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Jan 28, 2009, 12:09 PM
Lee Estingoy
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Kcse Rip


I've taken the liberty of setting up the KSS Forum for those who seek greener if not dustier pastures. Farewell and good luck.

The field in Stanley will still be available to use for thermal and electric flying subject to a new understanding that all activities are to be conscious of preserving field access over the long haul. The field and club are a private club and private property. We are guests out there. We must think that way. Not sure where the previous line of thought that we had some sort of god given right to the field ever came from, but we are now past that.

The basic rules must be:

1. Most are welcome to fly sailplane or electric out there subject to common sense.
2. We will not do anything to disturb the residents of the house along the driveway; such as setting up a winch line within their dog's territory. That dog bites the tires on my car as I go by, I really don't think anyone should get too close to him. Crashing planes into the house would be bad form, so please don't fly near the house.
3. We really are not in a position to hold big events out there. I don't want to risk losing the day to day use of the field in order to have a "big" event. Roughly 10 cars max. Shouldn't be that hard as most of you seem to hate me anyway.
4. I will launch a new club as the Kansas Thermal and Electric Club, Inc. and AMA sanction will be complete for that in MARCH. The KCSE corporate standing was allowed to lapse by the officers. We were all therefore personally liable for any bullsh##(@*) that may have gone down. Partially my mistake as the rest of you are infallible, wait, it was all my mistake, right? So heads up to all, make sure that you pay the KS renewal fees, they WON'T send you a bill. In other words, let's stay off the field until MARCH.
5. Former members of the KCSE are welcome to fly out there if they can handle the arbitrary and capricious rules that I have set forth.
6. Anyone in the KC area looking to fly out there should send me a PM and
I'll be happy to meet you out there to discuss the use of the field and welcome you aboard.

Lee Estingoy
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