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Mar 03, 2003, 04:24 PM
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the p51 as real as it gets

well im building the gws p51 and ..ok well i already ave it built but i was really thinking about making it as real as it could get.....i did a little painting on it which it looks pretty good but i was wondering if anyone has ever put foam bombs underneith the wings and put some little 50cal. machine guns on the leading edge of the wouldnt be hard at all...maybe buy the bombs from like hobby lobby and lake something like the size of say a toothpic or a little bigger and break it short and aint it black and then drill a few small holes into the leading edge of the wing then insert the pic into it and then presto! 2 or 3 machine guns.....i think it would work just fine..also in the canopy buy a figurine and glue him to a piece of balsa that thin and then glue that to the bottom of the canopy so it looks like a guy flying it...i really think this would make the plane look just beyond great but do you think that it will afftect its flying ability a whole lot??
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Mar 03, 2003, 05:28 PM
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I think that the flying characteristics would be fine. One suggestion though, the machine guns can be made using aluminum tubing. I scratch built a Mustang that was the same size as the GWS and used 1/8 tubing and for the four smaller machine guns dropped in 3/32 tubing inside the 1/8. It turned out good and I think the weight would be trivial. I have pics of this on a thread in this forum if you are interested.

Looks good!

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