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Feb 03, 2009, 01:26 PM
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Scorpion SII 3014-1040

I got recently, from Georges, some Scorpion new version 2 motors
I begin this serial of tests with the SII 3014-1040 (middle Kv between two brothers SII 3014 -1220 and -830).
Meaning of the appellation : stator size 30x14 mm, Kv 1040 rpm/V
Serial number (carved under the name) : JA0205

The general aspect shows some differences with version 1, particularly the rotor end-bell.
a) The five oblique venting holes are now five radial openings.
b) Motor delivered with new style golden 2.5 mm soldered connectors (MP-Jet style)
c) + female connectors set + 3 shrinkable tubes
d) one prop adapter collet type, 5mm motor towards 6mm/M6 for prop. Conical nut.
e) one alu cross mount and 4 metric screws for fixing the cross on the stator flange
f) Three colours (red, black, yellow) for the three cables
g) Appellation is now suffixed with the Kv. S/N is engraved.

Mechanical :
130 g (without cross, without prop adapter, with 2.5 mm male connectors)
Cross mount 4 g , collet adapter 8 g for both mounting modes (front or rear)
Wheel collar retainer (+set screw) on the shaft stator side 13 mm free.
Shaft end-bell side 9 mm free
Total shaft (diameter 4.97mm) length 68.3 mm
Motor fixing via 4 metric M3 screws on 25 mm circle
I dismounted the rotor. I am rather conservative and added some oil on the BB.

Stator 12 slots, diam. 30 mm, length 13.25 mm. I counted 70 laminations (thickness around 0.19mm)
Probably 9 windings turns per tooth; wires ?? number of strands ? I dont know.
Windings fixed by some points of glue (clear epoxy)
Outer diam 37.5 mm, length 30 mm. no threaded holes on the end bell.
14 Magnets 14 x 5 x 2 mm
Shaft 4.97 mm L = 41 mm. Shaft over-passing 20 mm the end-bell
Airgap is estimated 0.36 mm.
Very small magnetic field leakage out of the ring.

Electrical :
Rm = 0,0276 ohm @ 20C (measured , not "computed by Drive-Calc")
So Rm is physical, without the ESC internal resistance

No load tests with an ESC 60A, timing auto
I made three connector-adapters F2.5mm (included) to M3.5mm in order to use my previous ESC 60A equipped with F3.5mm.
Io = 1.11 A @ 7 V , Peakeff in the range 86.9%
Io = 1.6 A @ 14 V , Peakeff in the range 88.7%
Kv = 1070 rpm/V , 2.9% a little higher than indicated on the rotor (1040 rpm/V)

Iron losses W = 0.5 + 0.455 * (rpm/1000) + 0.067 * (rpm/1000)^2 ; (best fit polynomial)

Test on my reference MAS 10x6 electric only (motor after some minutes warming):
8000 rpm V = 9 V, I =26.12A Power 235 W Thrust 1160 gf
9000 rpm V = 10.38 V, I =34.65A Power 360 W Thrust 1470 gf
This motor is very good for a power range 300-400W under 2S-3S

Improvement of that new version 2 versus old version 1:
I have compared efficiencies with version 1 similar Scorpion S3014-18. The gain in Peakeff is around 3.5%.
The efficiency gain is around 4% on the MAS10x6 E prop @ 8000 rpm.

The SII 3014-1040 is added to the new version of Scorpion Calc v 3.16

I am preparing the comparative results for several motors of that class 2814-3014 stator.

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