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Dec 28, 2008, 10:55 AM
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Hobby People Sport Flyers Quick-1 EP Jet (video added)

Well, if anybody has seen this new Quick-1 EP Jet from Hobby People, you already know it looks fast just sitting there.

I guess since there haven't been any postings about this jet on RCG, I will start a build/discussion thread about it.

The thing I like most about this jet, is that it's depron, so it's stiff, that it has a low parts count out of the box, and it actually performs great with the stock power system.

Soo, here we go:

Power system/servos:

KMS 2208/09 outrunner
KMS 18 amp ESC
Impulse 1330 mah 3 cell lipo
Mojo E8 servos (x3)APC 5X4.75 prop

Firstly, upon opening the box, I found all the parts to be wrapped in plastic, all undamaged, and ready to be assembled. The depron has this laminate over it which seems to help with it's strength and durability. Looks to have been cut with a hotwire. A photo illustrated manual was included as well, which I quickly skimmed through to get an idea of how the build would go. Looks pretty easy to an experienced foam builder/flyer like me.

The manual has you first install the recommended motor into the rear of the fuselage, which is prebuilt, and with firewall and plywood parts glued into place.

The next steps were to install the carbon fiber flat spars into the LE and TE of the wing, ouside of where the vertical fins would be mounted. ll the carbon pieces were precut, so it was straightforward.

The manual has you epoxy them into place, but I hate havingto glue carbon fiber in place, so I broke out the scotch tape, and taped them in place. I haven't had any problems doing this before, nor have I had the tape tear on me. Plus, this allows for an easier and clean removal if something goes horribly wrong...

After sanding down the tips of th carbon to get them flsh with the wings, I moved onto the next step, which was beveling the ailerons, and tapping them into place. I find beveling to be easiest with a ruler, and a sharp hobby knife, whereas they suggest you sad a bevel into the surface. Either way works, just I find cutting cleaner.

Up next was to install the wing into the fuselage, which was a breeze. The cutout in the rear of the wing made this easy. I decided to use gorilla glue fast cure to build the plane, as it's cheaper, dries a lot stronger and more flexible, and I need only a very thin bead to get the job one well.

The manual instructs you to next glue the precut carbon spars onto the botom of the vertical fins, or fuselage booms. Again, I hate gluing carbon onto foam, so I just used scotch tape here. Worked fine, but I had to wait for the glue to dry on the wing first before I could glue the booms on.

After about 20 minutes, I now glued the booms in place, checking their measurement to be 90, which was a snap with the sanding block

At this point, I had a big smile on my face, as this park jet was now taking shape, and beginning to look fast.

Now, I had only to mount the round carbon wing spar, which just rests ontop of the wing, and ges through the booms,and the fuselage. I just tapped it int place, instead of gluing. This wrked pretty well, and I only used 3" strips of tape to get the job done. No flex.

With only the elevator left to assemble, I hopped to it. Again, the manual instructs you to glue a precut carbon fla into the TE of the horizontal stab., but I jut tapped it. Next, I beveled the elevator, and notice something in the manual:

"IMPORTANT Make sure that when you sand the bevel into the bottom of the elevator, that the precut elevator control horn mounting hols are orientated towards the right side."

I found the elevator servos slotcut into the left side of the wing, whih is no biggie to someone ike me.
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Dec 28, 2008, 12:03 PM
Look out for what? -Oh that...
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How's it fly?
Dec 28, 2008, 12:58 PM
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I am planning on finishing the review when I'm at my pc, but I had to run this morning

Not to spoil the review, but it's my new favorite plane to fly, and will go with me everywhere
Dec 28, 2008, 04:28 PM
Xpress..'s Avatar
So, now after hinging the elevator, I proceeded onto measuring out the centerpoint on the elevator, and marked it. I then glued the elevator into place using gorilla glue fast cure, again using my handy sanding block to make sure it was perpendicular to the fuselage booms.

The manual now calls for the installation of two carbon rods cut to 6 7/8", or 175mm. Then, I glued them into place on the centerpint of the elevator, and onto the bottom section of the fuse booms.

Radio Installation:

The next few steps involve installing 7-9 gram servos. I chose Mojo E8 servos, as I had a few of them on hand, and they provide plenty of torque for a model of this size. You will need 3 of them: 2 for ailerons, and one for elevator.

