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Nov 02, 2008, 10:01 PM
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1/5 Top Flight P51 conversion (Flight video added!)

I finally got all my little projects done and have started my P-51.
I'm doing the Top Flight 1/5 ARC. I year ago or so I did the ARF and sold it and really miss having it. I've been doing large electric jets and wanted to get back to my first true love in RC, the WARBIRD!!
Also after doing a 30% Dietrich extra 260 last Nov. with electric power and having more performance than a DA 50 I knew the P-51 would fly great on electric.
Today I got everything out of the box and checked the fit and finish. Top Flight has done a few improvements over the last one I had. First thing I noticed was the main wing joiner is now a solid hardwood block not laminated ply, it also fit very well. The last time I spent time sanding the joiner to get it to fit. Also the gear doors are much nice than the old ones. The main gear blocks look to be reinforced and glued really well. The formers on each side of the block are now tripled up... if I recall right they were just doubled before. I still plan to hit the area with thin CA then go over the weak areas with gorilla glue.

So here's the plan:
1. I went with the spyculla cowl (what a work of art and great service, took about 10 minutes with the dremel to have a perfect fit thanks Leo)
This gives you the scale shape to the nose along with the right size spinner (5 1/2) also the scale air filter covers and the best part it molds in with no seam.

2. The motor is an AXI 5345-14 with a 21x14 prop and 12s 5000 mah (or 6000mah) packs. This is a real beast about an 80 cc gas motor. The Tru Turn 5 1/2 spinner is on order

3. Dynamic balsa cockpit, I used one on my last p-51 and they come out really nice. I will lighten it up for this plane. the armor plate is really heavy as is the batt. and radio. I'll make new ones from balsa

4. I'm going to glass it, add panel lines, rivets and paint it to be double trouble II; flown by Lt. Col. William B. Bailey of the 353 rd fighter group... mine will be a bit weathered not restored

5. Sierra Precision Gear with Glennis Wheels and the Robart tail retract

6. Also have the Tony Howard Exhaust on order

7. I'm going to make a hatch to access the batt. packs and switches I did this on a hanger 9 P-51 and it really makes it a joy to change the packs. I'll blend it into the panel lines

So that's the game plan. I don't think I'll post ever step unless there is a demand for it. I'm just going to have a lot of fun with it and try and get semi scale without going over board... and gaining to much weight. My target is 26 pounds and I'm pretty sure I can hit that. My last was 24.5 with no gas. But this will be glassed and painted.

Today I joined the wing, fixed some shipping damage on the fuselage (not to bad) fit the cowl and ordered a mess load of parts that will show up this week.
Here are a few pics.


Second Flight Video:

GS Top Flite P-51 with Benedini sound system (5 min 47 sec)
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Nov 05, 2008, 09:57 PM
go fly! no crashes!
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I have the same thing that started life out as the ARF, but the previous owner had stripped the covering off. Fine by me, K_sonn taught me glassing so I'll be doing that.

Where did you get the cowl?
Nov 06, 2008, 12:16 AM
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cool.. we can share are progress feel free to post it here if you would like

the cowl is from : spychallaaircraft.com
just email : leo@spychallaaircraft.com

he will set you up... it's really a nice piece of work
the tony howard exhuast kit showed up today and it's really good too

I'll be hard at it this weekend

Nov 06, 2008, 01:50 PM
go fly! no crashes!
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thanks! i have a nice cockpit kit that was supplied also. and found a pilot for it also.
Nov 07, 2008, 12:08 PM
Ustabee supported Unabomber
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Tuning in! Good luck.
Jan 24, 2009, 12:10 AM
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I have been so swamped with plane project , heli's, pinewood derby cars..
you name it I haven't got much down.. but I did get some done

I also picked up the fiberglass, primer, sandpaper, filler
really nice aluminum paint.. my aerotech gear doors showed up

I just need to get moving on it.. but I still have two more planes to build why I try to work on it...lol

you all know how this stuff goes... I'll get it done

Jan 24, 2009, 12:20 AM
go fly! no crashes!
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looks great Ron!

