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Jul 23, 2001, 06:58 PM
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Slope sites SE Michigan or NW Ohio?

Looking for any slope sites, SE Michigan or NW Ohio. Thanks!

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Jul 24, 2001, 06:29 PM
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Along the Maumee River area the closest thing to a slope is the sledding hill in Wauseon and that is a "C" with the bucket facing north. Maybe an overpass or building would work for you. This area is so flat that 10 mi. visibility is at ground level too.

Michigan, north of the Ohio toll road, does have some nice little hills. You might have to do some driving and searching to find some "public access." I would be interested if you find some close to the state line.

Keep 'em hummin'

Jul 24, 2001, 06:40 PM
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I live in Sylvania, just outside Toledo, and have never found a place to slope. Flat, flat, flat! A few small hills here and there, always facing the wrong direction for prevailing winds. I'm looking into the new sidearm and discus hlg's. Let us know if you find a slope site around here.
Jul 25, 2001, 10:54 AM
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I heard sleeping bear dunes is good, and they fly full scale up by ludington. There are some cliffs facing lake michigan somewhere near Holland, but I dontknow exactly where. Let me know if you find some, I would love to find a good spot! Mike
Jul 27, 2001, 07:37 PM
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Ray-I would be interested in more details regarding sledding hill in Wauseon!!

MKH-I would like to get into the thermal soaring, just haven't had time to build my 2 meter 'lil bird.

So far, I've had marginal success with my Zagi thl and delta/mugi sloper at Maumee Bay--the big sleding hill--must have wind from the East(with direct East wind, lift band width maybe +-50-75')--other sides are too narrow, and I just ended up being blown around the side of the hill.

I was at Findlay reservoir a couple of weeks back (didn't have a slope plane with me)--looked promising with SW to WWN wind--however, if you get blown over the top by about 20 feet or so, you're in the water... Anyone sloped Findlay reservoir?

Anymore input greatly appreciated!!


Dave in Perrysburg