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Nov 21, 2008, 01:51 AM
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Scratch-build-off 3: Final Results Announced

This thread is for messages to participants in the Scratch Design/ Build Off contest. Other messages will be deleted by the moderator

Contest - Scratch-Build-Off 3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Summary: Competitors will build a “Sport Scale” electric driven airplane model in the time period given, and out of any material and covering the builder chooses. Competitors will not be required to produce plans, short kits or kits of designs. If plans or kits come out of the activity, so much the better. Let's keep it loose and fun. The basic objective will be to generate interest and good natured competition by professional and amateur participants in the EZone.
Ground Rules

Participation Classes:
I. Amateur Class
II. Professional Class

Participation Categories:
I. Single Motor Model
II. Multi Motor Model

Anyone may enter themselves in whichever class they want to compete with only the following exceptions:
1. Any entrant who has finished in the top 2 places in either of the last two (Manzano) contests in either class must enter in the Professional Class.
2. Anyone who is a paid design professional and/or anyone who makes and sells plans and/or kits needs to enter himself in the Professional Class.
3. Anyone who has had a model design published in a model magazine must enter the Professional Category.
4. The moderator reserves 30 days beyond the contest entrance deadline to re-classify contestants based on evidence of eligibility.

At the conclusion of the contest period there will be two voting rounds. The model must make at least one successful* takeoff** and landing under its own power** and by means of remote control prior to the contest deadline to enter the "voting rounds". The first round will be the semi-final round when competitors will compete for the top 3 places in the two classes and two categories. The final round will be for the "Best of Show" honor when these final 6 in each class compete to name the best of the best.

(*meaning it could perform another of each without first repairing or replacing any airframe or powerplant parts.)
(** or handlaunch only for models without landing gear- and not because you sheared them off )

Begin registration:

All contestants must submit the requested information by completing the official contest entry form here between now and March 1, 2009. Please register prior to starting your model's build thread so that we have a current entrant list.

End of registration:
1 March 2009

Contest end date:
31 May 2009

No building before 29 Nov 2008. You may post a thread on your design, but, it is not required. Build thread will need to have a title beginning with "Scratch-Build-Off 3".

Plans and/or kits may not be distributed or published in any way prior to the close of the contest. Any distribution or publication, free or for reimbursement, will be cause for removal of that model from the contest.**

All competitiors agree, by entering the contest, to permit a magazine sponsor's publishing of any written model information, specifications, and images (not model plans) of the 6 model finalists in a comprehensive "contest article" written by the moderator about the event after all results have been posted.

** The moderator reserves the right to publish "contest promotion" materials of the contestant's progress in plans creation or model construction, at his sole choice, in any written or electronic form, during the contest and will not exclude any models from eligibility in the contest as a result. The material will be in presented in promotion of the overall contest in an effort to obtain new participants from places outside the forum, and not in such a way as to show favoritism to a particular contestant.

Eligible Sport Scale Model Defined

The wingspan of the model may not exceed 100".

1. Model must resemble a successful man-carrying airplane of the specified type. The full size aircraft must have made at least one flight.
2. Model must have the same number of working motors driving propellers as its full scale counterpart has/had number of powerplants/props. In other words, no freewheeling propellers on multi motor models. The same goes for the number of EDF's in replacing tubines on the full scale counterpart.
3. Wing dihedral, tail surfaces, landing gears, and wheels may deviate from scale proportions for flyability
4. Building and covering materials may be of any type builder chooses.
5. Each airplane will be an original design by the competitor. Previous design work by the competitor is allowed as long as the design has not been published or sold. Enlarging or shrinking an existing design by the competitor is allowed, however, such change must be of at least a 25% difference in wingspan. Designs may not be copies of others' works. For example, you may not enlarge a Peter Rake design and call it your own work.
6. No building will take place prior to 1 Dec 2008. Designers may make "chuck gliders" or other test platforms to prove their designs prior to 1 Dec. Nothing built prior to 1 Dec may become part of the final model.
7. Disputes will be made to the moderator only, Mike MacFarland,email here.

Other Definitions:

Designer/builder- The contestant must perform all design and build themselves. They may have someone else fly the airplane for the 'proof' test. Assistance in the form of advice is welcome. Things like training on a CAD program is certainly permitted. For those who may be handicapped in some fashion please send me an email and we can discuss options.

Design professional -Anyone who receives compensation in return for designing full scale and/or model airplanes including: UAV's, remote/radio control aircraft, drones, etc. It does not apply to one who professionally designs things unrelated to the above.

Existing plans-The contestant must use their original designs. No existing plans may be used for the design.

