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E-flite Hawker Sea Fury 400 ARF

One of the fastest production propeller aircraft ever produced, and the last prop driven plane to down a jet, the Hawker Sea Fury from E-flite looks awesome and performs better!



Wingspan:36.8" (935mm)
Wing Area:267.8 sq in (17.4 sq dm)
Weight:With battery: 25–30oz (565–850 g)
Length:33.3" (845mm)
Servos:E-flite S75 7.5g (up tp 6x)
Transmitter:3-5 channel or greater
Receiver:Spektrum AR6100
Battery:E-flite 3S 11.1V 2100mAh LiPo
Motor:E-flite Park 480 (910kv)
ESC:E-flite 40-Amp Pro Brushless ESC
Available From:Horizon Hobby

I must admit, I have a weakness for WW2 aircraft: Bombers, fighters, interceptors... you name it. I have variations that represent both allied, and axis forces. Lucky for me E-flite has recently introduced another beautiful aircraft of WW2 vintage, the Hawker Sea Fury.

As with so many of E-flite’s offerings, the Sea Fury comes "out of the box" with great scale looks and quality components. While not being marketed as one of E-flites "Platinum Series" models, I am very impressed with the quality of the paint and foam components that make up the kit. A few of my favorite features include the retractable landing gear, pre-painted / installed pilot and the supplied ordnance which adds to the scale looks, both in your hangar and on those low slow passes you'll be wanting to do so many of!


The Hawker Sea Fury was a British fighter aircraft developed for the Royal Navy by Hawker during the Second World War. The last propeller-driven fighter to serve the Royal Navy, it was also one of the fastest production single piston-engine aircraft ever built and the last ever British propeller-driven fighter to shoot down a jet-powered aircraft. Flown in no less than 9 variations and serving with at least 10 countries, the Sea Fury stayed in service until 1955 with the Royal Navy, but was still further produced for export until 1960. A total of 860 aircraft were manufactured from 1945-1960.

A few highlights of the Sea Fury’s career:

February 21st, 1945Maiden flight
August 9th, 1952Lieutenant Peter "Hoagy" Carmichael of the Royal Navy shot down a MiG-15 jet-powered fighter in combat.
April 17th, 1961During the Cuban missle crisis, the Sea Fury saw action and was credited with a number of CIAB-26 kills.

Today there are still a number of Sea Fury aircraft that are airworthy. Many can be seen performing at air shows around the globe, and some have even undergone extensive modifications and participate in air racing events such as the Reno Air Races.

Kit Contents

My Sea Fury arrived double boxed and free of any shipping defects. All of the components were neatly packaged inside a very colorful box with numerous photos and historical information about the plane. One of the first things to strike me was the level of prefabrication: The fuselage is one piece, the pilot is painted and installed, decals are applied, and even the control surfaces are slotted and hinged.

The removable wing is made of EPS foam (as is the majority of the kit), is of two piece construction and comes with a nice sized spar pre-installed. The ailerons come pre-hinged out of the box. One unique feature to this kit is the way your servos and landing gear are “covered” with a removable wing skin. The fuselage has some very nice features as well, including the magnetic canopy/hatch, weathering effects, pre-installed push-rod guide tubes and battery retainer. The wing nut retainers are also pre-installed which is always a nice touch.

Kit includes/features:

  • Fully painted and decaled foam fuselage, wing, and empennage (EPS Foam)
  • All control surfaces pre-hinged and control horns installed at the factory
  • Pushrods w/ connecting hardware
  • Landing Gear (fixed/retractable)
  • Plastic spinner
  • Clay for balancing
  • 10x8E Prop
  • Pre-painted and installed pilot figure
  • Magnetic canopy
  • Factory installed E-flite "stick" style motor mount

Kit requires:

  • Complete power system (motor, esc, battery)
  • Radio system(tx, rx, 3-5 channel)
  • Sub-micro servos (3-6x)
  • Servo extensions
  • Glue (foam safe)

Power System

E-flite recommends a 450-480 sized brushless outrunner motor for this plane depending upon how you like to fly. A 450 class motor, should be sufficient for those who like scale type flying, and the 480 should be enough to bring any type of warbird aerobatics easily within reach. It's worth noting that if you decide to install all 6 servos required for the retracts and working rudder, the use of a BEC might be needed. Check the documentation for your ESC to ensure it's up to the task. For my build, Ill be using these components which have been provided by Horizon Hobby for my review:

E-flite Park 480 (910kv)
E-flite Park 480 (910kv)
Type:Brushless Outrunner
Motor Weight:3.1oz (87g)
Output Shaft Size:4mm
Cells:2–3S Li-Po
RPM/Volt (kv):910
Continuous Current:20A
Burst Current:25A (15 sec)
Prop range:10x7 to 12x6
Max output (watts):250

