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Nov 02, 2008, 10:37 PM
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MrFlash's I3D Owners Site <not dialup friendly>

Attention Infineon/I3D/Mini Infineon/Micro/Nano Owners
"MrFlash's" Infineon/I3D Owner Site ,
We would like to know, where are you and your Infi / I3D located at, as well as all the information about your project.

The Infineon has resently been one of the topics of the "All Things That Fly" podcast. ATTF #79, listen to the cast from your browser.

If you are a new visitor, Welcome to one of the friendliest plane in the sky. All the info you will need is below.
Plans, build guide and original build thread....
Build Thread

Builders VIDEOS Post 10 <NEW> Post 14
NEW Builders Setups Post 11
NEW FAQ in Post 12

“Where are you and your Infineon / I3D located at?”

With the Pending publishing of "MrFlash's" I3D in the RCM&E Mag, we would like to know,

We are calling out all Infineon Builders/Owners to tell us where they all are. Anyone, Anywhere, EPP, Dupron, Foam Board, Fan Fold Foam, it doesn't matter.

Please reply to this thread with your location, picture<s> of your Infineon and a short list of specs. I will bring them all to the first post<s> so they can all be together with your details.
Foam Type
AUW <all up weight>
Indoor/Outdoor/Both flying?
Paint type
Still in Service?
Any special notes or points of interest about your plane<s>

Also please join the Infineon Owners Club Created by Firtrappe on Google!!!

You will need a Google Account to post your location and information, once logged in, click “Edit” on the left and the “Place marker” will appear at the top of the map. Inside your place marker you can build a profile of you and your plane<s> with pictures and video if you like.
Thanks In Advanced!!!
Ron <DaOldGuy>

[MrFlash Original Infineon Indoor
MrFlash Infineon indoor original (3 min 46 sec)

MrFlash Indoor 13D
MrFlash Indoor I3D Full Size (3 min 10 sec)

MrFlash Outdoor I3D
MrFlash Outdoor I3D (2 min 25 sec)

Firetrappe Outdoor Mini
Firetrappe Mini Infineon Outdoor (3 min 59 sec)

Firetrappe indoor Mini
Firetrappe Mini Infineon (2 min 35 sec)

MrFlash Outdoor Evening I3D
MrFlash I3D Evening Outdoor (2 min 47 sec)

More builders videos located at post 10.
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Nov 03, 2008, 05:42 AM
Flying Half Pound and Down
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Plans, build guide and all around help can be found at....

Also please join the Infineon Owners Club Created by Firtrappe on Google!!!

You will need a Google Account to post your location and information, doesn't everyone have a GMail account already though?
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Nov 03, 2008, 07:06 PM
Flying Half Pound and Down
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Plans, build guide and all around help can be found at....

Also please join the Infineon Owners Club Created by Firtrappe on Google!!!

You will need a Google Account to post your location and information, doesn't everyone have a GMail account already though?
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Nov 05, 2008, 12:56 PM
Flashmeister Aviation Inc
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The latest of the bunch ..and still in one piece
Nov 11, 2008, 11:28 PM
Flying Half Pound and Down
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Plans, build guide and all around help can be found at....

Also please join the Infineon Owners Club Created by Firtrappe on Google!!!

You will need a Google Account to post your location and information, doesn't everyone have a GMail account already though?
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Nov 12, 2008, 04:30 AM
Flashmeister Aviation Inc
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Sheesh Ron I know why theres a global EPP shortage !!!
Nov 12, 2008, 06:48 AM
Planes are cool ;)
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That is a LOT of planes. I mean, I know infi's are great... but I didn't know they were that prolific
Nov 12, 2008, 11:07 AM
Build 2 Bounce!
Wow Ron, I had no idea so many had been built. Just for interest I checked the logs for my server where the Infi plans are stored, it turns out that in the past 6 months the plans have been downloaded just over 7000 times. Bearing in mind thats only the original Infi and Mini plans I think that's pretty impressive.

BTW, Both of mine are still in good condition, i've got them both stored in the attic at the moment as i've borrowed their rx's for other projects. I've scrapped quite a few models over the past 2 years as they were either taking up too much space or I needed the electronics for other things. The Infis are sacred though and will always be there for when I get the urge to take a nostalgia trip.

Great idea putting all the photos together BTW, very cool!

Nov 16, 2008, 02:30 PM
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Its Infineon VIDEO time!

