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Dec 24, 2008, 11:19 AM
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whats the best gas engine for boat?

going to be ordering my hull in 2 days, 46" long, now need some imput on what engine to buy. been looking at ZENS, SIKK, VENOM,RMCK.. put a couple of bids in on a sikk, are they really 4+ HP stock? do they have the reliability of a Zenoah? any imput would be appreciated, being this will be my first 2 stroke boat, keep in mind I am power hungry, and a professional mechanic, fabricator, so making mods are not a problem!
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Dec 24, 2008, 12:10 PM
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So far I've got 2 Sikk engines, they're not perfect but have a couple of bugs. The biggest problem for me so far is the pull-starter but putting on a Zen starter cured that issue. Others don't like it having only 2 bolts holding the head on but as long as it doesn't suck in water you're fine. The new Venom engine is a Sikk, just relabeled
The Zen is the engine of choice for most other people but the Sikk already has some mod's done in the timing department that Zen owners have to get done. I'm not anti-Zenoah but just don't have one yet to do my own comparison to, I just got deals on both of my Sikk's.
The RCMK I've seen some talk of but only seen them run in You Tube videos.
Even if you're a professional wrench-thrower you might want to leave the work to someone who knows the tricks of the trade to tweak on your first one then see what they did. Some spots in the intake area the casting is thin and you sure don't want to go through the wall.
Keep in mind that it's the total package, not just the engine that makes speed. Dialing in the carb, tuned pipe, the right prop and drive setup are factors.
Dec 24, 2008, 12:36 PM
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THANKS for the info on the SIKK, I think I'll go ahead n' keep on biddin' on the SIKK, unless the price goes to high, are they generally more expensive than the zen? seems like I can get the zen (stock) for around $200, the sikk's always seem to go for higher, is that because they put out more power, or what ? also, have you seen those modded pistons from VXper, claiming more power without actually porting on cylinder?
Dec 25, 2008, 10:54 AM
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The Zen's are going cheap now as I've seen them new for just under $200.00 . The Sikk's are coming down in price also. Why they're more expensive, I don't know.
The VXper's are already "modded" from the factory, sort of like the Sikk's. Sikk also has 3 versions of their engines and you can tell how heavily they're done by the color of the water jacket. They are making them for someone else that way. Those are mostly sold on eBay so far.
Dec 27, 2008, 04:56 AM
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i use a 26cc 2stroke petrol motor
in a 1500mm long hull
Dec 29, 2008, 03:16 PM
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best gas eng......

ended up getting outbid on the sikk, why bid when the bidding reaches the buy it now price? was starting to believe that the stores were watching bidding, and were jacking up the bids, so I bid on a NIB Zen 260 PUM, & believe it or not, won it for $172.00/W free shipp. & a new set of Gen 2 motor mounts for $22.00 BIN price was$56.00. So I guess you can do ok on ebay, just gotta pay attn. outta cash now for 2 weeks, but new hull is shipping tues. can't wait, spent right @ $500.00 , got a custom hull, motor, and mounts. merry christmas to me!
Dec 29, 2008, 11:40 PM
RC boat Rock Star
Yeah, I've seen bids go crazy on eBay before also. I was bidding on some gas boat hardware from Top Secret Boats and people were bidding more than what he wanted on his site. There are Sikk's and Zen's galore on eBay. If you miss out on one, there will be another on shortly.
Watch for sales on the Bonzi' Boats site and Warehouse Hobbies for Zenoah's. Dave's Discount Motors and O'Neill Brothers unload Sikk's cheap without having to deal with overseas shipments.
Dec 30, 2008, 11:52 PM
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sounds like you've been scouring the ebay @ the same time as me! the sikk's i was biddin' on was from ddm- I was the high bidder up untill the last minute, but set myself a ceiling of $220.00 (didn't want to go higher then a zen w/free shipping) bids went right up to the buy it now price minutes before it ended--270.00!! saw tony's price@WHH and figured I'd buy a zen from him(199.00free shipp) but bid on one in CA. that had an 11.00 shipping charge-bid 170.00 and won it! funny you said bids went high on the top secret boats hardware, cuz I got my mounts from them for 22.00, the
buy it now price was 50somthing! ebay is just a circus!! good somtimes, bad others!!
Dec 31, 2008, 01:14 AM
RC boat Rock Star
Sometimes things get insane on there and wonder if there's some shilling going on. Most ofr the time it's hard to prove though. I was at a boating buddies house one night and he starting a bidding was with someone on a partially built scale hydro and things got a little nuts at the last few minutes. I don't know if he hated to lose or not but he paid way more than what it was worth.
Bill at TSB is great to deal with as I've bought most of my hardware from him off eBay. I could have just as easily gotten it from him through his site but what the heck, if I can get it cheaper on eBay, I will.
With the Sikk's you have ot watch to see if you're getting a new 2008 or older 2007 version. The 2008's have dual inlets and outlets on the cooling jacket.