E-flite 40A Pro ESC
E-flite 40A Pro ESC
Cont. Current:40A w/ reasonable cooling
Peak Current (burst):55A (15 seconds)
Input Voltage:10.8V - 22.2V
Input Conn. Type:13 AWG with E-flite EC3 Connector
Output Conn. Type:13 AWG with 3.5mm Female Gold Bullet Connectors
Weight:2.2oz (62g)
# of servos (BEC enabled):7 analog or 6 digital std size

E-flite 3s 2100mAh 11.V lipo battery
E-flite 3s 2100mAh 11.V lipo battery
Number of cells:3
C Rating:20C
Max. Continuous Current:42A


After a quick read through the manual it really becomes apparent just how much work is done for you right out of the box. Anyone who has some experience building/assembling ARFs will appreciate the work done at the factory, and the remaining tasks should be easy to tackle.

Landing Gear

E-flite has really covered their bases when it comes to landing gear options; They can be omitted for a belly lander or installed in either a fixed or retractable fashion. If you do decide to install the retractable gear like I did, you'll want to make sure you pick up 2 extra servos for their operation, as each retract is powered by its own servo. Installation of my retracts went "by the book", and they were installed in about 45 minutes time.


Assembly of the wing is very simple, and only requires attaching the wing extension, installing the servos, push-rods and landing gear and then covering it all up with the undercovering.


The fuselage is of one piece construction so there is no “real” assembly other than the installation of the radio gear, power train and attaching the horizontal stab.


Vert. stab

E-flite provides the builder the option of installing a functioning rudder. Where possible, I like to install one. I really like that the pushrod tubing was already run and the tail wheel wire pre-bent for the tail wheel assembly.

Horizontal Stab

As with most ARF kits, the empennage slips through the fuselage and is glued into place after alignment is checked. I prefer to use 15 minute epoxy for this task.

Motor/ESC Install

The motor installation starts by mounting your motor to the stick mount, and then cutting the stick mounted in the fuselage to the proper length. ESC placement allows for plenty of cooling and is held in place with the standard double sided tape. The included prop and spinner installed easily per the instructions, but be sure to balance your prop if you have access to the tools.

Radio/Servo Installation

The cutouts for the servos inside the fuselage were a perfect fit for my S75 servos and mounting AR6100 receiver in the recommended location worked fine. All linkages came with z-bend and clevis attached and seemed of good quality


Final assembly includes attaching the wing (bolt-on), inserting the battery, attaching the rockets and checking the CG and control surface throws. My plane came in at 1lb 11oz (27oz) AUW and balanced within the factory range with no added weight.



The Sea Fury has a wide envelope of flight, and in my opinion the plane’s sweet spot is between 1/3 and 2/3 throttle. With this type of conservative flying, I'm getting about 7 minute flights out of my 2100mAh packs without issue. If that's not your style and you prefer a little speed, don't worry, the Sea Fury won't disappoint you. With the Park 480 installed this thing really scoots along when you pour on the coals.

The Sea Fury handles the wind pretty well too. I've flown in winds up to 15mph, and was amazed at how slow I could get it while pointed into the wind (slow walking pace), and how well it cut thru the wind. This has proven to be a good thing for me as I live in a pretty consistently windy area.


As with most warbirds, the type of aerobatics that are expected to be performed fall within a fairly limited scope (and it's a good thing for this author!). I've put the plane thru loops (inside and out), rolls, and inverted flight, and it performs very nicely in each of those areas.

Taking Off and Landing

The Park 480 motor supplies enough power to make carrier style takeoffs possible, or if you're like me you might prefer to let the plane roll out longer for a more scale departure. Either way, the plane takes to the air smoothly with only a slight bit of back stick to keep the tail planted until you're ready for takeoff.

Being used to flying larger (.25 - .60) warbirds, I'm used to keeping my approach speed high to help avoid the dreaded tip stall. With the Sea Fury, from the very first flight I was amazed how slowly I could bring the plane in on the approach without the slightest sign of a tip stall. Overall, I have to say this is one of the easiest landing warbirds I have in my fleet.

Eagletree stats

The Eagletree speaks for itself. My flying style, as you can see, hardly pushes the plane’s speed limits, allowing me to get long flight times.

2 Blades or 5 Blades?

While the 5-bladed setup isn't available in the kit, it is available from Charlie over at Manzano Laser Works. With it installed on the plane, it just looks awesome, and the sound is very unique! No, its not just for display purposes, it will really haul your Sea Fury skyward (I can't tell you how many times I've heard the "is that only for display" question).

Is This For a Beginner?

While the Sea Fury exhibits no real bad habits in the sense of a warbird, it's definitely not a beginner’s airplane. The Sea Fury would make a great second or third low wing aircraft, and possibly even a great first warbird it slows down so well.

