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Jan 25, 2009, 07:39 PM
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Vq Warbirds Retracts For All Models


this is time to vote , nominate your choice for which retracts you use in your VQ MODEL...

PLease list
MODEL: ________________________
RETRACTS USED ____________________________
(if you know the item # or model # of the retract system please list it...)

I plan on using the info you all share to stock the retracts you all use/choose most often.. this way you can get it at the same time/place www.vqwarbirds.com


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Jan 26, 2009, 09:56 AM
Done it all
Lets talk about retracts:

There are several types of retracts

1. Mechanical with wire legs.
2. Mechanical with struts that attach with a shot piece of wire.
3. Electric (Lado) retracts that have wire legs.
4. Air up Spring Down that have wire legs.
5. Air up Spring Down that have struts that attach with short pieces of wire.
6. Air Up Spring Down that clamp around the strut (the best method)
7. Air Up, Air Down that clamp around the strut. (the best method)

So which are best depends on the situation. Retracts that have struts run into a limitaion as the struts cannot be shortened enough to fit some applications, thus, wire has to be used. Almost all struts will bend on a bad or off runway landing. So the best retracts will be the ones that can be fixed easy or don't swivel on landing.

The wire retracts tend to swivel on landing because they are held in the mechanism with set screws. The other end is held in the strut with a set screw. The probems are the set screws. They are soft, strip easy when tightening with an Allen tool and also slip in a sideways landing.

The clue to finding good retracts is to find those that don't wobble, and that have more than one set screw to hold them in place. The retract wobble works against the stiff linkage wire coming from the servo to un-lock the mechanical retracts, which causes a gear to calapse. On the stand they work perfect, but, on landing they wobble and then fail.

One way arount the swiveling retracts is to replace the set screws with hex head screws, they can be tightened better. Not that pretty, but, it works much better to stop the wire from swiveling on landing.

So, finding the best retract is impossible, to each his own. We just need to share information as to how to make the retracts that we buy, work better. Also the problem with Robart and some other after market retracts is that they may be the best for retracts, but, they are often way behind in production.

Soooooo, we have to improvise, that's the answer.

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Jan 26, 2009, 01:17 PM
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Interesting reading SCALEFAN. I personally would buy the Lado retracts.
Anyone else got a preference?
Jan 26, 2009, 03:14 PM
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How about everyone just post the VQ WARBIRD they are flying, what retracts they are using and if you have the model # of the retracts that also would be appreciated!
This would be good info!


VQ P-51B
Hitec Low Profile Retract servo

VQ P-40
Uses std/micro servo for airvalve.
Use a Robart Variable Rate 4 Way valve

VQ P-61
VQ STRUTS 1/2" mains, 7/16 Offset Nose
std servo for air control valve

This kind of info would be great!!!!

Keep it coming...

I want to stock the equipment you ladies and gents use most often!


Jan 27, 2009, 09:20 AM
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Hi Tomas,

In my 60 Sized Hurricane build I went with the VQ Black Mechanical retracts. I used shims to rotate the retract forward and had to cut the bottom of the wheel well out. I had too much toe in and was working to fix that when......... I flew into a tree Opps....

Since I now have a set of wings that are torn in half I got looking at the retracts and found that if I had trimmed the leading edge of the wheel well I could have gotten the wheels to run straight when down.

I have a new set of wings sitting here next to me now (thanks) and when I build them I'll shim them like before and trim the leading edge of the wheel well to allow the tires to run straight when down.

Hope this helps.


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