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Dec 03, 2008, 01:38 AM
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Jet Trainer - what should my first jet be?

I am not new to flying RC but I'm totally lost when it comes to jets...meaning I've never owned one. I really would like to get into jets and I am wondering after having researched the internet and RC forums, what would be a good trainer jet for me? How does one get into this portion of the hobby. Do you just have to be lucky enough to have a friend who is into it and has all the knowledge to give? I don't have that friend yet. I'm wondering if I could be that friend to someone one day. I was thinking the Yellow Stingray would be a good first jet. Thanks to anyone for their feedback. I really appreciate it.
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Dec 03, 2008, 10:18 AM
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it depends on your site conditions as much as anything else rough grass strips will rip any undercarriage from a heavy scale jet but trailing link in a boomerang will take it.
ask yourself this... if it had a prop on the front or back could i fly it here? thats your first hurdle then it is buget time, a boomerang will cost you about 2000-3000 depending on engine choice retracts etc.
my personal choice was a boomerang with a wren 54 because of my site conditions only regret was not getting a supersport for it just so i had more choice for my next plane. Wrens customer support is the best anywhere so that would always be my recommendation for the engine choice.
as for the airframe if boomerang or one of the clones is not for you then a falcon 120 flys very well and is docile enough to give you that second chance should you need it then a f 15 or a delta winged model .
what ever you choose it will put a smile on you face that will not go away!
Dec 03, 2008, 07:47 PM
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I got into turbines by purchasing a "used" jet and it was a little more of a working project than I had in mind, but buying a flying aircraft is one option IF you can see it operate first hand before a sale and have friends who can look it over and give you advice.

There are many easier to fly jets. Balsa and built up - Reaction 54, Turbinator, Boomerang Intro, etc.

Fiberglass jets - Boomerang Elan, Reaction 54 ARF, some scale jets like the F9F Panther from PST, etc.

You want to have a GOOD handle on advanced flying of larger and faster RC airplanes before venturing into turbines, but once you are up to speed, the sky is the limit.

As far as turbines, go for the brand widely flown in your area so as to have some first hand advice on how to get the most out of it. If nobody is around flying turbines, go for Jetcat and Wren as first places to look.
Dec 04, 2008, 03:15 AM
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Originally Posted by dbryantphoto
I was thinking the Yellow Stingray would be a good first jet. Thanks to anyone for their feedback. I really appreciate it.
The Yellow Stingray is difficult to handle when powered with a 54/60 size turbine although it flies very well on a Wren 44. We flew one for several years and it was very good - our show flier used to really "wring it out" in displays - but it is a small model and so if you go fast it becomes very small, very quickly. Some people advise a larger model for beginners, for this reason.

Sara Parish
Wren Turbines
Dec 04, 2008, 06:11 AM
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Check out the falcon 120 thread on this forum. Cheap price nice plane, speedy but has slow landings perfect. Plus if you break it your only out 200.00! Instead of 2000.00 that equates to a much lower "pucker factor" which means you will be a little more relaxed on the sticks than other airframes powered by turbines.
This airframe will allow you to throttle back with out the worry that the thing is going to fall out of the sky, thus permitting you to gradually work-up to high speed flight as you skill and experience permits.

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