DaVids <Builders Videos>

spirroau Tasmania, Australia

Paul's Mini Infineon EPP Bipe - Maiden Flight (2 min 0 sec)

Paul PL...Lublin Poland

Fun at the field (3 min 40 sec)

Paintball Kidz

Daoldguy New i3D build <I wish it was me flying in this video >

Infineon i3D (6 min 16 sec)

rmgmag <NEW UPDATED> Snow Blowing

Snow Blowin with rmgmag (3 min 38 sec)

IndoorHeli Park I3D
IndoorHeli I3D Park Video (4 min 6 sec)

rmgmag Tree Trimming

i3D Tree Trimming (4 min 24 sec)

Daoldguy First indoor with an Outdoor I3D <Soccer Dome Muncy PA>
I3D Muncy Indoor (3 min 7 sec)

RJPIoW Video - I3D maiden in 25 knots <GALE>

RJPIoW Breezy Maiden of his 7th I3D (0 min 47 sec)

IndoorHeli Mini Outdoor
IndoorHeli Mini Infineon Outdoor (2 min 33 sec)

Infineon I3D the Movie (4 min 25 sec)

RDJay Mini Infineon guided by Jack
Mini Infineon (2 min 29 sec)

Pisaneli from Slovenia
Infineon I3D (3 min 40 sec)

OzDragonFlyer from Sydney Austrailia
Infineon 3D (3 min 41 sec)

Mr.J from Sweden
Bi Plane by Johan (1 min 3 sec)
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Nov 20, 2008, 06:36 PM
Flying Half Pound and Down
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Infineon Owners Set Ups

A new addition for reference, when folks ask what a typical Infineon/I3D set up would be.

Drop a message or PM of your build preferences and I will post them.

bwoollia West Coast, on Vancouver Island.
5mm Cellfoam88 throughout
FC 28-22 Brushless Outrunner 1200kv
Turnigy TG9e 9g
Turnigy 1440A Servo 4.4g
ESC - some 20A

niddaparkflyer Frankfurt/Germany
Infineon hotwire-cut RG30 (1.9#) EPP
Aeolian 2826/1200 motor, 45g
RC Smart 25A ESC - too heavy, and not very smart either, but I had it lying around
HXT900 aileron servo, Turnigy 4.4g servos for rudder and elevator
Small noname 4ch indoor flyer RX - 5g
Static thrust with 2s1000mAh and 9x7 prop 350g - not enough,
450g with 3s600mAh and 8x6 prop - should work!
Thrust angles 3deg down, 2deg right
Carbon fiber pushrods, homemade CF/plywood control horns, shrink tube linkages and UHU-Por hinges
Cassutt style wheel pants

Paul PL Lublin, Poland
Infineon with 3D mods
Blue Wonder 1300kv
3s500 or 3s600mAh batteries
1x HXT900
2x HXT500
SuperSimple 8-10A ESC
9x4,7 prop
Corona 8ch dual conv. receiver

spirroau Tasmania, Australia
1300 kv blue wonder
10amp esc
10x4 prop
3 Blue arrow 4.5 servos.
2S800 20c battery
AUW with is 280 grams

Standard Infinion.
Weight 16oz/1lb/455g
6mm Depron all round
Strong Power A2212-10 (140W) 1400Kv SP Brushless Outrunner Motor
SP 20A ESC Speed controller
3 x Towerpro MG90 14g 2.5kg Torque Ball Raced Micro Servo
Corona Single Conversion RS410II Receiver
Loong max 1800 3S1P 25C-35C Lipo Battery
SF 3D propeller 9x4.7 / 229x119.5mm

Paul PLLublin, Poland
Turnigy 2230 27g motor with GWS8034 SF prop
Corona 8Ch synth. receiver
2x EM 4,3g servos (one killed in a little crash yesterday )
1x HXT900 servo (ailerons)
2s 850mAh or 2s 1000mAh lipos

Paintball Kidz
Fan Fold Foam
4 hxt 900 servos
hacker clone 20-28m
9x6 sf prop
25amp esc
3s 1300mah.
AUW 15 ounce

3mm Dupron Infineon
Custom CDR cool wind
500 3 cell Zippy
Phoenix 10
AUW 9.5 oz[/QUOTE]

