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Old Aug 22, 2008, 09:57 PM
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tensor 4d power system

picked up an eflight tensor 4d for a song on the trade shelf at my lhs. I got 2 power systems i am debating and wanted a little more input as i have little experience in 3d flight. going between eflight park 480 1020kv with a 45 ams ss esc running 3s 800 and 3s 1500, still debating prop on this one what do you guys think. second setup is a gws 2205 15t (2050kv about 14.67oz thrust on a 8x4) with a CC18 amp esc running on 2s 800 and 1250. i think the gws might not be enough power but would still fly the plane. i am not sure if the 480 is too heavy or overkill for this frame. what do you guys think. im just getting started in 3d and want something that i can learn a little on and i have both of these systems already.
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Old Aug 22, 2008, 10:57 PM
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The 480 would blow the wings right off your Tensor . It would fly very well with the 370 park.. I think they recomend that one. I have an AXI 2208/34 that' flies it very well.. totally unlimited with plenty of punch on the vertical... I use a 900mah 3s battery, and a CC Phoenix10. The plane is pretty fragile in some ways.. just watch out when walking around your house with it.. or even marginal landings on grass can loosen the carbon-fiber rods out of the foam. No worries though.. it's totally rebuildable should you do something like... run it into a basketball pole and tear it totally in half(ask me how I know).. and you can't just kill a Tensor.. they keep coming back with more glue. Really fun planes though.. it will reteach you "the right stick" for sure.. it really doesn't turn with ailerons.. it has a very axial rudder is the order for turning.. it's really neat.
I'm not familiar with the GWS motor you mentioned.. if it's within specs of the Park370, or the AXI I mentioned, it should work very well. It doesn't take too much battery either... I've flown mine with a 1200-1300mah battery,.. but honestly didn't think it made a diff in duration.. and that extra weight isn't good.. it's better with an 800-1000 tops I think. You'll have a blast...torque rolls and all. Have fun.
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Old Aug 22, 2008, 11:01 PM
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I believe the AUW for the Tensor to be around 8oz. so the park 480 is not even questionable. The GWS may still be a bit on the heavy side, but should still work with a 9x4 GWS prop. You will need to run 800 mah lipos or smaller in order to keep the flying weight down.

The Tensor is really more of an advanced 3D pilots plane, rather than a beginner 3D. This is due to its intricate carbon airframe, and extensive use of lightweight electronics. It is an indoor 3D plane, rather than an outdoor.

A plane you will have better success with would be something like an Insane Foamies Storm 3D, DW Foamies Yak 54 38", Fancy Foam 38" planes, or even some custom designed planes. Overall, the 480 may be a bit overkill for anything under 22oz. in weight.
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Old Aug 23, 2008, 12:18 AM
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I ran an AXi 2204/54 on mine. 6-7oz is target weight there, 420.

The model is slightly delicate, but none the less a great flier. I hear either you love or hate 'em. I loved mine. G.H. is truly talented.

Again, LIGHTER is better. 2s480 packs, bluebird 6g sx's, 4g rx, and a light motor. Less inertia, less breakage too....
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Old Aug 23, 2008, 12:32 AM
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You'd better have great rudder skills cause this plane won't turn with ailerons only. It's designed that way. No matter where in a roll you stop, this little plane keeps tracking straight. The only way to turn it is to use rudder or roll it sideways and pull on the elevator. That one thing scares the fire out of a lot of pilots. It's one of the easiest planes to knife edge with though. It'll hold a slow knife edge all day long if you want. Gotta be careful, the foam is super brittle.
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