I need someone to make wing plans(foamboard) for 3d litestick wings? - RC Groups
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Nov 14, 2008, 04:22 PM
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I need someone to make wing plans(foamboard) for 3d litestick wings?

I have a hot wire foam cutter and switched my wings on my gws pico lite stick (not larger slowstick). Anyways my wings are alright but the pico is now a bit heavy. Im using a feigao 12mm 4100kv in the A gearbox turning a 1080 prop. I am also using li-ion batteries which work great and arent that heavy. About as heavy as a nine volt battery. Big problem though is my esc. The only brushless esc i have is a heli-max 60 amp whcih is heavy. I will upgrade but cannot afford it right now. I am going to be buying a blue wonder next week also. But currently going to be using the feigao.

S i have foam board and want to make wings from those since it would be lighter than solid styrofoam. The plane is now 23 3/4" long wings are 32" wide tip to tip and 7 1/2" front to rear of ailerons. I love them big fat wings but since im new tot he hobby im just not sure how big the cord should be etc. Im also not sure about where the cg should be too. I bought another 6mm stick for the fuselage just like my original pico stick though. I also have small popsicle sticks for the servo mounts etc. I want this to be full house with 3 servos. 1 for ailerons 2 for elevator and rudder. I guess i can use the original rudder and elevator design from the pico. I dont think i need a 3 elevator and rudder do i? Anyways i think i get around 9 ounces or 8 of thrust with the fiegao gearbox right now and i can do rolls and fly inverted but just not all that well since its heavy.

The plane has perfect dead stick ability though, it can nearly land itself! But just need more power and want it to be more floatier. So if someone can make me or send me to some design for fat 3d wings made from foamboard, that would be wonderful! Thanks Eventually i hope to get plans for wood jigs for my foam cutter to make the jigs to make a nice 3d plane.

And how long should this plane be with these new wings and where should the cg be and i dont have any carbon fiber for stiffness only wood skewers Cannot afford anything til next week. Just hoping i can use what i have.

i keep thinking of more things to say, or if you dont have 3d wing plans or cannot make them,,, how about just flat foam, but with the weight of my esc and 3 servos, im just not sure will have the lift like 3d wings that are hollow made from foam board. I was hoping to have something like this http://geocities.com/hoppyfl/foam.jpg i dont have a printer so if its possible to make a pdf that i can copy from my 11 inch wide view monitor? Or i could send the plans to make copies at ups. tile view. Just not alot of tiles, need to buy diapers.
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Nov 14, 2008, 05:26 PM
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i want something like this https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...rd#post6924509 here is the link of this guys plane. another pic

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