Multiple entries-Anyone may enter as many times as they wish. Flights of any aircraft must take place prior to midnight May 31, 2009. Planes that do not fly before midnight May 31 will not be entered in the voting.

Double entries-More than one participant can model the same aircraft, even same scale. They can even "collaborate" on the models through the EZone or private correspondence.

Vacuum forming-There are some processes that I think may be performed by someone other than the builder. Making of fiberglass cowls, vacuum formed canopies, cut foam wings, etc are examples that I think should be allowed tp be performed by another. I kinda put those in the same category as laser cut parts. I would draw the line at molded fuselages or other larger parts. If someone disagrees or has comments please email the moderator.

Scale-There may be deviation from exact scale to make the model easier to build and/or fly. This creates a 'gray' area that I will not moderate. It is up to the builder to decide how scale a model should be and up to the voters to decide if it is scale enough to vote for it. A "profile" plane could be entered under these rules, and, as far as I am concerned, is acceptable.

Contest Sponsors:

Balsa USA
R/C Sport Flyer
Common Sense R/C
Callie Graphics

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Nov 21, 2008, 02:03 PM
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Contest Prizes and Sponsors List

As if supplying the very best in balsa wood wasn't enough, Mark at Balsa USA has gone out of his way to show us that he cares about and supports builders like you and me.
In addition to the grand prize "free 1/4 scale kit", Balsa USA has shipped us 20% off discount coupons for all registered entrants. By officially entering the contest and supplying the fill in form information, we will send you the discount coupon in the mail. These coupons will automatically go to all contestants with US zip codes. If you interested in the discount and do not have a US zipcode, send me a PM.

RC Sport Flyer has pledged their support with free 1 year magazine subscriptions- a $30 value(*)- plus an article on the build off and with pictures of the winners in each category/class. The way these will be given out is through monthly voting/polling of the best construction progress as decided by the forum members. Up to 3 subscriptions per month will be awarded this way throughout the contest. (*)US addresses, oversees winners would pay $24. to offset shipping costs only.

Common Sense R/C has pledged support with a power system and we thank them and Jeff for their help. We will figure out the details as the contest matures.

Callie from Callie Graphics has generously offered her support by donating gift certificates for the 1st and 2nd place winners as well as offerring a 30% discount on all graphics for the Build Off 3 planes.

As always, if you want excellent laser cutting for your design, be sure to support Charlie and Vicky (our past contest supporters) by choosing Manzano Laser Works. Everyone here knows what a great job they do, fast turn around, and very fair pricing.

Please support and thank our wonderful sponsors by doing business with them, and make sure you tell them you are there because of their support of us. They will want to know!
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Nov 21, 2008, 02:24 PM
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Contestant List

The contest, by RCG voting, has been divided into 2 participation classes and 2 categories within the classes. For more information, please read the contest rules (first post of this thread).

To have your name added to this list, please register here.

In the order of registration only, I am pleased to announce the contestants as follows:

Amateur Single Motor

Caudron C460 is being designed and built by Geoff Sanders, Portland, OR, USA aka Geoffinpdx

Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat is being designed and built by Paul Kohlmann of Windsor, CA aka Longhorne

Percival Gull 6 is being designed and built by Roly Huebsch of Azores, Portugal aka Milhafre

SB2C Helldiver is being designed and built by Chris Donnelly of Guilford, Ct aka katana2665

Dewoitine 510 is being designed and built by Lon Enloe of Colorado Springs, CO aka Lon Enloe

Focke Wolf FW-190 is being designed and built by Michael Echter of Penfield, New York aka alpine_uni

Ford Flivver #3 (3218) is being designed and built by Paul Beardsley of Sumter, SC aka 1905Flyer3

Sopwith Snipe is being designed and built by Craig Ward of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba aka Baldguy

Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 is being designed and built by Reg Forth of Lakefield, Ontario, Canada aka Lake Flyer

Waco Model 10 is being designed and built by Ryan Williams of Prescott, AZ aka myplanesfearme

Fokker DV11 is being designed and built by robert trudnak of Bangor, Maine aka spikkkkkkkk

Focke Wolf 44J "Stieglitz" is being designed and built by Gustavo (Gus) Crosetto of Potomac, Maryland aka gcrosetto

Messerschmitt ME 309 is being designed and built by Dean Horvath of Northfield, Ohio aka roscoedude

RAF RE8 is being designed and built by Steve Storey of High Spen, Rowlands Gill, Gateshead, England aka Redbaron25

Caproni 113 aka KB-4 "Chuchuliga-2" is being designed and built by Vladimir Nikolov of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria aka LZ23

Aviatik D.I is being designed and built by Balazs Gyenes of Martonvasar, Fejer / Hungary aka Bazsix

Curtiss P-1 Hawk is being designed and built by Russell Cole of Vancouver, WA aka Aeropylot

Travel Air Mystery Ship* is being designed and built by Robert Palmer of Kula, HI aka Mr. P *Please PM a link when your thread is started.