Location: Forest Hill, MD
AUW 14 1/2 oz
Const - all Dollar Tree foamboard with bamboo stick for reinforcement.
Motor - 400xt
Servos hxt 9g
Rec - Spectrum ar6100
Color- packing tape
No landing gear
3s1250 mah lipo

i3D Dupron
lazertoyz 2830-09
lazertoyz 20ax esc
10x6 prop (+/- 30 ounces of thrust!)
10.5-11 oz.auw
900 mah 3s
12-13 amp draw

Infineon - foamboard
Esky 1000kv motor
Towerpro 18A esc
Esky 9g servos
Emax 10X4.7 prop
AUW 500g

I3D 38" WS - foamboard
Dualsky 260W BL motor
12X6 GWS HD prop
Towerpro 30A esc
Towerpro 9g servos
AUG 700g

400xt motor (Yeah a heavy motor but the BW couldn't take the weight)
18amp esc (again heavy)
two hs-55 for tail
HC 9gm for aileron
berg micro stamp 4ch receiver (Finally something light )
Rhino 20c 3cell 460mah
Deans connectors and 16g wires.

Daoldguy <White i3D>
Foam: 3mm Fuse, 5mm Wings, Scaled up to 35.5 inch wing.
Motor: Axi by Model Motors 2208/34 Silver Line
Prop: GWS 9050DD will be testing a 10 inch to slow it down.
Lipo: Rhino 3S750
Servos Futaba S3110 tail and HS55 Ailerons
ESC: Jeti 12amp Econo
Corona Synth from HC.
Glue: Welder and Beacons Fab-tac
Carbon Fiber: RCFoam.com3mmX.5mm Strips for Wings and Centre Crutch. 2mm Tube for X Braces.
Connecting Rods: Dubro Mini Set .032 and Dubro Micro Horns and Razor Horns.
AUW 12 Ounces

BP A2208-17 (knock-off of Axi 2208/34)
Thunderbird 18a ESC
GWS 8x5 DD prop
ThunderPower 3s700mah lipo
Spektrum dx7 microlite Rx & servos
AUW with lipo is 372 grams, or 13 oz.


axi 2208 34 silver
jeti 12 speed controller
apc slowfly 9x3.8
rcm-pelikan ray 850mah 3s (67g)
recycled shockie horns, rods and wheel bits cut down
5g servos
hs55 ailerons
auw w/battery 288g

My new i3d
Little Screamers DeNovo
1000 mAh lipo
TB18 esc
8x4/3 prop
2x hxt 500 and 1x hxt 900
ar6100 rx
AUW 10.3 oz

6mm EPP foam
Motor: Axi 2208/34
RX: 6 ch Corona Syn Rx
ESC: 18Amp simple
Servos: 3 off UH 8gm servos
25 Knot wind Maiden Video

Foam: 6mm EPP and 3mm EPP. You can use 6mm and 3mm Depron but it'll be heavier and it'll crack instead of bouncing when you hit the ground.
Motor: Little Screamer Purple Peril from Hobby Lobby (any lightweight motor that will put out 20oz of thrust, I like a lot of power)
ESC: Phoenix CC10 or Cool Running A-12 or any lightweight equivalent
Servos: (3) HS-55's, I'm actually using HS-50's on the tail
Battery: 3cell TP730's, Loong 850's, or Rhino 850's
Prop: GWS DD 8x4
CF: 4 strips of 3mmx.5mm 32" long, a couple of 2mm rods about 12" long
Glue: for EPP only - Household Goop from Home Depot or Ace Hardware

Mr J from Sweden
Infineon Indoor Version in Dupron
Hextronic 5g/9g
Turnigy 10 A
Turnigy 2205/50
Corona Synth 4ch
Loong Max 500 mAh 3 cell
APC Slowfly 9x4,7
AUW 9.062 Ounces

Foam: 3mm Fuse, 6mm Wings, and 9mm Tail Feather and belly
Motor: Axi by Model Motors 2208/26 Silver Line
Prop: GWS 9050DD
Lipo: Rhino 3S610
Servos Futaba S3110/3108
ESC: Apollo 12amp <It is what I had at the time, not preffered>
RX: Futaba R114 <It is what I had at the time, not preffered> Rather have a Corona Synth from HC.
Glue Welder, the Wal-mart one has the pointed tip made on the tube, comes in a 2 pack, 1 small <flight box> one large. Beacons Fab-Tac Wal-Mart Sweing dept.
Carbon Fiber: RCFoam.com3mmX.5mm Strips for Wings and Centre Crutch. 2mm Tube for X Braces and LG.
Connecting Rods: Dubro Mini Set .032 and Dubro Micro Horns and Razor Horns.
AUW 11.2 Ounces

Pixturethis <Profile Infineon>
Axi motor
GWS 8x4.3
eflite servo's
thunderbird 9 ESC
Some changes, made it a profile 9MM EPP, balance tabs on all flt controls.
2 cell 480mah.
4.7oz. without battery.

