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Dec 23, 2008, 09:14 PM
I Can Fly An FP Inverted!
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forgot a few blogs :p

OKay this one is a little overdue folks.

On saturday, I woke up very late and I didnt really do a lot untill it was time to leave to go to twickers .

last EVER twickers it was a real shame to have to say goodbye, but it was damned fun.

I got there very early with both my parents, and then insisted I fly something to show them. they wanted to see the hornet go, but the tail was giving me issues, and the mesh needed adjusting, so I had to demo my 52# instead.

My father was impressed that i could fly it, and my mother was perplexed by the fact that it could fly sideways (and backwards).

Just as they were leaving, a guy was doing some hard 3d with his new t-rex 250, but hit the tail on the floor, snapped the tail blades and bent the boom, it piro-ed out of it, and he managed to save it from major damage by a well timed autorotation, unfortunately, he hit a little hard, snapped the landing skid struts and had a tip-over, which bent the flybar.

I talked to the pilot who was flying the 250, and fixed my hornet at the same time, took it for a test flight, and it was pretty good, the tail still kicks out a little with punchouts, but i dont like doing that, so it is all good. (even in winds the tail remains solid, no weather-vaining). the new tail servo is holding great, and the modified pitch slider removes a lot of slop in the vp tail mechanics.

Michael showed up shortly after, and I landed (scraped the tail a little) to say hi. He had his new mini-titan with him, which we spent most of the evening trying to get to fly (to no avail)

Usally, there are a LOT of heli crashes at twickers, last week for example, there were at least 8-12 crashes. I had never crashed at twickers, but this time it was the other way round, I crashed my 52# trying to do a nice plane style landing (forgot how rubbery the floor is, flipped it on landing) the boom snapped right in half. later on, I landed my hornet to adjust the aileron linkage, and I was holding it, when it suddenly spooled, I am convinced someone else turned on with the same frequency. either way, it snapped the gear, and the rotorhead, as well as wore the tail drive conical some more.

my helis were the ONLY helis damaged. (though one guy was flying with blades about an inch out of track)

towards the end, there was a huge demolition derby, 12 planes, last man flying wins the money (£1 from everyone)

Indoors at Twickenham x 16 (6 min 0 sec)

michael was taken out by the damned ifo within a minute, and john managed to win with his crash! without landing gear.

it was a good night, and sam inverted nick's walkera 64#C

on sunday, not much happened, In fact - I cannot remember sunday at all.

oh no wait, I fixed my hornet the evening before, and all i can remember is hovering it in my garage.

monday then: This was great fun, Michael came over with his mini titan and his yak and cessna.
we spent the first few hours getting his mini titan sorted, I eventually traced it back to the fact that ccpm was reversed, so the blades were going into negative pitch.
but that still didnt explain the wierd noises and shaking it was making last time, so I rebuilt the head, and I found that the blade grip linkages were out by a whole 4mm! (talk about tracking issues)

once that was fixed, we took it for a maiden flight. I spooled up, and I expected it to jump into the air, but it didnt, it took off very gently, and because it is so heavy, it can sit in ground effect, hardly moving.

I found the rudder to be VERY twitchy, the model was very well rebuilt (by me ) and It only needed four clicks of left trim on the rudder (NO cyclic at all).

i gotta be honest, I thought it would fly like crap, but it is VERY nice, incredibly stable and very smooth.

I then flew my hornet (actually I flew my hornet before the mini titan but, meh.)

I did a few short flights, then I was gonna do some lazy eights, but i took off and hovered (to make sure it was trimmed) and it was hovering not more than 20 seconds before one of the blades departed the grip and shot past michael's face. my hornet nearly shook itself to pieces, but it did seem to float down softer than one might imagine.

the damage: main shaft, gear, canopy, flybar, blade (well duh)

I am VERY annoyed, these are brand new carbon fiber blades, £25 a pair, and one just flies off mid flight, that is dangerous, expensive and disappointing, I thought MUCH better of the leading manufacturer of carbon blades in the world. I Have sent ms composit a very angry e-mail asking that they replace the blades and the parts damaged in the crash.

If they do not respond by the 28th, I will send once more, and add that if they do not respond, I will have to post slander about all over these forums, and damage their reputation.

took the helis back home and after some lunch (and some hornet fixing), we took all three helis, and three planes to bushy, to meet up with nick.