BTW, you were talking earlier in this thread about modding engines. I found this article that might be helpful to you: http://www.modelgasboats.com/Magazin...e_Porting.html
Dec 31, 2008, 09:42 AM
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thanks Ron, I have already printed & read practically that whole site(just the good stuff) good info-in the begining I planned on getting a homie trimmer & doing the mods my self, but after seeing the actual prices for stuff( I'm used to paying 800.00 for a set of JE pistons, 400.00 for crower rollers) I figured after talking to Dana(DaVette Boats) that when I want more power, I'll just call Tony @WHH & order an M6 cylinder kit, and be done with it! Alas that is also sticking to your earlier advice of leave it to the pro's! Now if you ever want to build a 1000+ HP BBC let me know, supercharged BB Marine engines is my specialty!!
Jan 05, 2009, 08:51 PM
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Stick with what works. If you have endless time and money try them all..LOL.
Use clean, new gas with high octane and mix oil to engine spec. It will work for years. Do Not over cool the motor. With out cooking it...Check temp, check specs for flow rates. The setup will be the tricky part. Coppy what works for the other guy....and have fun............
Jan 06, 2009, 12:26 AM
RC boat Rock Star
You don't need high-octane gas, regular 87 is all that you need and is what is recommended by the manufacturers. Use a good 2-stroke oil for break-in then after that you can use a synthetic. You can even run camp stove fuel if you want after you've gotten the engine dialed in as it burns so clean that it's hard to get a plug reading.

I wish that I had something to drop a BB Chevy into! I did a little drag racing back in my younger days. I still won't buy a ride that can't light up the tires.
Jan 07, 2009, 08:54 PM
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So it is true that even in 2-stroke pre-mix engines that you should break in with high grade petro-based oil, then switch to synthetic? I've practiced this for 15+ years with all the big engines,(I was always sceptical of syn. oils untill pretty recently, I WAS partial to KENDALL 40wt racing, untill they changed the formulation. in fact I put syn. in my big boat for the first time this last season, after much research , AMSOIL IS the only syn. that I will ever use!! (12qt pan full, $120.00- piece of mind-priceless! As for the high octane fuel? I am well versed in this argument- it is not needed-and will not raise the performance/output of the engine as you well know! have seen too many times to count guys with tunnel-rams& low compression thinking they need 112oct fuel because they think they have a race boat! In simple terms, octane means" resistance to ping" high comp=high oct--(slower burning fuel) stock to slightly mod- 87 - 89 oct (hotter burn)-- I need 118oct fuel in my boat because i'm making 16lbs of boost with a 12-71 blower @6400rpm= about 15 :1 comp!!!! '
Jan 07, 2009, 09:06 PM
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right engine.......

SORRY to ramble on like that... prob. off topic....
Jan 08, 2009, 12:26 AM
RC boat Rock Star
Hey, it's cool with me as I can talk full-sized as well as model stuff all day long. I'm a gearhead so if it's about anything internally combusted, I'll read or listen.

Amsoil does make 2 different 2-stroke mixes. I have some of their Saber but haven't tried it yet. Tony at Warehouse Hobbies swears by the stuff. I was using Honda HP-2 and no complaints with that one either. Others seem to like the mix made by Mercury. I did buy some Zenoah oil but was told to save it for the yard tools.

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