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Mar 10, 2003, 08:05 PM
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Buying cells....How old can they be to use??

I am looking to buy loose cells to make my packs and am wondering how long they can be sitting on the shelf waiting to be sold before they are no good, or still be good. nicads and NiMh.. I see there are date codes on the cells but dont know the codes.. If any one knows how to decode the date codes and how old they can be to use that will allow full performance let me know. Thanks for any help. Scott..
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Mar 11, 2003, 10:21 AM
small electrics r BIG FUN
Hi Scott

I remember this has been discussed several times, the date codes that is. Try doing a search on Sanyo Date Codes and you should get some hits.

Regarding old cells, I have used some that were on the shelf for 3-4 year and they worked fine. Definitely slow charge them at 1/10C rate for 16 hrs, then they will need to be cycled several times to "wake them up" from their long sleep. After half a dozen flights, they were fine.

Mar 11, 2003, 02:27 PM
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Thanks AL,
I saw some good sized cells on a web page for a real good price, but the catch was they were year 2000 surplus. I just wondered how old they could be and still be usable for high current eflight, and if it was worth it. Or spend the extra and get something newer. Ill do a search for the codes. Thanks again...Scott