I got the cowl in couple weeks ago and it impressed me as well as several of the guys at the field. Enough on one of the guys, thats he's going to get it and a TF P-51 also.

I've been doing some fixes on the fuse. Mostly to fix cracks and dings from shipping. And while I had it, mounted the Robart tail retract.

Debating on if I'm going to get the mod to move the horizontal stab up to the scale position.
Jan 24, 2009, 12:30 AM
Pursuit of Happiness
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Thanks bud
I thought about doing the stab too.. but I want to get this thing done

I plane on doing a TF P-47 after this.. I'll go all out on the one

I love this stuff..lol
Jan 30, 2009, 02:15 PM
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Hi All...... Glade this thread poped back up before I started one myself. I 'm building the TOPFLITE giant P-51 ARF kit and converting it to electric also.

I'm practically the only person in my club that flys warbirds, other than a few park-foamie stuff .......so I'll be the "only one" at the field out of 100+ members that has the TOP FLITE giant P-51 or any warbird in this range period.. So a basic plain- jane ARF version will do me .

I'm not talented enought or patient enought to build the unbuilt version. So, I am doing a basically stock P-51 "DOLL" . She 'll be a everyday type of flyer for me and not a hanger queen.

I'm using the AX 5345 /16 outrunner and Jeti SPIN ESC .with 4S X 3 lipo in series.

The main diffs in my build from stock are the HD giant Sierrra Scale retacts and a set of scale -ish Robart Aluminum wheels. and retract robart tailwheel.

I built my own mounting plate based on the one in my H9 giant Mustang. and its STRONG. The large hole is the air intake. I'll have a arming plug on the port side.

I'm going to spin the four blade prop & P-51 spinner by ZINGER....... the one that cam e with the kit look did look right to me. and I HAD to have a four blade . I have one on my H9 Giant Mustang and LOVE IT.

Rons doing a GREAT JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cowling looks GREAT!!!. I'll just have use the stock stuff on this one
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Jan 30, 2009, 03:04 PM
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Coastwatcher ... I LOVE the prop!!
dude.. that is sick

I don't think I can run one on with the 5345/14.. I picked the 5345/14 based on reports of it flying this plane at 120mph with a 21X14 prop

I'm going to add the sound system... I'm going to put it in the bottom of the wing..that will start next week.. I know the weight it going to creep up on me.. but these things fly good up to 30 pounds..I'm hopeing for 25

I will give you one word of caution.. In the huge thread for this plane on RCU many guys had the stock spinner explode off the plane and do a lot of damage.. you may want to pick up at least a Dan Brown spinner..
I went with tru turn.. with this cowl you have to go up to a 5 1/2 spinner
which makes it a custom size.. this thing cost me $180 bucks!!
kind of a rip.. but I had to have it

yours is looking real nice.. I did that same one last year with a DA50
and sold it (I've attached the pics of it before the maiden)

Glad to see someone post.. I thought I was all alone..
didn't know if anyone really cared to see this build.. but I'll forge on

you have to let me know how the prop works.. that's a mod I would be up for

Jan 30, 2009, 03:34 PM
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Hi Ron,

I hope you put a four-blade prop on the P-51. Thats what I love about elecrtic , the BIG cool looking props ...... they look right on the ground and in the air. And the control they offer at slow speeds spoils me. Landings are way easier with four blades than two.

My H9 Mustang with 18" four blade makes over 2500watts on 10S and has shown a top speed identical as fast for two laps as the glow 210 H9 Mustang of course it didn't have the advantage was turning a tiny 17-18 unscale two blade prop! At 12s this plane will RUN BY a 210 like it is standing still. It made believers out of alot of non -electric flyers that day..

