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Nov 26, 2008, 11:02 PM
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Build Log

Superslo28" Build,Tip,Tricks thread!

Ok, everyone, I'm building the Superslo28 by sloper steve this was a plane that I was told about that used to be found on Steves Website.
Sloper Steve was the first Guy Using EPP for planes and I want to say started the trend for a different kind of foam in the hobby.

This build starts after you have printed and cut out all the Epp foam parts, and the basic information found here can be translated to all the plans that are on my site

Free plans can be found in the thread

You will need to print the plans out on 8 1/2 x 11 sheet paper

The Foam used to build the plane is 1.3# 9mm EPP foam
a sheet 18 x 36 is required to build the kit If you need help finding EPP foam PM me...

OK so in the pictures below I have cut out all the parts The next step I do is cut all the 45 angles on the Ailerons/Elevators and the rudder.

Then I make sure that on the wing section I want the 45 cuts on the top side of the wing so I flip the wing over and mark 2 1/4 inch down from the front tip of each wing lay out a piece of 3mm carbon and make a couple of marks for a centerline.

I then use my Dremel to cut the slot. (this is my favorite method fast and clean)
after I cut the slot I test fit the carbon and cut to length. I don't glue the carbon until all the slots have been done this way I can do it all at once, I use Foam tac glue to build all my kits.

I then tape all the parts of the wing together and set it aside and move onto cutting the Elevator and rudder parts.

I repeat the carbon process on the elevator and set it aside

the last part I cut is the Fuselage I use a piece of scrap foam to make sure the thickness of the wing slot and elevator are the same thickness of the foam. makes for a perfect fit.

I then repeat the Carbon process again for the Fuselage (I use 3mm for all the carbon parts) on the fuselage you can put it on either side.

Sorry at this time do to work schedule I do not cut kits for people anymore.
If you are a club and need a 10 pack of Superslo 28 kits cut for your club
and live in the USA email me for details (this is for foam only kits)

Recommended equipment (found on Amazon) as of 2/7/2019

EPP Foam
check out (9mm 1.3# Epp is what you want)

Radio Spektrum DX6E 6Ch Transmitter

Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger Discharger 1S-6S Digital Battery Pack Charger
for NiMH/NiCD/Li-PO/Li-Fe Packs LCD Hobby Battery Charger

New Hextrinik HXT500 6.2g 0.6kg .08sec Micro Servo rc airplane

SG90 Micro Digital Servo Motor SF0180 RC Helicopter Airplane

Du-Bro 915 Mini E/Z Connectors

Dubro 847 Micro Pushrod System

Beacon Foam Tac Adhesive Foam Glue

hexTronik 24gram Brushless Outrunner 1300kv

Du-Bro 848 Micro Control Horns (2-Pack)

Turnigy Plush 10amp 9gram Speed Controller

3mm Diameter x 500mm Carbon Fiber Rods

9050 props

2Packs 2S 7.4V 450mAh 20C Lipo Battery Pack with JST Plug


2mm Gold Plated Male & Female Bullet Banana Plug Connector for ESC Battery

20 AWG JST Plug Connector 2 Pin Male Female Plug Connector Cable

3 mm Dia 30 mm Long Heat Shrink Tubing
__________________________________________________ ___________
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Nov 26, 2008, 11:11 PM
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Great shots and build. How does it fly?

Nov 27, 2008, 12:21 AM
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Hd Video baby

New Slofly Superslo28 HD Movie (4 min 20 sec)

Slofly SuperSlo28 flying part 2 (5 min 48 sec)

A new Video

Taranis Plus Mixing test on my Superslo28 (2 min 36 sec)

Video of my Friend John Flying his Slofly28 in the wind
Slofly 28 Flying in the Wind (4 min 41 sec)
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Nov 27, 2008, 12:47 AM
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some pictures from the video

Here are some HD Stills
Nov 27, 2008, 11:10 AM
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Rain Flying

Here are some video still of me hovering in the rain.
Nov 27, 2008, 04:59 PM

Rain in San Diego?? Somebody alert the media!

I like the Superslo's, I've tried to make 2 now and they were cool, but just didn't fly correctly...I did something wrong...

Are there any "precut kits" of these babies that I could just plug my servo's, esc, motor, and battery into and fly?