Flight Video/Photo Gallery





Special Thanks
I'd like to thanks the following people for their assistance w/ this review:
Jon Barnes (pilot/media)
Terry Riley (media guy extraordinaire)

I think any warbird fan would be happy to have the Sea Fury in their collection, I know I am. Its just so much fun to fly, I can honestly say that after each flight, I've walked away with a big grin on my face. E-flite has provided a well-thought out, great flying airplane for what I think is a competitive price in the ARF warbird market.


  • Great scale looks out of the box
  • Fixed and retractable landing gear in kit
  • Decent looking pre-painted pilot
  • Great flight characteristics


  • Undercovering on wing won't stay in place with provided tape/velcro
    (I ended up using a few dabs of hot glue)
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Dec 18, 2008, 08:29 AM
We shall serve the Lord
kingsflyer's Avatar
Great Review. Really nice video. Dual flying shots were super. I've been toying with getting a 5-blade prop for my Sea Fury and it would have been nice to see how it sounds on the video.

I agree that this is one of the finest flying warbirds I own. I fly mine all the time. It never fails to impress the peanut gallery at the club field. The scale details and included retracts are big plusses for this model.

You didn't mention the whistle. Many of the E-flite Sea Furys seem to have a high speed whistle. Not sure where it comes from, but it is kind of nice. That's what inspired the name on the cowl of mine.

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Dec 18, 2008, 09:56 AM
Registered User
pda4you's Avatar
Great review - love the E-Flite stuff.......they fly so well!

Dec 18, 2008, 09:58 AM
War Eagle!
Spackles94's Avatar
Very nice review — the photos are impressive!

This does look like a fine warbird all right — hard to believe it's a foamie, actually!

What did the five-blade prop do in terms of amp draw and whatnot? Can you still fly it without the stock setup and not burn it?

Again, thanks for the fine report!
Dec 18, 2008, 11:03 AM
Balsa just crashes better
Cub Fan's Avatar
great review and video. It is refreshing to see different warbird subjects being produced- not just Mustangs & Spitfires.

Cub Fan
Dec 18, 2008, 11:10 AM
Bajora's Avatar
Hey Mike McD, if you listen closely on the video, you will hear the five blade scream/growl as I pull it up into a hard vertical?!
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Dec 18, 2008, 11:14 AM
The sky is my playground.
Dora Nine's Avatar
Great review! Anyone on the fence on this plane sreally should give it a whirl. It's an honest plane. It would make a great next step up from flying that Parkzone warbird. The plane lands exceptionally well--as seen in the vid. The only thing I didn't care for is that plastic cover that goes on the bottom of the wing. I'm gonna try the hot glue method...I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!
Dec 18, 2008, 11:17 AM
SB-28 UK Display Pilot
GeeW's Avatar
For the love of Sea Furys...watch the tip vorticies at the end

Hawker Sea Fury Argonaut Pass (0 min 24 sec)

Anyway all Sea Furys whistle beautifully when you open the taps up a bit
See about 1:40

Hawker sea fury (3 min 39 sec)

Good review and I think the 5 blade absolutely finishes off a great model.
Did I say I like Sea Furys?

Last edited by GeeW; Dec 18, 2008 at 11:28 AM.
Dec 18, 2008, 11:17 AM
'Sky' King
tking2097's Avatar
Wow, great flying video with great scale appearance! Watching this video is like taking a brief trip back in time Thanks for this great review, pictures and video!

I watched luthier83 fly his E-flite Hawker Sea Fury a few weeks ago. This video does a great job of showing just how good this plane looks in flight. Although the video does not show any rolls, this Sea Fury has some of the cleanest rolls I have seen by far. Even a simple roll will put a smile on pilot's and spectator's faces.

This is a thorough and very nicely done review, of one super plane for the price! E-flite has done a great job on this Hawker Sea Fury.

Ok, so now look what you have done... LHS has 2 in stock (how do I know this?!? ) Must resist... must resist... knees shaking... LHS opens in 1 more hour...


Back from LHS... with a new Sea Fury in the box!
Now... that didn't hurt so bad
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Dec 18, 2008, 11:21 AM
The sky is my playground.
Dora Nine's Avatar
How bout this one?
Hawker Sea Fury pass (0 min 15 sec)
Dec 18, 2008, 11:23 AM
Bajora's Avatar
That is just SICK!!

I swear that big prop is only a few feet above the ground? The peoples seemed a little stunned by it all!
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Dec 18, 2008, 11:25 AM
The sky is my playground.
Dora Nine's Avatar
I think I would have been making sure I still had all my hair..
Dec 18, 2008, 11:37 AM
Bajora's Avatar
I think I would have been heading for one of those big blue plastic sheds!
Latest blog entry: My Blade 200S
Dec 18, 2008, 11:43 AM
Registered User
pda4you's Avatar
Wow - great video..... amazing power....
Dec 18, 2008, 12:15 PM
Awesome review! Even if it is a non-German warbird.

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