I had to cutout the servo mounting slots a bit more, as my servos were a bit wide. I got them installed pretty easily then, and glued them in place with a smal dab of gorilla glue on the bottom of the wing. Slid them back out first, then added the dab, and slid them back into place, to make a clean installation.

The next few steps explain how to make control rods. I'll go over them a little bit: cut a 1" piece of the supplied piano wire, and make a z-bend in one end. Cut the carbon rod to length, and cut a 1 1/4" piece of heat shrink tubing. Slip the heat shrink onto the carbon rod, and put the piano wire in place, then add a drop of CA into the top. Using a heat gun, shrink the tubing, leaving about 1/8" of space between the carbon rod, and the z-bend.

After making 2 of he above for the ailerons, I then finished them off by repeating the above steps, but centering the surface, with the z-bend installed into the 2 part control horn with plastic clip on back. Then shrink the tubing into place, using a piece of aluminum foil between the rod and the foam to protect the foam from heat damage.

Next, I proceeded onto doing the above, but for the elevator. I mounted my elevator servo with a piece of double sided tape. I accidentally went ahead of myself, and forgot to install the plywood standoff, ot keep the rod from flexing, so I had to cut up the heat shrink, and pull the z-bend off, to slip the part on, then reassembled it. I then glued the plywood standoff into place using tpae and gorilla glue fast cure, which I let sit overnight.

Now, that assembly was almost done, I used the included velcro to install the ESC, receiver, and battery, which fit nice and snug into the bottom of the fuselage, exposed in the cooling airflow.

The batry is mounted with a piece of velcro the width of the battery, on the opposing side of the leads. The "hook" side of the velcro is mounted inside of the fuselage, in front of the fuselage shelf inside which holds the electronics. It's a vert nice and snug fit, but only allows for marginal space to connect the battery to the ESC. I suggest adding about an inch of wire onto the battery or ESC to allow for an easier connection. Wit the recommended inpulse 1330 mah 3 cell lipo, the battery leads are just long enough to allow a bit of slack between the ESC and battery. My thunder power lipo has a shorter lead, so it fits very tightly.

That just about completes the assembly of the plane. I setup my control throws for 1" (125mm) up and down on all surfaces.

The grand total AUW, even with all that tape, is a whopping 11.25oz.!! The manual suggests an AUW of 12oz.
Dec 28, 2008, 04:55 PM
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Flight Performance:

After doing my usual preflight checks (checking control throw directions, checking CG, checking throttle, and range check, as well as checking everything for a strong fit), I htrottled up, and got a bit of a running start, and threw it forward.

I thought the plane was gunna fly like it's overweighted, and underpowered, but at half throttle, the plane got airborne, and was now cruising around. Took about 10 clicks of right aileron to get it to fly level. I knew my CG was back too far because the nose was pitching up from level flight, and I knew the elevator was centered as well. No biggie to me, I just flew around at half throttle.

At this point, I wanted to test full throttle, so I punched full throttle, and pointed the nose upward. It has a very nice climb rate at about 60. Vertical power is a bit lacking, but I don't mind at all. Vertical is for 3D

So, now I wanted to check out its aerobatic performance, and soon found out it flies very nicely inverted, however requires about 1/4 down elevator to maintain level flight. It does outside and inside loops from level flight, with a bit of throttle management. It does rolls, and barrel rolls in either direction nicely. Soo, now I wanted to see what it would do in a stall. I pulled full elevator while cutting the throttle, and loe and behold: An Elevator! So, now I really wnated to stall it. I punched full throttle, and went vertically, then cut the throttle. It stalled out, and flipped right over, with the nose pointed down. I regained complete control after about 10 or so ft. of free falling, and it gaining speed.

Slow flight is also very nice. Just bring the throttle down, and be gentle on the controls to not put it in. I haven't flown a jet the does both higher speed flight, and slow speed flight, all in the same convenient package.

I have to say, I am very impressed with this pusher jet at this point.

Landing the plane is also a breeze. All you have to do is keep the nose level with the ground, and cut the throttle about 2 ft. up. I like to come in from a somewhat shallow dive from about 40ft. up, and cut the throttle on the way down. It comes in real slowly this way.

There isn't any touch and go potential with this plane, as once it's in, it doesn't want to go back up easily. Too much surface area contacting the ground.