Nov 27, 2008, 08:35 PM
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yeah the news crew was watching me fly on there way to the local best Buy Store to shoot video of people camping in the Parking lot for the Black friday sale. watch he video
I had to move around as I was getting rained on and I took a rain drop to my eye glasses

enjoy the Video.

I hope Everyone had a great Thanks Giving

(3 min 33 sec)
Dec 01, 2008, 09:06 AM
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Do I have to put the carbon rod in the wing. Can I just glue it to the surface?
Dec 01, 2008, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by IFO FLYER
Do I have to put the carbon rod in the wing. Can I just glue it to the surface?
You could attach the carbon to the side but for extra strength if you cut foam with a soldering iron or some people use a mini saw blade to cut a grove i use my Dremel and then use a thin coat of epoxy to install the carbon its rocks solid.
Dec 02, 2008, 02:36 AM
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I thought I would post a complete kit list!

Complete kit parts list.

1. sheet 18 x 36 1.3# 9mm epp white foam
2. 2- 40" x 3mm carbon rods or tubes
3. 3- 5 gram servos
1. 1300-1500kv motor
1. GWS9050 prop
1. prop saver + bands
1 set Dubro micro pushrods (20-30") version
1. motor mount
2 sets micro control horns
1. sheet of light ply 16th inch thick
1 roll strapping tape
1.10 amp brushless esc
1. box #11 x-acto blades
1. medal straight edge (18-24 inch)
sharpie pens for color
Foam tac glue or
battery used is 7.4 volt 2 cell 250-400 mah (30C) is what I use.
1 small 4 channel receiver
1 transmitter. I'm a fan of the Spektrum Dx7s
1 lipo charger
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Dec 10, 2008, 05:13 PM
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video series

New Video Series how to build a EPP type foam airplane.

Plane being built is the Slofly Superslo28

these tips and tricks can be used to build most plans that start using a PDF type file.

Part 1 how to cut a template.

(1 min 30 sec)

Part 2 how to cut foam pieces.

(2 min 2 sec)

in part 2 you don't have to trace the part if you just use the template like I do I just like to trace it out to make sure I don't move the template around when cutting.

Part 3 how to cut a 45 and how to make hinges with strapping tape.

(4 min 27 sec)

Part 4 how to install micro control horns

(3 min 52 sec)

Part 5 How to install a motor mount

(3 min 30 sec)

Part 6. How to Hot wire a 45 cut
how to cut a 45 using a Hand held hot wire cutting tool (3 min 4 sec)

part7 how to dremel cut a wing slot
How to Dremel a Carbon slot in EPP foam (5 min 6 sec)

Part 8 How to Epoxy a carbon rod.
How to epoxy a Carbon wing spar video (6 min 8 sec)

Ok know we all do this different but after hours of research and some trial and error this is the best basic method I came up with.

How To Make a Carbon Control Rod (4 min 52 sec)


(warning you will see in the video I use a heat gun there are people out there that use a lighter to shrink the tubing. CA glue will cause a fire) DO NOT USE A LIGHTER in my method.

My method while it uses heat its not a flame. (FLAME WILL CAUSE FIRE)

Hey 2 new videos

What I use to glue EPP video and weight.

How to balance a Plastic prop and why!

How to balance a plastic Prop (3 min 44 sec)

How to balance a Prop Using the Dubro Tru-Spin Balancer
Du-Bro Tru-Spin Prop Balance Quick Tip Guide -TALLGUYSD (2 min 8 sec)

Items I use and other stuff part 1

Motors Mounts prop savers & More part 1 (4 min 8 sec)

Items I use and other stuff part 2

Motors Mounts prop savers & More part 2 (4 min 10 sec)

How I shoot all my Own inflight videos

How to shoot your Own Flying Videos (2 min 57 sec)

New Cutting a groove with a Soldering iron!

Cutting a groove with a Soldering iron. (3 min 10 sec)

How to glue the wings in place

How to Glue a EPP Wing (5 min 14 sec)

How to install Servos and the Stick Mount) 2013
How to install Stick Mounts and Servos (5 min 35 sec)
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Dec 10, 2008, 08:45 PM
Chillin till SEFF
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Great stuff tallflyer
Dec 10, 2008, 08:49 PM
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Thread OP

I know other videos have been made but I thought I would get in and show little stuff that people are always asking questions about. just to make what we talk about better understood.
Dec 10, 2008, 09:56 PM
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is there a PDF of this plane. looks great and your instuctions are fantastic.

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