The topflite is BOATanchor compared to the H9 and will weight probally 8-9pds MORE, if I'm lucky !!! and is only 5 inch greatere wing span. My H9 is 15pds 9 oz fully loaded ........ the TF will be 24- 25 at least on 5000mah paks .

If the 160 eflite turns the 18/8 /4 easily , then the MUCH MUCH larger AXi will have no issue with 22/10/4 . I'm not looking for speed record. If it all works out , I'll try a 24" /8/Four blade . This would look really good .
Jan 30, 2009, 04:01 PM
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"I hope you put a four-blade prop on the P-51. Thatís what I love about electric, the BIG cool looking props...... "

I completely agree... I guess I still have that glow/gas mentality that I'm going to loose power with the 4 blade... but it's not so

The one worry I have and would have to look into...is I went with the higher KV motor to go fast... so I'm not sure it can spin a 4 blade that well
I'll have to look into that... but putting the 4 blade would be an easy mod...
Just cut and extra groove in the spinner and go for it

You have any thoughts on the 5345/14 spinning a 4 blade?

Your hanger 9 looks great by the way...

Also I a side note what are you going to run for an ESC?
The jeti spin 200 is what is recommended for my motor... I may use it so I can move up to 14s if needed... for now I'm also planning on 3-4s 5000mah

I'm a castle creation guy... and love the 110 HV I have three of them... but reading tons of post I've found a few guys having timing problems with the AXI 5345's and the 110hv.. Bad screeching sounds and some even burnt it up... A few swapped to a turnigy 100 amp esc and the problems went away... I'm having good luck with some of the much smaller turnigys but I'm still a bit worried to try one in this big beast... what are you going to run?

Jan 30, 2009, 10:08 PM
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I've had no issues with the big heat sinked Jeti 's 77 and up . They seem to be overbuilt and work really slick with AXI and Eflite Motors. None of the buzzing or weird stuff I've read about. I like the Jeti BOX and no computers, or learning beeps and all that . Its so simple to use in the field.

The H9 P-51 was built with more speed in mind. Its very light for a plane so big, but has tiny unscale gear and wheels .

I'm going to start with a Hobby Lobby recomended Spinn 99 , its already mounted inverted under the engine mount in direct airflow from the cowling. I have used this ESC in some big applications with no problems. I have a Me109 with a 20 inch /12 3 blade and it is no sweat. Having good porting for airflow is my only secret. Beacause I 'm using four blade I droped 2 prop sizes from the MAX rated 24" two blade prop ........So this is same reasoning I used for the H9 Mustang and it works great.

I choose the AXi /16 195KV version to keep the amps down and turn a prop in the 20-22 range, possibly even 24" one day using GOOD JUDGEMENT . I fly very easy/conservative ,most of my flying will be 45 -70 amps . MAybe a burst to 80-90 for a three second fly bys. But, speed wasn't the main concern for me with this plane, just an eye appealing big plane in the sky. Oh... I would like to see around 80mph . I have heard this set up will fly as fast as a DA50. and i've seen video and believe its so. Plenty fast for my tastes.

I believe you can do a 20/8 or10/4 blade ok ........I expect it would be pretty dang fast on your AXI 14 too.....it would surprize you ..I was shocked by the speed on my 18/10 /4. Maybe a 22 for "SHOW FLIGHT" temptered flying.

HL does recomend the 200amp unit for your speed demon motor. You could really turn some EYE POPPING speeds .....paint it up like a RENO RACER and stun the crowds.
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Jan 30, 2009, 11:47 PM
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Humm .. you really got me thinking
I guess I better spring for the spin 200

Thanks for the tips on the 4 blade.. that sound very interesting
I guess I could buy the prop..but it on and hit it with the watt metter and tach to see what it does.. if all looks well cut the spinner and call it a deal
Humm..very interesting.. I like that idea

Let me know after you run up your axi what numbers your getting..
that would help me decide

Thanks a lot

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