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Mar 12, 2003, 11:51 AM
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Scratch building MF 480 F-4

I am in the design stages of designing a F-4, I hav the cross sections done and the basic layout of how it will go together, but I have a few questions. Since I will be using a MF 480 and want the design to run on something semi cheap (read AP29) what can my AUW be? What should the wing loading be? I plan to use cp1700's in the 8 - 10 cell range, anything else I should consider? I think this project will build like the KC f-18 and will be similar to Daren's f-4 only not as boxy (no offense Daren, your model is my insipation).

Any help is of course apprieciated. Eventually after the prototype is built an flown I will put it all in cad form for others to enjoy!!

I'll start the cad right after the ap29 flies and then a Kontronik makes it fly better!!!!

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Mar 12, 2003, 12:25 PM
Daren's F-4 flew with the MF AP combo, I would model it directly after his size and weight wise. I however think the CP 1700s are going to be to heavy, CP 1300s if not the new NiMh 1700 4/5 FUAPWhatdaHeakTheyAre. I think 32 Oz is a good target for weight of a brushed setup. Good luck. I like The F-4, I tried to build one last year but it did not work out, I still have the wing though .
Good luck.
Mar 12, 2003, 02:20 PM
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Are you guys talking about the AP29L that comes with the Kyosho EDFs or the AP29BB? Big difference.

Jason J is talking about the AP29L I know, just wanted to clarify for anyone reading and for Jet Jer.
Mar 12, 2003, 09:55 PM
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Well I got the plans copied and they were too large, so I made it a MIDIfan size. Now I need too think about a motor and ESC - not too expensive of a setup but maybe a brushless one .

Can anyone help with what my AUW could be for a midi size jet?
Cell configs?

Any help is greatfully apprieciated.

Mar 12, 2003, 10:20 PM
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Re: Scratch building MF 480 F-4

Originally posted by jet_jer
I think this project will build like the KC f-18 and will be similar to Daren's f-4 only not as boxy (no offense Daren, your model is my insipation).
None taken. I built it boxy because it was easy!

BTW, mine has flown with three combination of motors/fans.

1st test flight: Ky fan + Hacker B40 11S/Jeti Gold 40A/10 CP1300 (zapped)
EDF Contest proof flight: Ky fan + AP29L/Astro 40A/8 CP1300 (zapped)
Final: MF480 fan + Kontronik 400-36/Smile 40-6-18/10 CP1300 (zapped)

Final AUW was 48 oz.

Mar 13, 2003, 10:34 AM
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Midifan f-4 construction

Last night I finnished all the fusalage ribs and the designing of ductwork and what not. The front ducting will be the normal glossy faced cardboard, the rear ducting will be fiberglass due to it splitting and having two exhaust tubes. I was going to do it as one exhaust tube but couldn't get myself to mess with the rear of the fuse like that, kinda looked funny.

Questions: What airfoil should I use for the wings?

What thickness should I use for sheeting and the forward fuse sides (built like KC f-18)?

I am going to get my sheet of 3/32" or 1/8" ply today and will post pics of the fuse ribs layed out tonight. There wil be a lot of cutting to due! The ribs that touch the ducting are going to be ply all others will be 1/8" balsa.

Thanks for letting me think outloud!!

Mar 13, 2003, 01:14 PM
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3/32 balsa sheet is what I used on the KC Midi F-18. Get a postal scale and weigh the sheets. I was weighing shetts the other day and even though one looked lighter and had high bending strenght it was lighter than others. I was suprised, I always judged by the grain and color and stiffness. Weighing with a scale is a way to save weight!

I used a Mega 22/30/2 and Midifan and the 16 cell Hacker Master series 70 amp controller. On 16 x 2600 NiMH hot off the charger that setup pulls 52 amps and drops to about 48 or so after 30 seconds. 800 dropping to 750 watts. On my just over 6 lb F-18 it had great acceleration and decent top speed.
Mar 13, 2003, 02:01 PM
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Thanks a lot!!! I was actually just reading the f-18 thread and what motors were used. I amplanning on using a Mega 22/30/2 and a Hacker ESC. Did you use the 70 3P Opto which only take up to 16 cells or the 77 3P Opto which can take up to 30? There is about a $70 difference in price. However I would be able to use the 77 3P Opto on the f-14 if this fails.

Thanks again for the help.


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