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Feb 05, 2009, 11:13 PM
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My First Time FPV Experience

Hi everyone.
I have been experimenting with some FPV gear and am attempting to install it into my trusty Supercub. I thought it would be straight forward but little did I know. I should have listened to Ommadawn. Firstly, the little connector that goes onto the Tx snapped off the black wire. Try and find one of those here in Adelaide
I just soldered the wires directly to the Tx and it works fine now.

Now that I have everything installed I am having trouble getting rid of servo chatter. They are GWS servos. Any servos out there that are known not to chatter. Do digital ones make a difference?
My poor Supercub has been hacked to within an inch of its life as I keep moving components around to try and alleviate the chatter problem. The best I have managed so far is the set-up you see in the photos.I can plug everything in and no chatter but touch a wire or even just moving around the plane can cause bits of chatter. The only thing left is to perhaps shorten the mess that is the wires from Tx/camera/mic.
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Feb 06, 2009, 06:42 AM
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If what I see looks right, you are attempting to transmit your video signal to a monitor? If the frequency of this transmission falls any where near the 2.4 Ghz range,you are going to have issues. There is a note on the back of most RC gear from the FCC... this equipment must accept and may be suseptible to any and all radio transmissions and or noise. We... the RC community are in the minority when it comes to the FCC. Good luck!!! mudman1959
Feb 06, 2009, 07:12 AM
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My Tx transmits at 900Mhz and I'm still having issues with cheap servos. I will get some good ones and see what happens.
Feb 06, 2009, 06:11 PM
Gotta get me some

for what its worth

Be sure that the wires of your camera equipment and the wires of your flight pack are kept apart. Put them on opposite sides of the fuselage. Keep everthing as far away from that transmitter as you can. You have your hands full with that particular system. As the tech becomes better and interest in it grows, first person view r.c. craft will become common place. Just be carefull. Don't get into any trouble with your new toy as that could slow the advance of this new concept which is now a concern to full scale aviation authorities, reps of our hobby like the A.M.A., and the millitary. If you want to see the latest thing, check out the partnership of Hobby-lobby and Intelligent flight. Through Hobby-Lobby you can now have a micro sized camera system with v.r. type glasses and even auto pilot. This is the best system so far but it is in need of a few more baby steps. One of which is that it will not work with 2.4 ghz. tx systems. I am a full scale pilot and let me tell you, I just can't wait to seat my face into one of my r.c. stunt planes and fly like almost every full scale pilot never gets to experience.
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Feb 07, 2010, 02:06 PM
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Definitely pop into the FPV forum! You will get tons of help there. GWS servos are chatterboxes. Usually a no-no for FPV, but some people have got it to work. Try some ferrite (sp?) rings around your video wires, and around the servo leads. I would say if you have some different servos, try that.

Fresh Air-

Have you tried the HL one? It is the legal frequency and power, so you will only get about 100 foot range if you are in a rural area. MAYBE 300 in the middle of nowhere. Basically, if you are going to follow every rule out there, FPV probably isn't for you... But Being careful and smart is super important (like you said). Don't blast 1.2gHz waves near an airport, ect...


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