Mini Infineon
6mm 1.9# Epp
weight not yet known
24gr hextronic mtr
9amp Castle esc
500 mah 11.1 lipo
and a 9 x 3.8 gws prop.
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Dec 28, 2008, 07:57 AM
Flying Half Pound and Down
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Infineon Builder FAQ

Here is a FAQ for Infineon Related planes. Many things can be done in many different ways, these items are not always going to fit every build. This is not something I have "wrote the rules" on, more just gathered information rounded up in one place from a very large and popular thread. Please let me know if you would like to see something added.

Before you start, remember when printing "Tiled" PDF files, make sure the print setting reflect "1 to 1" and "Page Scaling" is set to none. Not using these setting will create a slightly reduced Infineon and some of the tiled sheets may not align properly.

1) Center Of Gravity <basic settings>

Infineon Indoor Version 32 inch Wing Span = 2.5 inches from Leading Edge of lower <bottom> wing at the root.

I3D Outdoor Version 34 inch Wing Span = 2.5 inches from Leading Edge of lower <bottom> wing at the root.

Mini Infineon 26 inch Wing Span = 1.75 inches from Leading Edge of lower <bottom> wing at the root.

Your mileage may vary, for 3D action some like to move the CG back slightly, for maiden flights and newbie flyers it is always best to start out with the basic settings.

NOTE: Remember to test your CG before you mount you Tail Servos, you can use their placement to help you get your CoG dialed in.

2) What is the Difference between the Infineon and the I3D

The original "Infineon" was a light weight Indoor version. Thinner EPP foam, squared Leading edges on the wings and average control surfaces. It was idea to be in the 7ish ounce area. This was a 32 inch WS. 309.74

The I3D <Infineon 3D> was more an Outdoor version with a little more weight to handle a "breeze" and rougher conditions. Ideally it was a 9ish ounce plane with thicker EPP, more doubles, and had larger 3D control surfaces. This was a 34 inch WS. 471.52

Here are a couple reference pictures.

MrFlash Infineon Picture
MrFlash Infineon 3D Picture <I3D>

3) What is the difference in the Mini Infineon?

The Mini Infineon was first built by Firetrappe, it was a Smaller and Faster scaled version of the original Infineon. The same could be done with the I3D. The Mini Infineon has a 26 inch WS <250 sq. in.> verses the 32 inch. There was also a few Micro Infineons built that were an 18 inch WS as well as several nano version. Picture for reference;

Firetrappe's Full Size and Mini Infineon

4) Not All EPP is alike.

a) EPP foam comes in 1.3# and 1.9# <most common> Densities. There are 2 differences in these products you should be aware of.
1.3# is softer and less rigid; the cells tend to have more space between them making it a little more translucent, it is lighter in weight, and often requires more carbon fiber in areas needing to provide support, such as wings/
1.9# is stiff and more rigid, the cells are tighter packed together and is heavier then the 1.3#. It can be argued that depending on the build, the 2 weight differences can sometimes cancel each other out depending on the amount of Caron Fiber need or not needed.

b) Some EPP comes in Colors; this typically will increase the weight as well.

c) Some EPP is “Saw Cut” and some is “Hotwire Cut”. There is a large difference in these 2 types of slicing. Saw cut simply removes a blade with of material from the foam and discards it. Hotwire cut melts the foam as it slices, the material melted, wicks back into the surface of the foam. This can drastically increase the weight of the foam, depending on the efficiency of the cutting table.

The hotwire cut will typically have a thin shell or hardness to the outer skin. This does make the foam more rigid and sometimes an easier surface to paint. Hotwire cut EPP does not always allow tape hinges to stick very well.

5) Not all EPP venders are alike.
Venders don't always offer the same thicknesses of EPP, some cut as small as 3mm, others only go as low as 4mm. Common sizes are 3,4,5,6,9,10mm.

Some venders saw cut 1.3# but their 1.9# only comes as hotwire cut due to saw restrictions.

