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Dec 15, 2008, 01:04 PM
Coaxially Fixated
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SV 17CC gas engine review

i just received one of the new 17cc engines that chaush is introducing

first thing i should say is i am a bit of a small gas engine nut and seeing that chaush was offering a 17cc gas engine was a bit too much for me and i jumped on the wagon for one , i am not affiliated with the company that builds these or the import of them , i am also not a professional engine reviewer , but i know a bunch of folks are interested in hearing about this engine and i am happy to jump in with my experience with it ...whew!

first off , it comes in a nice cardboard box and is wrapped in 6mm closed cell foam sheeting to protect it during shipping and it arrived looking brand new , the box also contained a plug wrench , sparkplug , muffler , and the electronic ignition unit

it is small , roughly 5 inches tall and 6 inches side to side with muffler and carburetor , i have a few Zenoah engines so i dragged out the scale and weighed a Zenoah g-231 , a Zenoah G-20 , and the SV 17

you can see that it is about 3 oz heavier than the Zenoah G-20 and although you would think it should be lighter , three oz is pretty close , and i will guess that it has to do with the type of alloy used in the case , i only weighed the engines with exhaust and carburetion and left out the weight of the EI units and batteries

another thing worth pointing out is i weighed both stock EI units , the stock Zenoah EI unit is 7.0 oz and the SV unit is 4.3 oz this would bring the weight of the two engines to well within an ounce of each other

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Dec 15, 2008, 01:08 PM
Coaxially Fixated
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here are some photos of it on the test stand today , there were no surprises here , it all works about as you would expect , gas the tank , prime the engine , by putting your thumb over the carb intake and turn the engine over by hand a few times , till there is a bit of gas on your thumb , hook up a 4 cell ignition battery , and hit it with a starter motor , the engine fired right up into a nice idle of about 2700 RPM and i let it idle like this while i snapped a few photos

i do not have the engine run in yet , and i am not sure i have to , but i will bet as it breaks in over the first few tanks it will just keep getting smoother , but i played a bit with idle and revving it a bit , with a tach on it to see how it compared to the specs and can say , it idled well at around 2500 RPM out of the box and revving it i was seeing around 8100 RPM with a Graupner 12X5.5" prop , keep in mind i was only blipping the throttle open for very short periods of time as the engine was still on the first tank , and i am a bit of a chicken

i want to burn off a tank or two and play with a bit of tuning to see how this engine behaves after it has had a chance to run in a bit , and i will post back here when i do , cheers , dana
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Dec 15, 2008, 09:34 PM
Registered User
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Hi Dana,

Thanks very much for taking the time for a review and for your candid comments.

Just to confirm, the engine does require a 1-hour running-in period using petroleum-base (i.e., non-synthetic) lubricant in the ratio 1:30 with 90-Octane gasoline.

Wish you the best and let's see if you ultimately make the spec of 8500rpm with a 14x6 prop.
Dec 16, 2008, 07:02 AM
Coaxially Fixated
copperclad's Avatar
the engine does require a 1-hour running-in period using petroleum-base (i.e., non-synthetic) lubricant in the ratio 1:30 with 90-Octane gasoline
Hi chaush

thanks , yes i am using Lawnboy ashless for breakin , and will switch to synthetic once it has had a chance to run in

i think it is really great to see another small gas engine for our hobby , i have been running Zenoah engines for many years , in both planes and helis and i am really glad that you have been able to make this new engine available , thanks and cheers , dana
Dec 17, 2008, 09:11 AM
Registered User
chaush's Avatar
It has been a pleasure, Dana.

I am also looking forward to introducing more unusual products for our fascinating hobby in the near future.

Thanks for the initiative you took in starting out with the review so rapidly!
Dec 18, 2008, 11:37 AM
Registered User
would this engine be suitable for the hanger 9 ultra stick
Dec 18, 2008, 07:37 PM
Registered User
chaush's Avatar
Hi fanfoldfan,

The answer is "it depends"...

If you are looking for a drop-in replacement, this engine would be unsuitable due to its higher weight versus a glow, because the H9US is a very light aircraft with a short tail moment arm.

But if you are intent on flying this airplane with gas, then I do not know of any engine other than this one that will provide the right amount of power for this airplane (i.e., this engine will deliver the flight performance of a .60-glow with the fuel economy & other advantages of a gas engine).

The downside is that it would require considerable reorganization and/or modification on this particular airplane:

- the fuel tank could be moved back to the CG area (the pump on the Walbro carb will have no problem pulling fuel through a long line)

- the batteries (receiver & ignition) could be mounted behind the CG to offset the engine weight

- worst case scenario, you would have to trim the nose length back and reconstruct that area so that although the engine weight is higher, the shorter moment arm will move your CG back to the recommended range.

