collective pitch RC helicopter suitable for both intermediate and advanced
pilots.The collective pitch rotor head, stiff wooden blades and lipo
battery means you can fly outdoors even in windy conditions.
This heli can fly upside down and can perform a myriad of maneuvers,
one of the best collective pitch helicopters for your money.
(ready-to-fly) version which has everything included to get you flying.
1?A direct drive tail system provides incredible power and response for tail
commands, all while eliminating tail rotor gears for greater efficiency and
less maintenance.
2?370 super motor provides super power for high performance flight.
3?Durable Material, capable of bearing minor crashes without any damage.
4?High performance main rotor blades for performing advanced 3D
maneuvers. 5.?Fully assembled and tested in the factory, ready to fly out of box after

minor setup
Package Include:
1) honey Bee cp3 kit 1pcs
2) 11.1V 1000mAh Li-polymer battery 1pcs
3) 2.4GHz 6CH Transmitter 1pcs
4) 2.4GHz 6CH Receiver 1PCS
5) 3 in 1 controller(gyro,mixer,ESC) 1PCS
6) Digital servos(weight:7.5g,, speed:0.1s/60ー) 3PCS
7) Lipo balance charger 1pcs (with power)
(we have three type plug for US ,AU and EU ,we will ship the
corresponding plug to you according to your paypal address ,you
also can send message to us .)
8) Nimh battery 1 set
9) manual information

so there it is what do you think or suggest

2.4Ghz heli
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none of the above?

id get some thing not a clone and not a RTF none of the ones you listed are very good
and parts are hard to get

imo id get a good radio and a sim first
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The best advice is buy a good simulator!
Fly the simulator until you can hover in all orientations, fly forward and do bank turns in both directions. This will take some time! Relax and have fun with it.

While you are learning on the simulator pick up a DX6i.
Then an MCPX
Please read every document at the links bellow.
If you work at the simulator until you can fly every helicopter in it without thinking about it. MCPX will come naturally and you will be flying a CP helicopter that you can learn to hover and fly around your living room. Then take outside turn up the power when the weather gets nice. And you will have a helicopter that will blow your mind!
Links that will help MCPX Newbies

MCPX links for newbies ( Update )

When you can take MCPX outdoors and fly it all day with no crashes!
Start thinking about a 450 not before.
Hope this helps you.
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I suggest taking the above advice on the simulator first and not buy anything before you know what you are looking for. You would not be the first guy to waste you hard earned cash on a crappy helicopter that is way too advanced for you.

Both of these E-Sky helis you mentioned are NOT a good deal, those prices are not special in any way. A good deal is when you get a Honey Bee CPX for $80 shipped. Also, the CP3 and the CPX is the exact same helicopter with a different skin and they should cost about the same.

These are both motorized tail helis with brushed main and tail motors, which is why they are so cheap. You really do get what yo pay for.

The only E-Sky helis that are any good are the Belt CPX and Honey Bee King 3/4, they have belted tails, brushless motors and semi-decent head design. The Belt CPX should cost $170* at the most, and around $150-160* on a good sale. King 4 should normally cost $160* and $140* on a good sale. I have found and bought a King 4 for $100* sometime last year. You really should replace the radio system that these helicopters come with.

Eventually get either a good clone (Tarot at a minimum) or a genuine ALIGN just for the sheer cheap parts cost, excellent compatibility and massive availability of spares. I can't really recommend anything else as I have not flown anything else, so it's hard for me to make a good suggestion. As an alternative to ALIGN, you could get any other reputable brand of popular helicopters (Blade, Gaui, MSH, Miniature Aircraft), but that depends on the thickness of your wallet and your personal preferences. I'm sure others here can make better recommendations on those brands.

*Prices may be outdated, since the last time I checked was >9 months ago.

Another reason not to buy early is that stuff gets outdated fast in the heli world and updates evolve very rapidly. The longer you keep a helicopter, the harder it gets to find parts for it.
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some helis mostly Align is guilty of phasing stuff out
the higher end stuff doesnt change much
Compass will be making parts for the 3D+, Atom and 6HV till the sun dies
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Ok I veryy much understand so let's start with a simulater please give me a few choices as I'm lost here. I have seen a bunch on ebay are these any good
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Originally Posted by rpmdj1 View Post
Ok I veryy much understand so let's start with a simulater please give me a few choices as I'm lost here. I have seen a bunch on ebay are these any good
Phoenix and Realflight are the best IMO.

There's a free one called Helisimrc which is OK for a freebie.
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