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Dec 15, 2008, 08:25 AM
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BaC F-6 Lightning EDF from GAD build

Hi guys,

We have just finished testing our new BAC English Electric F-6 Lightning, and thought now we know it works we would let you guys get a feel for it see if poeple still love lightnings?


30" span 42" long

AUW with base system 22oz, with the Wemo mini and 4s were looking at 28oz

thrust tests see 32oz of woosh, so perfomance is good.

airframe will carry from 64mm (1st test sytem) up to 70mm.

Basicaly i wanted to know if you could fly it on a cheap (sorry...budget) 64mm chinese off the shelf job, with 1700 3s pack. Performance "OK" 45-50deg climb outs, good runtime (7-8 mins), landing speeds almost nothing.....

Wemo 68 on a 3700kv and 4s 1750`s........well that changed things somewhat....

at speed she will climb vertically but only for about 400 feet.....superb level speed, somthing like 90mph.....(this is only a guess though)

Kit construction:-

She is a mixture of CNC cut foam and Laser cut depron (tools in a toobox really)

CNC cut preformed fuse
Laser cut tail, wings, sundries
all hardware
vacformed canopy, radome & bi-frucated exhaust tubes.

as you can see from the pics shes naked but good to test on.

I will put the full build on in stages as i get time, but I think there must be room for a nice sized F-6 out there!!!!

please let me know you thoughts.


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Dec 15, 2008, 04:31 PM
Registered User

GAD English Lightning

It looks interesting! I purchased one of your Lightning models and I was surprised to see that it did not come with a intake nose cone. Nor was there any reference to it in the "Beta Manual" that came with the kit. I purchased the kit from Chuck's Hobbies and his reply to me was that the Beta Manual was "the manual" and that there was no intake cone provided in the kit.

I sent you guys an email asking about the intake nose cone and never got a reply. It appears that your new kit is larger than the previous model in order to fit the fan unit. I am in the process of building an EDF version and the original kit appears to only be able to fit a 55mm fan or smaller. I am assuming that you are using the same style wing as in the previous kits. Did you mount the battery in a tray under the cockpit in order to get a good air flow to the fan?

Bottom line is that I like the English Lightning Jet, so you have my interest.

Mike Dudley
Dec 15, 2008, 06:13 PM
killickb's Avatar
I will definitely have one when the kit comes out. Have the pusher version and is definitely the only one at our field! Mike, I made up a push fit/removable nose cone out of blue foam for my F-6, I think I had a nose cone (from laminations) with the kit but the first hit on it broke out the front former so I made the push fit version which also allows more air flow in and moves if hit.
Dec 16, 2008, 04:35 AM
mjblack's Avatar
HI all,

Mike....I remember your email, i did reply, saying somthing like....

due to the small f-6 size, vacing the nose is impossible and the cone was made from scrap foam. We had to go with common sence with this due to manufacturing limitations....

To be honest even the this bigger one is a pain to vac due to its pointyness..

easy to pull, but a pig to extract afterwards....


I went your way with the cone also, made it push in as even transporting it from place to place it gets hit and can soon loosen off..

If you can imagine our show season runs from april to september adn these aircraft get transported almost every weekened, damage is def going to happen.

Mike.....yes....the cells are mounted in the bottom adn teh way teh fuse is cut it makes for a complete free airway through to the fan pre-funelled.

also the F-6 has a CG issue longways on..... if the weight is high in teh fuse, it can act like a dumbell and dutch roll horribly. So all the weight is kept low to stop this..

Ok build.....

We need to glue together the rings to make up the whole fuse.

pictures show to the point where the front can be competed and the rear is a seperate section by itself (fitted later)

looking forward to your thoughts.


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Dec 16, 2008, 06:41 AM
R&D Engineer
these is very very very cool airplane
I need one!!!!!:-)
Dec 16, 2008, 10:07 AM
Damage's Avatar
Love the premoulded sections, finally done away with all that sanding?

Question - are you doing the belly tank? And the missiles?

Need one of these as a chase plane for my TSR-2! Been pestering Gordon to let me have his but starting to realise he'll never let it go!

Looking good Mike!

Dec 16, 2008, 10:38 AM
mjblack's Avatar
HI Gary,

yes, with the tank im still scratching my wether to vac the tank or have it made in assembly.....

vac sounds good, but not that strong given what job it has to do on landings...

however, build up is a bit of a pain....back to sanding...

Missiles....definitely....already been playing with over wing tanks...

LOL.....good for gordon!...tehe....

Yours is in production at the moment.....well your proto F-6 is anyway..hope you will join me in here for the build...let us know your thoughts on the build and any improvements we can make....trying to fit it between paying jobs!....

Andy, thank you for the compliments.....

which company do you R&D for?


Dec 16, 2008, 11:54 AM
Oh no, not again!
jhspring's Avatar
Mike, this looks to be a head-turner at the field. More pics. please.

Dec 17, 2008, 05:27 AM
mjblack's Avatar
Hi Guys,

Thanks Jeff, like lightnings.....just not a biggish one thought i would have a go....

Build Cont.....


There are 2 Jigs in the kit, one, once asembled gives you wing positions, canopy hatch and spar holes. The Other is fro making the Stab holes.

Obviously these only fit one way, but common sence is used to make sure that you have them all fitted Sqr.....

Pop them on....mark up the holes, wing position, and canopy hatch cut line.....and your away......

Hope fully i can get onto the wings tomorrow......



P.S ...Off Topic....for those who are is our LATEST Video

Dec 17, 2008, 12:40 PM
Damage's Avatar

How does it handle at slow (landing) speeds? Is there any washout in the wing?

With the issue with the tank and landings, is there any scope for retracts?


Dec 18, 2008, 05:13 AM
mjblack's Avatar
Hi All,

Gary, to its super swept wings, no washout required. I have found that this aircraft is almost impossible to stall, adn the stall that does exist, is like a mushy sink.....nothing discernable....

retracts..well i have been thinnking about that...but....hers the big BUT....main leg retracts rotate about thier centre...In sure with a bit of scratching we could prob cobble somthing up that sorta works...

The wing is still very thin though....might be possible...there is a main spar that passes the point so strength wont be an issue.....

Build continues......


Most of these pics are self explanatry really

So we will let the pics tell the story.

What i havnt shown is that there are 2 spars that go through the fuse, these slide through holes in the ribs adn are epoxied on once the wings are made.


Mike. (UK) (Europe) (Canada)
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Dec 18, 2008, 11:55 AM
Registered User

GAD Lightning EDF

I am really liking what I am seeing on this model!!! If you guys need any Beta testers for this one...count me in! Looks like it will be a great looking and handling plane.

Mike Dudley
Dec 19, 2008, 08:32 AM
mjblack's Avatar
Hi Guys,

Mike, yes i would love a beta test done.....I know that Damage will be doing one also when he gets his kit....

the problem is the shipping to the USA, this kit is pretty big, its goind to cost somthing like 25.00 to get it to you.....I am happy to send you a beta kit at cost, covering materials etc and shipping.. but it is expensive...let me know your thoughts.

Noses and tails!!!!


Dec 20, 2008, 04:44 PM
Registered User

GAD Lightning

The plane looks great!! Count me in for one!

Mike Dudley
Dec 24, 2008, 05:02 AM
mjblack's Avatar
Hi all,

Just thought i would wish every one a wonderfull xmas adn a great new year, I will carry on with this build once my wife has finished tasking me!


to all.


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