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Jan 09, 2009, 03:29 AM
FPV Pilot
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FPV Heli Info Thread: Pic's, Video, set ups, etc...

This thread is for FPV heli pilots and wanta be's

I started an FPV heli thread a couple of years ago but there was only me and a couple others at the time flying them so not alot of action. But now there's a bunch of FPV heli pilots showing up and we need a place to go.

This is the place to "Show Off" your FPV Heli's, Gear, Video, Set-ups etc and share heli related ideas, stories, links and help others get there feet wet .

If your new to the FPV heli and not sure if you can do it...to see what it's like get some sim time on G3-G4 in cockpit view so you can see how easy it really is and get use to it before sending up your helicopter .

Another good FPV heli only forum is at http://helifreak.com/forumdisplay.php?f=128

My 2 helis and a couple of videos.

Grand Canyon FPV Helicopter Flights (4 min 17 sec)

My FPV Piloting Adventures (6 min 5 sec)

Backyard Cross-Over Slash Track and Heli Video (4 min 23 sec)

HK-450 FPV Piloting Test #2 (2 min 28 sec)

10 Tips for a successful R/C Helicopter FPV flight

1. Always perform a range test and have a spotter. Be in a wide open place with nobody around (middle of nowhere).

2. It's recommended to do a normal view flight for a couple of minutes before FPV flights. This will allow you to make any corrections to the heli like trimming before you fly FPV. It's almost impossible to tell that something is wrong in FPV mode until it's to late.

3. Get some altitude, my first flights I stayed close to the ground with training gear but it's better to take it up to a high altitude so I had more time to react and much easier to fly FPV.

4. First thing is to gain altitude and try to hover slighly moving forward then move on to turns. This is where your experience as a Heli-pilot comes in as you must know what control inputs you need to make a turn with a R/C heli and how to bring it back. (Nothing like turning a plane) along with flying a head of it then behind it (better to plan your moves instead of re-acting to the helis moves).

5. Not recommended to watch the monitor/goggles and the heli at the same time during forward flight as you are sure to lose orientation and crash. Stick to the monitor/goggles except for when hovering to land. When landing fly the heli past you you and when you hear it and feel comfortable switch views.

6. Land in Normal View until you get the hang of FPV piloting. The hardest part about landing in FPV is not striking the tail rotor and knowing what speed and altitude your desending by video reference. Use taller, sronger landing gear if your camera hangs on the belly to help protect it.

7. Set up the FPV heli like a scale one. Use heavy weighted fly-bar, paddles and program some expo-rates.

8. Keep the heli moving FORWARD as much as possible. If it starts drifting backwards spin the tail into the direction it's drifting or falling. This is the easiest way to recover.

9. PRACTICE on a RC simulator in the cockpit view is very important and will give you a great idea of what an FPV heli flies like. Sims can help you excel at it in a short amount of time.

10. PRACTICE on a RC simulator in the cockpit view. Can't be said enough!

If you want to save on parts and are new to RC Helicopter piloting then a Helicommand is a good insurance policy. Makes a heli alot easier to fly .

More Info at www.FPVpilot.com

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Jan 09, 2009, 07:09 AM
Registered User
Heres my new HDX 500 all set up for FPV. I just moved all my FPV equipment off my HDX 450. Alot more room on this 500!

This Heli was built solely for FPV flight, and was built on a small budget so its no powerhouse. IT has a stock 850 kv motor and is running on a 4cell 4000 mah lipo battery. The 2.4 video tx is running on its own 11.1v 3 cell battery.
The heli's servos are all digital.(3 Futaba S3151's, and a Futaba S9650 tail servo).
With both 4cell and 3 cell batteries on board and all FPV equipment she weighs in right at 4lbs.

I'm using a nghobbies RCV922 camera ,2.4 450mw video TX, with a FutureHobbies diversity receiver.(I just bought this receiver used and will be flight testing it soon. Should be a nice upgrade to the standard Fatshark built in receiver).

Here's a photo of my Aiptek camera mounted on my FPV HDX 450. This little bugger can carry quite a bit of weight for its size.(plus i was getting about 7 minutes of flight time)

Jan 09, 2009, 08:35 AM
Registered User
Crash9, great videos as always!

Nice to see a dedicated FPV heli thread again…
I still remember your first heli fpv videos experimenting with mirrors etc. It was actually your website http://www.fpvvideo.com/ that got me into fpv, many thanks for that!

Here is my setup photos and some videos.

