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Apr 27, 2001, 12:45 PM
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Your favorite car of all time...

I'm doing some car shopping this weekend. I need a econo clunker for the summer to drive to work. Thinking about what I needed I instantly remembered my little Horizon.

I think my favorite car that I have so far owned has been a 1989 Horizon. It was super cheap on gas and ran like a top. (The 5 speed manual was great!) Still runs today though my brother has it with 199k miles on it. He replaced the original clutch in it at 190k... (That and 5th gear was in 4 pieces when he pulled the trans apart.)

A close second would be my 74 Nova. Though it wasn't fuel efficient. But hey you can't beat the power of a mild v-8!

What's yours??

Apr 27, 2001, 03:26 PM
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'74 VW Karmann Ghia. Great VW gas mileage and looks like a Porche. I just rolled over 300K and pulled the engine to rebuild. Very easy to work on and runs great. I was able to tear the entire engine down with a basic set of hand tools.

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Apr 27, 2001, 03:30 PM
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Morris Minor 1000

I got mine in 1978 and it has never let me down.
It has a starting handle, so if the battery goes flat, you can still get it going.

They suffer a bit from tinworm (rust) though.
But these cars never die, they just get heavier; from all the steel plate welded on.

Apr 27, 2001, 03:40 PM
Question gravity.
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My favorite car of all time for me is the '87-90 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z28. I own its little brother,an '89 RS,and with the 5 speed stick its a fun little car to drive while I look for an IROC.

...What did you expect me to say?

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Apr 27, 2001, 08:22 PM
ὅπερ ἔδει δεῖξαι
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Apr 27, 2001, 09:27 PM
Visitor from Reality

Had six, models various, last was a wagon/estate, but it won't be the last.

I want a red Cooper S with a Union Jack roof before I quit.

The Morris Minor came next

Apr 27, 2001, 09:31 PM
Function Over Form
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hmm, I like the shelby
Apr 27, 2001, 10:34 PM
Heli Bouncer
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Here's a question for any U.K. native. What's the name of the three wheeled blue jobby that Mr. Bean, (Rowan Atkinson) keeps running off the road with his Mini, and then it tips over. BTW I loved Black Adder and Mr. Bean

Apr 27, 2001, 11:02 PM
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Duane's Avatar
My trusty old '71 Maverick (a Ford for you younger people that have never seen one) Iv'e
had it about 20 yrs, and 562,268 miles worth(no, not the original engine) It's an original "Grabber" also. One of several, all others I had were race cars. Second, my '69
Mustang with a 460 in it. Also had about 18 yrs. I never sell some stuff due to I hear too many other people regret selling their first car!
Apr 27, 2001, 11:11 PM
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Oh, my... Reliant Robin from Mr. Bean.
Favourite best car was a Volvo 145 Wagon, only restriction was having to put on a roof rack to haul 4x8 plywood, but the 2x4s you could just load in until the Michelins went flat. Tough, and tractible: I ran a couple of ladies home in a snowstorm that had the plow equipment falling off the road, never found conditions that could stop it, from creekbeds to standing timber. Not bad on fuel either.
Drove Moggies for 30 years, still have a soft spot for them, but I am past that, I build my own now.
Apr 27, 2001, 11:44 PM
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Apr 28, 2001, 12:25 AM
Todd Long's Avatar

All I have to do is sell a couple more kits and I can get me one of these

Apr 28, 2001, 01:24 AM
Heli Bouncer
Looooeeee!'s Avatar

It's a toss up between '67 Valiant slant six and a '67 Volvo 122

The Valiant was just like it's name sake, kept at for over 80k and then a friend put probably 120k on it after I sold it to him.. great car, kinda mechaniclly noisy for a six but I can tell by ear when someone starts one up, very distinctive.. I can see why Click and Clack like 'em. The funny thing is my Mercedes with its DOHC aluminum head sounds almost exactly like it..odd.

The Volvo was a fixer-upper for $125.00 that I eventually put $500.00 into over a three year period. Mostly bad front end and tranny work. But it was a daily driver and a remarkably reliable one at that. The thing I liked about it was its '50ish look's and its gentle road manners for such a narrow car. well balanced and capable of some off-roading if the traction was there. Really sorry I sold it 'cause the kid who bought it never appreciated it and tried to drive it too fast.

Apr 28, 2001, 01:26 AM
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My favorite car of all time was a '90 Plymouth Colt that I bought from a friend for $400.00 and a surfboard. It didn't have an ignition switch (instead it had a master switch and a starter button), air conditioning, stereo or a drivers side window. It got great gas mileage, hauled butt when properly flogged, handled well (especially off-road ), could carry three guys + full dive gear (or surfboards, or backpacks..) and I never had to worry about anybody stealing it.

I left it unlocked and all my friends new they could take it without asking, just make sure to leave some gas in it. Left it in Yosemite for two weeks with the windows rolled down and nobody touched it (except for some sort of small animal that appeared to build a nest in the back seat). Owned it for a year or so and never washed it or did ant maintenance other than a very occasional oil change. Gawd, I miss that car...
Apr 28, 2001, 01:52 AM
The Bent Pin
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Ah, simpler days. My favorite was a '56 VW bug affectionately known as "Otto the Auto".
That car would (and did) go almost anywhere. From Venice beach to San Francisco, San Felipe to the high Sierras it was always reliable and always in style.

Drive on Otto.

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