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View Poll Results: Which type of combat do you prefer?
One design (same plane shape/size) with common and battery) 1 4.35%
Similiar planes (Kens single motor combat planes) and common motor and battery. 14 60.87%
No limits except battery size (900 mAh 2S) 3 13.04%
Anything that limits 5 21.74%
Voters: 23. You may not vote on this poll

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Apr 27, 2009, 04:04 PM
springer's Avatar
temps falling and the wind too?????????? One hopes!
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Apr 27, 2009, 04:30 PM
For us He died, in me He lives
Jimmy JFlyer's Avatar

"There's no place like Foam"

with the heavy winds that just came through over here, I'm still waiting for my house to drop back to the ground.
Hope the Good Witch of the North is still around.... she was a hottie
Apr 27, 2009, 05:53 PM
To much fun :-)
eckartkl's Avatar
Week days session would be fun too. Once the office work slows down I could be at Stoney by 6:00 to 6:30pm.

Now if the wind would just calm down....

Apr 27, 2009, 07:08 PM
DesignGeek's Avatar
Seems like work gets crazier every month around here, but I'd love to get together at some point. Saturdays would be the easiest for me.

I voted for the Combat Forum: Id love to give it a go some time, with an EPP foamie. Years ago when four buddies and I had GWS Tiger Moths, we had some nice formation flying turn into full contact mayhem. By the end of it, one of the guys 'moths looked like a shark had taken a bite out of it, and another guy exited a loop so low that it collapsed the landing gear!

What do you guys think? anybody flown combat before? Does a "one design league", or "run what you brung" work better for casual "friendly" combat? Full contact or streamer cutting? is the michigan contingent interested in doing this at some point?

Apr 27, 2009, 07:28 PM
Ken's CAD Models
dz1sfb's Avatar

We've had fun in the past streamer cutting with BB24's. Also working on a 150 sq. in. class.

Latest blog entry: Ken's CAD Models new web site
Apr 27, 2009, 07:50 PM
DesignGeek's Avatar
Yeah, that sounds pretty cool. usually they go by wing area for class? Does this approach allow for a bit of ingenuity/variation in the designs? I see how this would effectively limit battery size, and therefore motor. although it seems that being able to turn on a dime would be more important than anything else...

Post some pics of your combat machines. I'd love to see them.
Apr 27, 2009, 09:54 PM
springer's Avatar
Well, here's my combat planes. Yeah, they're only bb24's, but you'd be surprised. When the wind's up, they are the only ones flying, and they can do some serious quick turns.
Apr 27, 2009, 09:59 PM
For us He died, in me He lives
Jimmy JFlyer's Avatar
Originally Posted by DesignGeek
Yeah, that sounds pretty cool. usually they go by wing area for class? Does this approach allow for a bit of ingenuity/variation in the designs? I see how this would effectively limit battery size, and therefore motor. although it seems that being able to turn on a dime would be more important than anything else...

Post some pics of your combat machines. I'd love to see them.
DG, couple threads for ya to check out...
I stumbled onto this one and like it quite a bit as it is RET and with the right skills, is just as deadly in the air as a plane with ailerons. watch the 2 fist vids on the first page.

And yes, Ken has started a nice concept for doing exactly what we are discussing.

I for one am nowhere near skilled enough yet to do any serious combat but would love to give it a try. My vote would be for streamers.

And since we were just discussing planning a possible SEMFF picnic idea with some fun flying, one cool thing we could do is also agree on a platform for combat & make em easy builds with certain gear. Then just bring a few extra foam already cut for those "oopsies". As long as it can be built & glued with hot glue, should be endless fun. Just gotta pic a good area where we won't scare the buhgeezus outta anyone else strolling by with an uncontrolled "landing."
I wish I knew where I saw this video ysterday... guy was testing his wing doing hard flying in a park. low lvl loops & whatnot. Along comes a family strolling along and they walked right into his flying area. Just then he loops right at them and musta forgot which way was up & panicked.... the resulting near miss could not have been better planned as if it was in the movies. mom, dad, kid walking. kid trailing behind. kid decides to bend down to pick something out of the grass just as the wing went screaming through the spot where the kids head had just been. Funny now, knowing the kids ok but omg, imagine how that could have turned out.

With the right planning, we could get a real fun FunFly going.
Maybe get a little organized (but not like "Club" organized!!! )in terms of
1. someone throwing out possible dates.
2. we look at best date for the most peeps.
3. plan out some cool flying games / contests. my fav I saw was streamer combat pylon races. Maybe even have some peeps chip in to buy 1 planes worth of cheap yet good gear & build a nice plane for a prize.
4. yes most important........ MENU!!!!!! FOOOOOOOD.....
Lets kick it around.
Oh and almost forgot... gotta figure out a way to involve our better halves & little ones if we really get this rolling into an all day gig. Fun for everyone.
Or do we just scale it down & just have a crazy long afternoon just pilots?
hmmm yup, this solunds cool, lets definately kick this around a bit.

well guys... your thoughts?

Apr 27, 2009, 11:10 PM
DesignGeek's Avatar


The street fighter combat vids are great, that plane really turns tight! What KV of the C20 do you guys figure is the hot set-up? I saw the grayson indoor combo mentioned. the performance on 2s looks good in the videos.

