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Old Mar 12, 2003, 07:42 AM
Lynn Matteson
Lynn Matteson
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Re: match a plane to my floats, please...followup

Thanks, John, and to the others who responded. I've just placed an
order for the Unionville Beaver. The length wasn't noted on the
website for Great Hobbies, but a call to their tech line had Gary
pulling the plans and indicating that the length is 43"...exactly the
length that will fit my floats. Hot damn, I've got another project to
help fill the building season!


John Hawkins <> wrote in message news:<>. ..
> The Unionville Beaver in the 40 size comes to mind. I haven't
> built one in that size but I see Unionville sells 36" floats for it so
> it is in the range. If you want to consider a bipe you might have a
> look at their Tigermoth or Fleet Finch from Unionville. They should
> have listings here:
> A picture of a nicely done Beaver on floats is at
> Second down on the left.
> The Unionville kits made very good flying planes.
> On 10 Mar 2003 11:30:44 -0800, (Lynn Matteson) wrote:
> >As usual, I'm doing things backwards. I just finished a set of Great
> >Planes floats...40 size, 34.5" long. I'd like a high-wing, non-Cub,
> >non-ARF, somewhat scale, kit in the 43-46" fuse length. I've just
> >about eliminated all the planes in the Tower catalog, and I'm looking
> >for ideas from float-fliers out about it, Bill Archibald,
> >John Hawkins, and others?
> >
> > Lynn

> John Hawkins - From Canada's Atlantic Coast

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