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Feb 25, 2003, 04:41 PM
honey... anOTHER PLANE!
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Suggestions for EPP/Tuff plane, 3-4ch Ail/Elev/Rud aprox 48 to 60” span

Wondering if you guys can help me, I’m looking for an EPP (or durable) plane to step up from my combat wing. I like the DAW 1-26 2M, but don’t think I can get it in my car (wing not removable), I’ve also looked at ‘Mad Highlander’ but span is too big. There’s a lot of combat warbirds that get my juices flowing but I need a ship primarily for lighter to medium lift with options for more ballast weight in stronger conditions.


1. Aprox. 48 to 60” wingspan, a little longer if wing is removable
2. 3 to 5 channel, must have Ailerons, Rudder & Elevator. (Flaps OK but not essential)
3. Durable, EPP or similar, I’m sure I’m going to beat it up!
4. Must fly in light lift 5mph or so.
5. Primarily for slope, bungee launchable would be a plus
6. Needs to be faster and more exciting than my old combat wing!

The DAW 2M 1-26 would be perfect, has anyone modifed it for a removable wing?
Ahh just read a thread pointing out the planes at That ‘Commanche’ looks pretty quick & slick? Anyone?

Any suggestions as always would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks guys,
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Feb 25, 2003, 05:18 PM
David Cairns
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You would probably find the Highlander boring. It is good for a beginner, but if you know your way around flying a wing, then the Highlander will be slow and heavy. You might want to checkout some of the higher performance foam planks out there (Bluto, Moth, Gulp etc). Some of them can be built light enough to work on light days and ballast up for serious wind. Isn't there a 60" gulp out now? That might work depending on the weight.

If you can compromise on the light lift requirement, then some of the warbirds can be a possibility if built light.

Bowman makes good planes. I have a JW that I built heavy, it is a blast when I have strong lift.
Feb 25, 2003, 05:32 PM
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It doesn't have a rudder, but the Cobra seems to fit your other categories...

I think the Comanche would work too, though I don't know how much faster then a wing it is.
Feb 25, 2003, 08:20 PM
Registered Useless
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Sounds like you want a lightly-built ODR plane with a rudder, there are a few EPP 60" racers to choose from. One-Fun, Foam-One, Cobra, Enigma, etc. Check out some reviews at for more info. And I am the reviewer for the Cobra; even at 20 ounces it really needed at least 10 mph winds to fly without worries on an inland slope. Your flyage may vary.
Feb 25, 2003, 10:17 PM
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Epp plane

A shameless plug here. I import the Canterbury Sailplanes line from New Zealand.

A rudder is not very effective on a EPP slope plane, they just seem to make to nose wiggle.

Their plane, the Eraser, is a GREAT trainer in addition to being very aerobatic if you want it to be. The quality is superb, nice dense EPP, Computer cut, cut outs already completed for radio gear. The kit also has several items not included by any other manufacturer, the glue, reinforcing tape and covering tape.

When you are ready to move on, they also have an F-20 Tigershark, P-51, etc.

There are several flying videos of the planes on my site....

Also... there is a complete satisfaction money-back guarantee

Please take a look, I'll add the link below

Sailplane Steve
Feb 25, 2003, 10:41 PM
Lifes 2 short, go sloping
I have a 1-26 clone I copied from the dave's kit and I made my wing removeable and made it into two pieces. It flew great and it really was a blast to fly.
I had a friend who bought the daves 1-26 kit and make the wing removeable, he just slid it in to place a used some tape to hold it. He could do some increadable tricks and fly-bys that were so fast... it was a great plane. I put the tape then I put 2 tiny screwdrivers (with the swivel heads) in the front and back all the way through the top of the fuselage, then the wing and through the bottom of fuselage. I just reenforced the holes with fiber tape and it has worked fine even in the toughest crashes or cartwheels.

It worked great for two of us it could work for you too
Feb 25, 2003, 10:53 PM
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When I built my DAW 1-26 it was designed to have the wing removable. This is a very fun plane in light to moderate lift. Get a JW type for higher wind. These are not as 'cool' as molded planes but the price/fun ratio is a no brainer. Save your money until you have your landings wired.
Feb 26, 2003, 03:37 AM
Int'l Slope Observer
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DAW 1-26 2M? I Now Have Two ;-)

I loved my first one so much, I bought a second kit, as my first one had gone through hell (still flying though).