Nick flew his ez-star over to us when we arrived, and whilst I was extending the vertical stabs on my zagi, Michael started flying his cessna.

My zagi decided it liked the ground more than the sky, so i gave up and left it where it obviously prefers to be.

I flew Michaels mini titan then, becuase I was bored. again it flew VERY nice.

Nick took back his ez-star, and got out his t-rex 450, I flew my hornet, and we did a little formation flying

my hornet out flew nicks t-rex by three battery packs but then again, nick was doing loops a fair bit.

Michael let me fly his cessna (modded with flaps and ailerons). let me tell you this: that plane is HARD to fly!, very twitchy.

I was doing a few half throttle fly-bys, when nick told me (as a joke) to do a roll, I wasnt paying attention to him (much) and I actually did try a roll!
I didnt put in any up elevator when inverted, and so i lost a lot of altitude, when coming out of the roll, it nose dived and spiralled towards the groud.

Michael was not pleased, he was thinking to himself how much work he had put into the little plane, but just at the last second, I saved it, gave it half throttle and pulled up out of the dive.

Nick was impressed, and Michael was pleased I didnt crash.

I then was very nervous flying and decided to try and land, I wasnt used to the handling, so I decided to go around again after the first approach.

16 approaches later, I then just went for it, killed the throttle and I glided in for a nice bouncy landing.

then I taxied it back

Michel flew his yak a bit, and nick flew the cessna, whilst I was flying my 52#

for some reason, the elevator was reversed, which lead to some 'interesting' handling


it got dark, so nick left and michael and I went back to mine.

Charged our lipos and ate, before modding my zagi to brushless (over 1kg thrust!)

Dropped michael off home, then found out he left his yak lipos here, His dad will have to come tuesday and get them.

I spent the rest of the evening (11pm-3am) rebuilding the electronics on my 4#3, my broken 4in1 came in the post, and the guy was kind enough to include a second. I took the crystal from my old one, the fet from the waterlogged one, and I transplanted them to the one with the burnt fet and missing crystal.

I then replaced the magnet wire going from my old 4in1 to the servos with more magnet wire.

I was tired and slow, so I decided to leave out soldering in the esc and thesteve convertor untill the morning.


I woke up pretty early (for me) 11am, and played some atreyu then got dressed.

I heated up my soldering iron and checked my e-mails.

Michael's dad came to the door to collect the batteries, after which, I hid upstairs again.

I spent the next hour and a half wiring up my esc and thesteve convertor, and my losi motor.

Ten hours work so far, and I was ready for the first test with the new gyro.

I was very excited, powered up my transmitter, and I plugged in the battery for my heli.

I was expecting to hear the esc arming tone, but instead I heard a crackling noise, this was about a second after plugging in the battery, I then looked at the 6in1(now) after staring at the wall for the first second.

I found it to be litterally billowing smoke, it was falling over the edge of the 6in1 like a waterfall.

I didnt realise it was the electronics and my first thoughts were: LIPO! (which was held to the side of the electronics by an elastic band).

I ripped it out and felt its temperature. it was cold

I put it well away and I turned my attention to the 6in1.

I could see burn marks between my esc, and the atmel processor.

as I seperated the two, I was praying it was my esc, and that my 5in1 would be fine.

Luckily, it was the esc, I was thankfull as I pryed the two apart - I could see the blown fets.

I was shakey (as I always am when I set fire to my hard work) so i went downstairs (smelling of fets on toast) to eat some lunch.

came back up to my room again, and I got to work in replacing the esc.

It took about an hour and a half again, and I managed to spill ca in my micro deans, so i had to swap that out with another connector.

so after nearly 14 hours work and two weeks:

I have finally sorted out the glitches with the servos in my walkera 4#3

I flew it for four packs throuout the rest of the day, and I didnt get one glitch!

I took my zagi out later on with my father.

I tested the throttle before launch and it was all good.

I throttled up and my dad launched it - it took to the skies and immediatley it hit the ground.

the damage: cracked canopy, ripped off vertical stabs, and snapped the motor mount.

oh - broke the prop too.

I wacked it back in the car and came home.

ate dinner after fixing my zagi and then watched hancock.

hancock was crap - 4/10, a good concept but drawn out, too mystical and not well executed, with some holes in the story

well that bring this blog entry to a close really.

tomorrow I have to look forward to making and wrapping my parents gifts and threaghtening the postman to bring me my sister's.

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