EPP also comes in Colors from some suppliers; this also adds weight to the product.

I have personally seen orders of foam for 6 pieces of 3mm and not a one piece matches the other for thickness, which can be a problem when building. I have further seen 1 piece of EPP have several different thicknesses in a single sheet; this can also make building correctly an issue.

Ask the questions when ordering, to understand what you will be receiving. Don't be afraid when ordering to request consistent cuts, or contact the vendor if your order is out of specs. They all want happy customers bragging about their products on RCG!

I don’t wish to forget builds being done with Dupron, FFF, Foam board, and other products; they seem to come a little more consistent. A note on FFF, it has thickness waves in it, any time you are cutting out wings and structured parts, remember to try to cut with the wave, in a thicker part. Wing panels cut out “crossing” the wave, end up very weak.

Venders of EPP Foams <as well as other foams. I will be adding more as I get them.
US Based

UK Based <mostly wotwire cut> (Germany)

6) What kind of Glue should be used with EPP Foam?
There are many choices of glue that can be used with EPP foam since it does not melt as easy as Dupron, FFF, or EPS. <styro>
Welder, Wal Mart Paint Section
UHU Por, On Line Purchase
House Hold Goop, Wal Mart Paint Section

These products are very flexable which is important with EPP. They should always be applied very light to avoid weight build up.

7) How much Carbon Fiber is needed to build with EPP?
Mostly Carbon Fiber Strips are needed for the Infineon Class Foamies. 3mm X 0.5mm Strips go all the way around both wings, around the Horizontal Stab, in the Wing Struts and Centre Cabane.
2mm CF Tubing is used for the Centre Crutch, Wing X Braces, and Landing Gear. Some strips can be used around hatch opening to keep them rigid, and other locations to the builds choices of needs. It is a good idea to measure out all your needs and buy an extra for those "oops" cuts.

8) What is some common used hardware and accessories?
These are "examples only" and can be purchased at you favorite supplier.
DU-BRO Micro Pushrod System 20 inch.
DU-BRO Micro Pushrod System 30 inch.
DU-BRO Micro Servo Arm XL---------- Validate Servo specific
Micro Control Horn- Narrow
DU-BRO Micro Razor Control Horn
Blenderm Tape for Hinges
GLX Carbon Fiber Strip 3mmX.5mmX1000mm or (.118" x.020" x 39") in inches.
GLX Carbon Fiber Tube Tube 2.0mm x 1mm x 1000mm (.079" x .039" x 39") Wing Struts and Landing Gear.
EPP Foam

Spinner <40mm> for the Axi Radial Mount 2208/34

9) So you want to paint your Infineon?

It is very important to remember that some paints eat some foam!

With EPP, I have not seen any signs of paint affecting it. There are several products being used to paint EPP.

a) Sharpie Markers other wise known as "Adult Crayons" This works very well, but can get old quick if you are doing a lot of coverage. Another issue I seem to have was after it had set for several weeks, it would still transfer to my fingers. Then of course you then touch the unpainted areas, well, not good. I found a VERY light dusting of WalMart Spray can clear would seal it up.

b) Water based spray can products like H2O from Krylon. They are even safe for other types of foams.

c) Water Based Airbrush Paints as shown on this VERY COOL video done by adreher on this thread, very good information, tips and Tricks.

d) With the same methods as c), I use PPG Automotive Base Cote. It is very thin and light, is very flexable and sticks very well. Body Shops typically have to pay to get rid of left over paints, so if you know someone in the biz, they may keep you in paint for a good while.

With 15 years of Automotive paint and body repair behind me, listen when I say "Only Paint In A WELL Ventilated Area".. Always wear gloves and eye protection.

Water Slide Decals
Also there are printable graphix for the Infineon in the original Build Thread

10) Hinging your Control Surfaces
Blenderm Tape, as outlined in the build log, is one of the best solutions I have used. Some builders have used the DU-Bro Micro hinges depending on the application, not aways a good fit for thinner EPP panels. Another hinge solution that is getting popular is the Welder Glue Hinge. The same method was also used with HotGlue, however in some case the low temp glue would get brittle and stiff in cold, and come loose in high heat or direct sun light. Here is a link to a Welder Hinge Video. This has had promising results.
I would bet House Hold Goop could be used the same way. <Update> I got about a year out of my Welder hinges, I can not say it was a good long term hinge for thin EPP, 9mm prolly better.

