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Jul 22, 2001, 02:46 AM
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My experience with Orbit of Germany...

I'm now the proud owner of an Orbit Microlader charger which I ordered direct from Orbit in Germany. I had some problems with their customer service which I believe have been rectified, but I want to record my experience here in the forum so that it is a part of "the record".
After ordering the unit by email in early April I received it by UPS International Express 5 days after it was shipped on July 4(note that I'm in Alaska which accounts for the additional shipping time...). Upon opening the box I saw that the charger was scratched! Not one scratch, but several circular "doodles" on the top cover and the crease above the LCD display appeared scratched from wear. Needless to say I was disappointed and emailed Orbit within a few hours requesting that this be resolved without me having to return the unit to Germany. I asked them for a replacement top cover. In response, they told me that all units are inspected when they are shipped, and requested digital photos. They also asked if the shipping box was damaged. I sent the digital photos and told them that the shipping box was undamaged, so it must have left their factory in this condition. I didn't hear back from them for a few days so emailed asking if they'd received my photos. Their reply to me was that they had checked with their production manager and the shipping department and the unit DID NOT (their emphasis) leave their factory in the condition portrayed in the photos. They said that because the shipping box was undamaged and the damage appeared to be a result of wear they could not be responsible for it. They even threw in that they had contacted their insurance company and been told that IN NO WAY! (their emphasis) would they pay for a claim on it. They made it sound like I was lying!
Boy was I tee'd off! I called my credit card company and filed a dispute with them, then wrote to Orbit informing them that there are consumer protection laws in the US that protect individuals from businesses that sell something damaged as new. I explained that the credit card company would conduct their own investigation of the circumstances of the transaction which could result in a chargeback on their credit card account.
In response Orbit offered to send me a new top cover. Well, that is all I'd ever asked for in the first place! I accepted and asked them rhetorically why I had to go through so much in order to effect a simple fix.
While I've yet to receive the replacement part, they have told me that it would ship the next day.
As for the charger - it's quite a little jewel and seems to justify the ample praise it has received on the EZone.
Hopefully my experience was an isolated instance and others will have better experiences.
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