I hope this helped answer your question.
Dec 18, 2008, 08:14 PM
Registered User
thanks for the detailed reply. sounds like not the ideal plane for the project. one of the fields I fly at is kind of rough, not suited for a nice gasser. I need a stick type plane with tall gear and big tires. Perhaps time to build an airplane for the engine .... now to find some old Kraft/Jensen Ugly Stick plans.
Dec 19, 2008, 09:13 AM
Registered User
chaush's Avatar
Oh... are you searching for a suitable airplane to put this engine into...? (I thought you already had the H9US and were simply looking for a suitable engine.)

In that case, I'll also look around and suggest any suitable airframes for this engine, preferably stick type, etc...
Dec 19, 2008, 11:26 AM
Coaxially Fixated
copperclad's Avatar
Hi Fanfoldfan

i have not gotten to put my engine in a plane yet , and am in the same boat as i still need to pick out a plane for it also

i have been into gas engines for a number of years and it has been true that kits were not usually made for gas engines , but brought over from the glow side of the hobby to do gas duty

and of coase this involved a certain amount of hacking , i would be happy to share some of my secret methods that have worked well in past projects , but of coarse you will have to promise not to tell anyone , and this goes for everyone else reading this thread too

a good starting place is to look at kits that work for the Zenoah G-20ei , Horizon hobby lists lots of planes that the G-20 will work with , and i would write down wing area and weight of these planes as you come across them , to compare to kits you are interested in

the Horizon site says that the G-20 will work for sport kits designed for .90 through 1.20 sized nitro engines

the other thing i do , i started this back when you had to build the plane from a kit , and it still holds true with ARF's and what not , is to build a balance from a piece of wood , let me explain

this is all very easy , but i am sure by explaining it i can make it seem quite complicated

i will take a piece of wood , roughly a 1" X 8" X 6' and set it across something like a pencil layed on your workbench , the idea is to get the board to balance and then mark this balance point on the board ( think teeter totter ) , now you can lay out the pieces of the kit or airframe on the top of the board , so that the C/G of the model is directly over the balance point you marked out on the board , you want to have all the parts , including the servos and flight battery for this as it lets you see how the kit will balance out when it is finished , if you are carefull with this method you can get it very close

i started using this method to find out how much , if any , i would need to shorten the nose of a plane to get an oversized engine to balance , with the entire kit on the balance , you would position the engine on , as though it were mounted to the firewall , this lets you see how nose heavy , if any , the finished plane would be , with a board that is say 8" wide , you can set the engine next to the fuse , and this lets you see the balance if the nose were shortened , by playing around like this , you can see just how much if any the front will have to be shortened to accommodate an over sized engine

HTH , dana
Dec 19, 2008, 02:57 PM
Registered User
great Dana, thanks for the tips .... you've given me some good ideas. The stick design for rough field flying is exactly what I want. I'll try to find something suitable to modify, but it looks more likely to be a build project ... been a while, but I bet I can still glue sticks together.

Please let me know what you come up with ... love the motor, need a plane. ready to order when it's sorted out.

Maybe? just looking around found this...looks like built for glow engine ... set up as tail dragger
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Dec 19, 2008, 03:38 PM
Coaxially Fixated
copperclad's Avatar
Hi Fanfoldfan

Yes , i think it is just about perfect , i cut my teeth on a Big Stick 60 kit back in the 80's and i am guessing the SV-17 would haul it around fine , cheers , dana

here's a search i just did on google for " big stick 60 Zenoah G20ei "

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Dec 19, 2008, 05:21 PM
RCAPA #299
jg4660's Avatar
Heres an Ultra Stick 60 with a Zenoah G20, flies great.

Ultra Stick Slow Pass (1 min 4 sec)

Dec 19, 2008, 06:32 PM
Registered User
lots to compair here ....the Ultrastick $229 ... 66" ... 6-7lbs

60 Uglystick $179 ... 66.5" ... 6.5lbs

I know the Ultrastick is capable of 3-D aerobatics ... the Uglystick, not so much. I think the control surfaces would have to be increased in size.

The question of durability ... I think the Uglystick with its roots from glow engines would be the better choice here.

Who exactly is the distributer ( in the states with support and parts ? )of this 17cc gas engine ... does the manufactore ( I imagine china ) have any other products on the market that we can compair reputations.

I love the idea of the size and looks of the engine ... the price (introductory) is outstanding, and the biggest selling point compaired to other known 20cc engines available.
Dec 19, 2008, 08:38 PM
Registered User
chaush's Avatar
Hi Dana & JG,

Thanks for the very valuable help you're providing folks interested in the SV-17 engine.

Hello fanfoldfan,

I am (at least one of the) distributor(s) in the USA for this engine, and will be standing by to support customers with parts and service. I honestly do not know who else is offering this engine currently in the US.

You are welcome to visit my website for more info, or of course, please ask away and I'll answer questions here.

Thanks for the compliments... besides the price, this engine allows you to go down one size further in airframe size without having an overpowered rocket on your hands.

Over time, I will work with the manufacturer to trim some weight off of this engine. With due modesty, I am a mechanical/aero engineer with 19 years of design/development experience and will hopefully be able to add value to this and other products over time, besides offering some of my own in due course.

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