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Feb 22, 2003, 09:44 PM
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Help? Gws IPS A drive w kokams / power surges

I have a GWS IPS A drive w/ 1047 prop on my mini ifo, and am running into power fades. I can hear my motors rpm drop, and then sometimes pick back up, and then drop again. I am afraid it is not consistantly giving great performance. I am useing 2 kokam 1020's in series, and sometimes the plane will fly great (lots of speed, powered loops, rolls) but recently, more and more my flights have been so limited in power that maintaining altitude is difficult. I changed out the motor last night with no real improvement. I have 3 packs of batteries, of which 2 are brand new, and they seem to make no difference. I am wondering if it could be my gearbox? Or maybe I am just destroying the motors ( but I doubt that... I have a heatsink, and am only running 2 batteries) The plane is really fun to fly, especially when the power is there, so what is going on? Do I need to lube something? Clean the motor? Do something with the gearbox?

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Feb 22, 2003, 09:58 PM
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What is the temp outside (assuming you are flying outside),
, how much time on the motor, what are you using to charge the lipoys?
I have a M-IFO with the IPS A drive, same prop (10X4.7), but using the Kokam 880's 2S pack. It pulls about 2.2amps, so you should be fine. That leaves the motor is wore out, the gear box is binding, pulling more amps, or you charger isn't charging. That is what come to mind at this point, sure someone here on the Ezone has the answer!
Feb 22, 2003, 10:31 PM
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Gearbox was binding..

I took apart the gearbox and found that it was not freely rotating... The large gear had slid in and was binding... After pulling it apart and putting it all back together, I was in buisiness again.. On a fresh pack the plane will just hang on the prop. Thanks for the quick reply.