Amateur Multi Motor

Martin167 Maryland is being designed and built by Ryan Craig of Harrison Township, MI aka ryanpsu21

de Havilland DH10 is being designed and built by Lloyd Barber of Hemet, CA aka LLBarb

Bombardier DHC-8-102 is being designed and built by Darryl Jacobs of Calgary, Alberta aka Float Flyer

Beechcraft Starship is being designed and built by Nick Chudley of Market Harborough, Leicestershire UK aka Nickchud

Kalinin K-7 is being designed and built by John French of Cupertino, CA aka jsfrench

Cessna 337 is being designed and built by Steven Dombrosky of bloomington, IN aka customcarmaker

Professional Single Motor

Yak-11 Reno Racer "Czech Mate" is being designed and built by Triantafyllos Gkikopoulos of Dundee, UK aka xterarc

Curtiss XP-40 is being designed and built by Triantafyllos Gkikopoulos of Dundee, UK aka xterarc

Bell P-39 Airacobra is being designed and built by Tom van Haaren of Duffel, Belgium aka W@CC0

Avro Bison is being designed and built by Pat Lynch of Bungendore, NSW aka Maltone

Cessna 195 is being designed and built by Marcus Thörn of Borgen, Norway aka Darth Marcus

A6M2 Zero is being built and designed by Jeff Bosley of Woodbridge, Virginia aka bosley

Wedell-Williams Model 44 is being designed and built by Jim Young of Brighton, MI

Fiat CR-32 is being designed and built by Scott Edwards of Meeker, OK aka Scottn3n

Cessna C-37 is being designed and built by AlexanderThörn of Borgen, Norway aka Admiral Piett14

Professional Multi Motor

Dornier Do 335 Pfeil is being designed and built by Michael Hammer of Egaa, Denmark aka Michaelghammer

Lockheed Hudson is being designed and built by Peter Hexter of Buninyong, Victoria, Australia aka glong-flyer

He-111 is being designed and built by Scott Edwards of Meeker, OK aka Scottn3n
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Nov 29, 2008, 11:00 AM
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News: congress passes model building stimulus package- SBO3 officially starts early!!

In light of the current recession, it is prudent to stimulate builders to get the airplane construction economy rolling again. As of this posting, a model-airplane-building-stimulus-package has been approved by RCGroups congress, throwing wide-open the doors to this contest and eliminating the last days of this month as a barrier to productive building efforts.

It is with great excitement and pleasure that I now officially ring the opening bell of the contest and declare "Scratch-Build-Off 3 is now underway". Best of luck to all contestants and you may now begin gluing and assembling your models!

Enjoy the extra weekend of the building period. Remember that all registered contestants will enter voting in the last week of December for the best progress made to date. The top (3) will get free, 1 year subscriptions to RC Sport Flyer magazine.

Ding ding ding ding ding! Opening bell has rung- HAVE FUN!!

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Dec 10, 2008, 12:24 PM
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Wow, 27 entries already! This thing is looking really great guys.

Just a heads up that in 2 weeks (Christmas), I will put up a poll for a week (last week of the month) for you to vote for the top 3 builders who have shown the best progress on their projects.

The three who get the most votes will win a 1 year free subscription to RC Sport Flyer magazine. This will repeat each month throughout the contest, so don't get discouraged if you can't quite get going this month with the holidays and all.

Keep on having fun!!
Dec 13, 2008, 07:14 PM
Fly it like you stole it..
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OK guys.. For everyone who is an offical participant of this contest we have put something together for you guys..

35% off any orderS you place and a free CSRC T-Shirt..

To take advantage of this, please either PM me or shoot me an e-mail jeff.williams AT common sense rc dot com..

Dec 19, 2008, 06:13 PM
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The entries keep coming in, and we're over 30 designers now! This is great to see, that building is alive and well and over 30 fellas are taking it to the next level- rolling their own!

Some of the models are looking fantastic- a certain someone, who'll remain nameless, so far has "ran away" with the construction end of things *cough *bison*cough (excuse me there- got some balsa dust in my throat I guess).

Anyhow, the voting is going to be fun next week for the top 3 "December progress" models. I can't wait to see what gets posted over the holidays!

Have a Merry Christmas, and if you're "on the fence" about joining in...what do you have to lose??? Get on with it already!