I'd love to build two of whatever so I can do a bit of practice combat with the boy. Now that would be fun.
Last edited by DesignGeek; Apr 27, 2009 at 11:12 PM. Reason: more to say!
Apr 27, 2009, 11:34 PM
For us He died, in me He lives
Jimmy JFlyer's Avatar
Not sure what kv c20 would be best. I don't have any experiencew with them yet. I do know that I used 1300 kv BW and on 8x4 prop she zings pretty good. Ya just gotta be ready if and when you crank on that rudder. Its a large surface and throws that plane into a hard bank RIGHT QUICK and she'll nose down hard and FAST. But if yer ready with the elevator, oh man she turns & burns with the best of em. I nosed her in & broke my last 8x4 one day and got silly & put a 10x47 on her. held it up vert & hit the throttle and I didn't even have to let it go. She bolted straight vert right outta my hand before I knew what was going on.
this was all on 800 mah 2s.
Very fun plane. 8x4 on the 1300 seems to be the best for that motor in terms of amp draw / thrust compromise. 9x7 worked quite well also.
This plane if built per plans is actually quite small and would probably be good on 2100, 2500, 2900 kv c20's. I would say take your pic and just research amp draw & thrust to compare.
Dam, now I wanna go put gear back on mine!
Apr 28, 2009, 09:36 AM
springer's Avatar
My preference is the 2100kv, allows a larger prop and will start and run slow (Idle back) with my cheap ELE esc's, whereas the 2900kv is pretty much off-half throttle to wide open. Ok if you're flying flat out all the time, but not too good if you're trying to finesse landings or maneuvers.
Apr 28, 2009, 10:42 AM
Registered User
rcdadx2's Avatar

This is just what I was telling ONE of you in my PM's about COMBAT.


Many of us have been flying at stoney for over 20 years now. There are 3 AMA clubs that fly off the water every week for many MANY years at Stoney.

This is ONLY because NO ONE is doing combat !!! When you cut off a tail or antena, the plane WILL CRASH to earth. When , (not if) WHEN you hit a car or a person,it WILL END THAT DAY!!! If you hit a CHILD, and the park is FULL of them. Your life will never be the same. If the FATHER dont KILL you, his LAWYER WILL.

Would you risk your HOUSE,FAMILY, LIFE, just to smash up cheap foam planes. PLEASE

And to even think of takeing a child or spouse to this to be targets.???

COMBAT NEEDS safty fences ,HELMETS, RULES, AND INSURANCE for WHEN you DO hit something. Cutting a streemer is the ONLY way to do combat, but because foamies are cheap. some KIDS think it is fun to crash them into each other.

How long will you last after a lipo fire in the long grass at stoney???
This is WHY very few like the IDEA of COMBAT. I know around 200-300 people that will not let this happen at Stoney or any public park. This WILL END ALL flying there.

BUT on the other hand, I am building a combat plane as we speek. I will do this on PRIVET PROPERTY ONLY. WE / YOU do have MANY folks here that DO have the room/property to have this COMBAT at there homes. This I am ALL FOR.

PLEASE DONT GET ME WRONG, I LOVE RC PLANES. And I want everyone to also enjoy/love this hobbie too. It only takes just a few to destroy the future flying of all at that park. It is one of the last parks in our area that we still have to fly at.

WHY do you think TROY has NO fly in all there parks ???? Its not because of a CLUB and ALL the RULES that MUST be followed !!! Its because a few flew the way they thought was fun. Now NO ONE can fly in ANY of our citys Parks, Schools,ect.

Thank you for understanding, And thank you for NOT doing COMBAT in OUR PUBLIC PARKS. And a GOOD DAY TO ALL !!!
Apr 28, 2009, 11:57 AM
For us He died, in me He lives
Jimmy JFlyer's Avatar
Wow Vince,
I think you should just tell us how you REALLY feel about it!

In all serious though, I do agree with what COMBAT at a park could result in and if we could find a rather large private area, cough cough, Springer's cough cough, a blast would be had by all.

Sorry Mike, didn't mean to put you on the spot like that.
But this does bring up a very good point and cause for further discussion.
Anyone have idea's on Non state & city property to have some fun on when and IF we can get a big FunFly going? Since there may very well turn out to be alot of us going, might not be a feasable thought to invade any of the locations at Stoney, since now dought others will be there as well flying.
now 5. discuss and find good PRIVATE loc with lot's of room.

Your thoughts / idea's fella's?
Vince, I'm on my way home to continue working there. I'll stop by & drop off some of my Zanax!
lol jk
you made some very good points that we should all keep in mind.
Apr 28, 2009, 11:59 AM
springer's Avatar
Ok, the North Macomb foamie combat aerodrome is open on Armada Center! Cars parked under the safety of nice tall plane grabbing trees, only building near the field is a corrugated steel barn that will survive many plane hits (ask my how I know....) and 100 arcre field with no park rangers around! (or anybody else for that matter)

More seriously, Your points are well taken, Vince, and we should be cautious about what we fly at Stoney. So far, we've only done the 24" bb's which I think might be a better candidate than most, guts all protected inside the fuselage, small enough to not be a major impact issue on most any possible "target". Some of us will have to tuck our antennas in better tho....

We did the streamers (crepe paper cut in half lengthwise for narrower streamer) and I agree it's fun. Why trash a plane you like on purpose? Accidents happen, of course, but aiming for the streamer rather than the plane should minimize that.
Apr 28, 2009, 12:03 PM
DesignGeek's Avatar
Good points. well taken. Precisely why we need the electric combat forum to discuss these important issues. The saftey considerations and dire warnings go in the sticky at the top!


Last edited by DesignGeek; Apr 28, 2009 at 12:14 PM. Reason: more to say

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