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Dec 18, 2008, 08:25 PM
I Can Fly An FP Inverted!
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here begins the future (maybe) - and lots of blood and guts

well, since a few of my friends have started a blog, I thought I might join in.

except my blog will be *AWESOME*

so here it begins; i will try to update daily, but if i dont ITS NOT THE END OF

well, today I was maidening my zagi with my new flightpower evo lite, given to me by Nick.

before I was running the zagi on 8cell nimh, it was lacking power to fly and it was too heavy (the evo is 2g heavier actually). I once tried it with a 1000mah 10C lipo - it was FAST, it actually flew, i was amazed - I had this wing for two years and never got it to fly, then when i wacked in this battery (nothing else) it actually flew. unfortunately, the motor pulls around 20A on full throttle, so the lipo was damaged and had to be disposed of.

So I tried this flightpower battery, and it is ballistic, I actually think the prop is spinning too fast because it makes a horrid noise at maxx throttle.

the zagi launches itself, before I had to have a helper launching the wing and the longest flights were 6s or so, now I can drop it, and before it hits the floor it is off!.

no idea of the top speed, but I fly on about 30% throttle - so plenty of headroom, and theoretically, around 36mins of flight time

I had done maybe 20 mins of short flights, iterrupted by crashes every now and again (my first plane) when my flying was cut short.

I launched it the usual way I do - hold the canopy and full throttle with a little push forwards and it shoots off, but not this time!

the motor went to maxx, i could hear it tearing through the air, it was pulling against my hand - so I let it loose, but It was too fast for me, before i realised what had happened, my hand was desperately trying to correct the torque roll.

I was in the hair for maybe two seconds when my right hand slowed right down, a burning pain in my hand forced me to crash land.

as the zagi ejected the battery and electronics onto a fence where they got tangled, i looked at my hand.

It was not too pleasant - the prop had sliced about four gashes in my flesh as it left my hand, and blood was running down my hand

I decided I should probably call it a day and after gathering the spewed and tangled intestines of the zagi, I walked home.

today I learned that a gunther prop producing around 700g of thrust F*****G hurts when you stick your hand in it - lesson learned, I wont be doing that again in a hurry.

believe it or not, todays events have left me craving more power in my zagi - a brushless outrunner and a larger prop are exactly what I have decided upon

I have a 1100kv outrunner here that should suffice, here begins testing.

In heli related news:

I flew my hornet on 2s today, It needs about 80% to lift off, but it does fly. also nearly finished stripping down the mobile phone I intend to use for arial videography.

a little *incident* with my hornet today has snapped the rotorhead AGAIN, I need another head for this heli REALLY bad.

good news is that my new tail servo (dymond ds-44) is VERY fast and much better than my old one (towerpro sg-50)

the new 4in1 for my 4#3 is in the post - thanks Bill!

when i get some time, i will post specs and pictures of each of my aircraft (maybe tomorrow)

someone remind me to burn those dvds for nick will they?

untill next time - Adeu,

- Hal
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