Thanks Jeff for the great discount (above)! Be sure to check out Common Sense and see if there's something you just can't live without at 35% off!

Jan 05, 2009, 01:27 AM
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December RC-SF Magazine Build Progress Winners

The results are in from the polling in the other thread, and here's how it ended up:

First place: The Bison. Congratulations Pat!

Second place: The Wildcat. Way to go Longhorne!

Third place: A tie between the Bosley's Zero and Scottn3n's Fiat-32. Great job fellas!

Thank you R/C Sport Flyer magazine for giving free, 1 year subscriptions, to the winners each month!

If you didn't win this month, get to building and post your progress! The next contest will be during the last week of January.

Jan 08, 2009, 01:05 PM
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Subscription winners update

After you are listed as a winner in the monthly contest, I automatically forward your name and address information (that you supplied when you filled out the contest entry form) to the magazine subscription department of RC Sport Flyer. You do not need to do anything at your end, and I would prefer that the magazine isn't contacted for questions related to their support of this event. If there is a problem with not receiving the magazine in 45 days or so, please PM me and I will check into it for you.

The March 2009 issue of RC Sport Flyer has an article on the build-off contest and a number of pictures of a few of the contestant's early efforts. I'm hoping we'll see some builders from outside the 'groups join in as a result. It should be on the newstands within a month, so be on the lookout!

Feb 06, 2009, 12:51 PM
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January contest congratulations

Tram posted this countdown clock in one of the build threads, and so here it is if you were wondering either: How many days do I have left to get this done? or How long do I have to wait until I win? (keep in mind it's on 'bama time- as in "ala" and not "o")

Congratulations to the January magazine subscription winners!
1st place: Jim Young
2nd place: Glong Flyer
3rd place: Milhafre

Your subscriptions were submitted earlier this week. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am really, really impressed by the amount of contest construction going on right now. February is going to be a tight contest for sure!!!

Thank you RC Sport Flyer magazine! Be sure to check the magazine racks over the next few weeks at your local hobby shop for the March issue. The scale scene column has an article I wrote about the contest with some of the contestants comments and pictures.

I'm hoping we'll see a few guys who read about it possibly join in with us this month!
Feb 17, 2009, 12:21 PM
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A special welcome to RCGroups and to the contest for Gus with his Focke Wolf 44J. Gus read about the contest in RC Sport Flyer and is joining in on the fun. He's looking forward to learning the "online" ropes and tackled this scratch build as a tribute to his father. Maybe keep an eye out for him or stop by his thread?!

We've got a great mix of talent in this contest, and I am amazed by all of the new posts on a daily basis. I echo what LakeFlyer has said about not being able to get anything done around the shop 'cause of all of the good reading! Keep it up fellas!

Feb 26, 2009, 07:27 PM
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The poll is now posted for the monthly voting rounds for the top 3 who have posted the most build progress. Best of luck to all- be sure to vote now!

There are only a couple more days for contest registration, and as of today, we have 41 entries! That's absolutely amazing to me, and I'm happy to be part of such a big event!

We'll see if we get any more, but suffice it to say that this is really cool to see so many new models coming off of drawing boards! As JoFrost puts it:
Wow , 41 entries guys keep designing . Can never have too many new models to build ! -John

You said it John!

Mar 01, 2009, 11:18 AM
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We're starting to see these amazing machines get kicked out of the nests, one by one....

We may even see a Bison, of all things, fly sometime very soon.

Hope all of your builds are going well, and I'm daily enjoying lurking and following behind all of the progress posts- a thank you to all for that.


PS- Have you voted for the monthly progress contest yet? Post a comment or bump so all will see it easily.
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Mar 06, 2009, 11:34 PM
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February Progess Contest Winners Announced:

Congratulations are in order to the February progress contest winners!

First place: Vladimir Nikolov of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria aka LZ23 with his Caproni 113 aka KB-4 "Chuchuliga-2".

Second place: Lon Enloe of Colorado Springs, CO with his Dewoitine 510.

Third place: Reg Forth of Lakefield, Ontario aka Lake Flyer with his Hansa-Brandenburg W.29.

The three winners above will receive a free, 1 year subscription to RC Sport Flyer magazine. US addresses, oversees winners will need to pay $24. to offset shipping costs only.

Thanks to Wil Byers, editor of RC Sport Flyer, for his support for our contest!

Special thanks to all of our contest sponsors for their continued support! Please be sure to give your business to Balsa USA, Callie Graphics, Common Sense R/C, and R/C Sport Flyer magazine.

Thanks for voting! Remember, if you didn't win this month, get busy and post some progress- there's always March!

Apr 30, 2009, 05:43 PM
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