Update...Time has told me the Welder hinges seem to work better with thicker EPP product 9mm and such. The thinner EPP has more flex in some cases then the glue hinge.

11) Hinge Linkage between the Ailerons

There are many ways to do this, the last time I did them I used Indoorheli's CF and Heat Shrink trick.

Insert scrap 3mmX.5mm CF flat into the TE, leaving enough out to put Heat Shrink on. Use a 2mm CF Tube to go between them. Caution, when heating, try not to get any heat on the part of the heat shrink that will be the 45 degree hinge part. See picture at the below link.

12) Figuring Power Requirements, in General terms. Provided by

One of the biggest questions asked is "What Motor, ESC, and Lipo does the build require?"
This is a Moving Target, depending on many things, the biggest being your end weight <AUW>. Different Foams, Servos, Lipo, motor, and even the type and amount of glue can affect the end result.
In the post prior to this, we are building a record of builders "Build Statistic" to give examples to maybe help you get a better idea where your build may fall.

• Watts = Volts x Amps • 1 pound = 16 ounces = 454 grams • 1 Horsepower ≡ 746 Watts
1. Determine your model’s gross flying weight. (Example: 27oz)
2. Identify your flying style for your model, (Example: 3D style flying)
3. Calculate your model’s power or Watts requirement using the above base chart. (Example: 27oz 3D type of model requirement = (27 / 16) x 150) = 253.125 Watts or approximately 253 Watts)
3. Identify which NEO motor you will need. (Example: Need 253 W => NEO-480, because it is under the 280W)
4. Determine which kv motor within your power range is better for your usage. (Example: In this case you may prefer 900kv or 1,000kv to 1120kv because you have a 3D type of model. In general, lower kv, rpm per volt, motor generally will have greater torque than a higher kv motor of equal size. )
5. Select ESC: (Example: Calculate the approximate current draw using Watts = Volts x Amps formula, 22.8A = 253W / 11.1V. Now we have estimated that your motor will draw an average of 22.8Amp in a static situation. In this particular case we would choose the next higher Amp ESC such as a continuous 25A ESC or greater for a better margin of error.)
6. Select battery: (Example: your LiPo selection would be a little more difficult, because you will need to consider balancing. However, keeping most information intact, you will require the LiPo battery to be able to discharge at an average of 22.8Amp or better. Therefore a 2100mah LiPo with 25C (continuous discharge) will be fine because 25C rating on a 2100mah = 25 x (2100/1000) = 52.5Amp continuous draw. A 1320mah with 20C = 20 x (1320/1000) = 26.4A, which is also fine, because it is above 22.8Amp requirement. However a 15C rated 1320 pack will not be sufficient, because your motor’s max current demand exceeds the battery pack’s 19.8A continuous discharge ability.)
7. Estimate minimum static run time: (Example: You selection at this point will depend on weight balancing and run time. 2100mah provides a minimum run time at full power of 5.5 minutes = (2100 / (22.8 x 1000)) * 60. 1320mah provides a minimum run time at full power of 3.5 minutes = (13200 / (22.8 x 1000)) * 60.)

Mini= 250.00 sq in
Infineon Indoor= 390.74 sq in
I3D Outdoor= 471.52 sq in

More to come......
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Jun 12, 2009, 06:20 PM
Flying Half Pound and Down
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Needed More Space for Pictures

They keep on building them.
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Jun 26, 2009, 06:21 PM
Flying Half Pound and Down
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More Videos

Lance Dalton C.H.E.A.P.

I3D Infinion (4 min 38 sec)


Daniel Floating 1.MOV (1 min 34 sec)

bwoollia Snaggletow

Funniest Indoor RC Video Ever (3 min 41 sec)

bwoollia_________They all crash eventually

Infineon Biplane (6 min 2 sec)


My Infineon i3d (4 min 36 sec)

zulmr2 Kuala Lumpur

Infineon (3 min 28 sec)

Mitchrichie Details unknown
Bi Plane Foamie (0 min 48 sec)

m0nkey Inverness, UK
Infineon Biplane (3 min 48 sec)
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Feb 20, 2010, 10:57 AM
Registered User
m0nkey's Avatar
Inverness, UK
EPP (3 and 6mm)
320g / 11.3oz
Keda 20-28M 15A 1050Kv Motor
3S 500mAh
Sharpie Graphics
Still in service

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