On the first, I built the one-piece 2-meter wing, and I always simply slid it in place at the slope site. I NEVER had a problem with the wing sliding out of place. There are instructions in the manual for this eventiuality that involve a light spraying of 3M-77 in the wing saddle (to tighten up the slide-in mouting of the wing).

On my new 1-26 2-meter, I bashed it using some recommendations from fellow EZoners. There were at least two threads I found with an RCGroups search, and I sent these nice folks e-mail messages. Some repliued with URLs for detailed instructive Web pages they created.

I made this new wing as a two-piece wing, with some drilled plywood blocks epoxied to the spars. These blocks are approx. .75"h x .62"w x 4.00" l, with a long ~.31" holde drille in on a slight angle. Then a brass tube is epoxied inside the hole. Then I purchased a solid piece of CF rod and another brass tube that was sized to fit inside the tube epoxie into the blocks. I eopxied the 8" long CF rod into the 8" long brass tube and a wing joiner was born!

I also bashed the empennage to have a bolt-on horizontal stab. This makes the whole plane pack into a MUCH smaller package AND if you ever need to adjustthe decalage, you can simply loosen the nylon screws on the stab, and place shims under the surface until you're happy with the angle of incidence.

I LOVE the DAW 1-26 2-meter! That being said, you DID mention 48" to 60" span. Why not consider in stea, the DAW 1-26 HLG. This baby has a 60" span and it flies quite a bit lighter than the 2-meter, and I've seen MANY on the slope. It's a really nice plane as wel.

Happy Flying ;-)

Feb 26, 2003, 01:25 PM
slopetrash wannabe
Check out 48 or 60 v-tail epp sloper
Feb 26, 2003, 02:32 PM
characters welcome!
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Re: DAW 1-26 2M? I Now Have Two ;-)


You and I are gonna have a chat soon's I get around to hauling my 1-26 kit outta the box, k?

Feb 26, 2003, 03:51 PM
honey... anOTHER PLANE!
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Great info guys!

Now I'm wondering how beneficial is it to have a rudder on an EPP slope ship as pointed out a few posts up, or if I even need one? I've flown 4 channel gas planes & wouldn't fly one today without a Rudder!
I'm really looking to pick up speed, manuverability, control and start dancing!
Bluto / Moth / JW etc. these planes look like their built for speed allright, but I imagine they are similar to my combat wings? Am I Wrong? Still awsome looking though, may have to get one anyway!
Bowmans, Ackerman and this plane (thanks bjaffee)
Ah I don't know, so many options.......
Looks like I'm going to end up with 3 planes instead on 1

1. DAW I-26 2M
2. JW
3. Ummmmmm.....

My wife is going to have a COW!

Anyone have suggestions how to hide/disguise slope planes in the house so the missis won't find them?
Marriage counceling suggestions anyone?
Feb 26, 2003, 04:49 PM
bjaffee's Avatar
On a small slope plane (60" and under) you definitely do NOT need rudder at all. It's fun for doing certain aerobatics, but as far as tearing around the slopes goes, it just isn't needed, and most small slopers don't use them. A lot of smaller v-tail slopers do have rudders, but I think that's just because it's so easy to setup (since they already have two control surfaces on the tail anyway).
Feb 27, 2003, 11:13 AM
honey... anOTHER PLANE!
Dampy's Avatar

Then the Rudder is GONE!

I'll forget the rudder for now, since my main intentions are to pickup the speed but keep the ship light!
The DAW 1-26 will have to wait for now.... that magnum models ODR or Moth/Bluto/JW/Gulp?? plank I think will do the job.
Any preferences for lighter lift when it comes to the Moth, Bluto, JW or Gulp ? I wonder if the larger span would use light lift better or would it just be heavier?
thanks for your input
Feb 27, 2003, 02:58 PM
bjaffee's Avatar
For light lift, I think the Moth is probably the best of those choices. Definitely not the JW! Not sure about the others.
Feb 27, 2003, 03:53 PM
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Not the Bluto.