-Fast building
-Excellent parts fit, and quality
-Awesome flight performance even without a rudder
-Plenty of power on the recomended system
-Preassembled fuselage, with everything precut
-Silkscreened graphics

-Fuselage has the elevator cutout on opposite side the manual states
-Bit tight inside the fuselage for receiver, ESC, and battery installation
-No landing skids to protect bottom of fuselage

I have to hand it to Hobby People. They have made a really awesome sport jet, that can go fast, or slow way down. It's going to go everywhere with me now.

This jet would be perfect for lazy sunday flying (like I have been doing today), or getting a few of them, and having a race at your club.
Dec 28, 2008, 08:54 PM
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Flight Video!

Sorry for the bump, but I got a flight video of the plane

A bit shakey, because my camera man refuses to use the camera boom

Hobby People Sport Flyers Quick-1 EP Jet (4 min 5 sec)
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Dec 29, 2008, 10:08 PM
Take that runway!
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Xpress, I got one for Christmas and am planning on ordering the motor etc later this week. You commented about the power. Did the recommended motor do what you wanted or would a size bigger be better. Yeah, I know that sounds like a dumb question to many. Interesting video. You're a braver person than I. With the houses, trees, tractor and traffic, it makes me glad my club field is so close! I'll make note to put the standoff on before sealing up the pushsrods. Cheers.
Dec 29, 2008, 10:37 PM
Xpress..'s Avatar
The recommended KMS Quantum 2208/09 outrunner motor is plenty of power for it. With a 1300 mah 3 cell pack (~13-15C), the motor will push the plane vertically for a few hundred feet, before it begins to fall off to the side. It's a sporty jet, that loves to fly slow as well as fast. I'd estimate around 60mph from a dive. Also, I can get 10 minute flight times easily, however with full throttle use often, the motor tends to heat up. Also, check the prop adapter bolts when you get the motor. 2 of mine were too short to reach, and the other 2 were just long enough.

And thanks I tend to be too lazy to walk over to the open parkinglot across the street, and just fly in my neighborhood. I've got ~7 years flying experience, so I'm pretty good at dodging the trees, houses, and that pesky light up the street
Jan 10, 2009, 06:39 PM
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On Sale

Looks like Santa has made a return visit...

Hobby People has the Sport Flyers Quick-! EP Jet on sale for $24.99!!
Feb 12, 2009, 01:17 PM
Registered User
Besides price differences, how does this compare to the Lynx XF (when using a prop)?
Feb 12, 2009, 02:23 PM
Xpress..'s Avatar
^I haven't flown a Lynx before, but I can tell you this would be a perfect 2nd or 3rd plane. Or, if you're like me, then it'll be a perfect low flying pylon racer
Feb 12, 2009, 06:21 PM
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Rchotdeals has a motor combo 2208-09 2600 kv and esc for 30 bucks I think. Its not the KMS motor but looks like a good sub. For some reason they don't give a prop size for this. What are the battery compartment measurements? This looks like a good fun inexpensive prop jet. Your flying in the neighborhood is mighty impressive.
Feb 12, 2009, 10:07 PM
Xpress..'s Avatar
^But my neighborhood is going away this weekend. Moving to a tree filled area

Prop sizes would be 5" for a ~1700-2000Kv motor, something like a 5x4 prop. As for battery compartment, any 1300 mah sized lipo will fit in there (with the exception of Hobby City 1300 mah lipos). The recommended Impulse lipo is a perfect fit, however the mounting method can hack at the airframe.
Feb 21, 2009, 05:04 PM
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Maidened my Quick jet yesterday and you are correct about the kit. I did used an under hand toss into a perfect climb out and flight. The 2208-12 outrunner is a good match with a 6x5 apc and 1300 lipo from RC hotdeals. The 2208 will take the jet nearly straight up. With the generous wing area the jet also slow flys and will land at walking speed without tip stalling or having the bottom falling out. Really a good deal at 25 bucks,great quality, performance and really good instructions. My hats off to Hobby People and Sport Flyers.
Feb 21, 2009, 08:39 PM
Xpress..'s Avatar
^6x5 prop seems a bit big. Maybee want to try a 5.25x4.75 to keep amp draw down, and prevent the motor from overheating.

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