RC HELI FPV: HK-450 (TREX-450 clone) rc helicopter FPV flight over Candia Beach, Argolida. (3 min 57 sec)

RC HELI FPV: HK-450 (TREX-450 clone) rc helicopter FPV flights compilation (5 min 52 sec)

RC HELI FPV: HK-450 (TREX-450 clone) rc helicopter FPV flight over SEF flying field. (4 min 13 sec)

RC HELI FPV: FPV flight over SEF flying field with Belt-CP rc helicopter (3 min 43 sec)

RC HELI FPV : First FPV flight with Esky Belt CP rc helicopter (5 min 6 sec)


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Jan 09, 2009, 11:53 AM
FPV Pilot
Crash9's Avatar
Nice set-ups guys.

I could watch FPV heli videos all day long, Nice flights Jim.
Jan 09, 2009, 04:33 PM
Waiting for it to stop raining
I remember seeing a while ago some awsome heli video from a guy in italy flying around the beach. Does anyone have the link?
Jan 11, 2009, 10:27 PM
FPV Pilot
Crash9's Avatar

Helicopter Crashes at Local Raceway

Crashed and Burned today.....well crashed anyway . I've been lucky with how low I've been flying FPV over the race track but today I managed to wad it up pretty good. Flying low in FPV is hard enough and I've had little mis haps here and there but today cost me some $ and male ego.

So there I was at my buddies backyard rc race track all set up to show off my FPV piloting skills . Friends and family came out for the afternoon enjoying a sunny day in the hi 70's perfect for racing and flying. Hooked up a monitor so others could see what I was seeeing.
Hardly any wind and the little kids gated from the track I spooled her up then brought it to a hover checking all trims, etc...landed and then up again for some video piloting. There I was buzzing around and settling in to my flight goals, clearing my thoughts and focusing on the task at hand and then suddenly I drifted backwards into high alpha the tail rotor then caught a large track barrier and then Hard SLAM!!!SMACK!!! CRRAaack!!!...and it was all over . I want to say about a 3 minute flight. The heli did'nt look bad from 80 feet away where I was standing but when a buddy pick it up to bring it over to me all I could see where parts and wires hanging from a balled up peice of mass that had a heli canopy sorta attached .

Heli is fixable with the normal things needed like main shaft, belt, boom, bottom chassis, CF blades, tail rotor linkage, rotor blades, skids, gears, lipo battery leads, etc....but the worst of all is my 900 video transmitter is dead. It was the newest one I had . I've got video of course and I'll post the carnage after I mentally heal......lol

Even though it wasn't a good day for my heli I'll get it fixed and back up again for more FPV over the race track. The worst day flying FPV is better then the best day at work .
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Jan 11, 2009, 10:39 PM
No guts no glory
pratorian's Avatar
Originally Posted by Crash9
The worst day flying FPV is better then the best day at work .

hahaha that quote is priceless

Sorry for your crash, crash, cant wait to see the video! lol
Jan 12, 2009, 11:50 AM
FPV Pilot
Crash9's Avatar
Thanks partorian,
I took the heli apart last night and it's not as bad as I first thought. I'm missing some key parts like a blade grip. Looks like a screw on the flybar had come loose and backed out that caused the crash .
Jan 12, 2009, 12:01 PM
FPV Pilot
Crash9's Avatar

Better Helicopter Sound

I noticed while watching my latest heli video the sound was more like a full-sizer . I could hear some blade chop when there under a load.
What I did different is I had placed my mic down on the skids pointing towards the ground so I might hear the trucks going by underneath the heli. That didn't work but the heli sound is a lot cooler

Jan 12, 2009, 04:50 PM
Yeah Baby
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Opinions please

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Jan 12, 2009, 08:04 PM
No guts no glory
pratorian's Avatar
Here is a picture of my ground station and my FPV trex 450

and a video from last summer taken with that heli, I was too lazy to balance and rig it properly, thats why the video is shaky... recorded with my aiptek sd recorder doesnt help quality either

2nd FPV flight with the trex 450 over the river (water plane taking off) (4 min 4 sec)
Jan 13, 2009, 03:59 AM
Registered User
VasMan's Avatar
Yeah, I know it's not a "real toy" (just a small toy) heli, but at least I get to fly when it's crummy or dark outside. Last Saturday I have fat fingered it, so here's the last video - the heli is in pieces on my table now (not that much damage surprisingly).

Blade CX2 FPV Flight & Crash (2 min 1 sec)

Jan 14, 2009, 11:16 AM
FPV Pilot
Crash9's Avatar
The Blade worked pretty good with the weight of FPV gear VasMan. I have a Cx around hear and couldn't geat it off the ground with the gear. I've seen people use a 3 cell in them to get more power but at the risk of killing the motors.
Co-ax heli I think makes the best stable heli for FPV, just wish they made a 450/500 size. Of course that would take the fun out of crashing...lol
Jan 15, 2009, 01:11 AM
Just trying to get a nut.
scrtsqrl's Avatar

Head Tracking?

Anyone use head tracking on a heli?

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