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Oct 31, 2008, 02:24 AM
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Electrified 1938 Lanzo Bomber

I recently received a model of the 1938 Lanzo Bomber of about 10 foot in span. Wing was finished and covered in Transperant Yellow Monokote 10 years ago but other than a couple of small holes was in perfect condition. The fuselage and tail assembly were finished but not sanded nor was there any type of radio installation initiated. The builder is one of the best in the Ft Worth/Dallas area but had for whatever reason never finished the vehicle. An offer was made and accepted and now I am the proud owner of a beautful classic. A friend finished the covering of the fuselage and tail assembly after I did the radio installation directly under the horizontal stabilizer as pushrods would have ended up weighing more than the radio and two servos. Radio and servos come in at an ounce and a half when installed (Spektrum 7 channel and 2 Hitec 65 metal gear servos). The ESC (60 amp Turnigy) is mounted in the forward part of the fuselage with the 2 3/3700 Lit Poly packs (in series). Motor is Turnigy 5065 turning a 16/8 APC prop. No weight as yet but center-of-gravity is at 50 percent of wing. Wheels are 4 inch Dubro balloon type.

Weather was perfect this morning about 0800 and I had packed the bird in the van the night before so off I went with a stop by Mackey D's for breakfast to carry with me to the field. Wing is one piece so it goes from one end of the van to almost the drivers seat so logistics ain't the best but we got there in basically one piece. Assembled bird and took a couple of pictures for posterity and placed her on the runway for first flight. Added just enough power to lift off slowly and get the feel of how she handled. Nice! Brought power up to 60 percent and climbed out to about 500 feet and transitioned into glide phase and did final trim (3 clicks of right). Rudder very sensitive to the touch so went to low rate for flight. A little thermal activity so I flew around in lazy circles and figure 8's until tired out and landed after a couple of touch and go's and climb and glides for 45 minutes or so. What a first flight. She flies so perfect it makes me look good and landings carrying a few rpm's are perfect as well. Now for a couple of blasts off. At full power I'm holding 1/2 down and it almost falls over on its back. This things goes to a 1000 feet in just a few seconds and is amazing once in glide phase. I ended the morning with over an hour and forty-five minutes on the stick and used only 2000 mills out of the 3700 mil pack I was carrying. No additional weight was added other than the actual equipment requirements. I honestly can say nothing wrong or do I want to change anything other than I wish I had a two piece wing to help with the logistics problem. Just a nice plane that is a great addition to my fleet. This is my first old timer in 30 years and one to be proud of. ed
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Oct 31, 2008, 04:51 AM
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I'd say you have some good friends, and a beautiful model.

And decent weather and strip..

Doesn't get much better than that.
Oct 31, 2008, 07:53 AM
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On the original, the firewall quickly became an option to make removable. Rather quickly too considering how difficult to fix and get going the original Brown powerplant. And, as a way to get to the internal batteries.

The wire L.G. was aimed parallel to the sides or at 90 degrees at upper bend. The Tin tabs to hold on the gear were also washers to the bolts used to anchor on the removable firewall. The 90 degree top may have been because it was easy to figure out at home.

Due to the tail parts being so far away, many of the folks at SAM just instead plan on operating the elevators and rudder via Pull-pull cables with servos up near to wing instead of anywhere towards the rear. They use old aluminum controlline horns for connection points back there also. The 36 inch center is a favorite at SAM events now, as it can be "Hotted" up rather easily.

What are the rectangular cut outs under the wing then?

Oct 31, 2008, 08:46 AM
If the winds blowin, I'm goin!
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Ed, that's a sweet bird you have there, nice job!! I have a smaller leisure Lanzo Bomber in the box, it's a toss up between that, a So-Long and an Easybuilt Hornet for my next project..but now I'm leaning towards the Lanzo..
Where do you fly out of? I'm a member of the Richardson club, fly out at Lake Lavon..
Oct 31, 2008, 10:00 AM
Vintage Flyer
Nice airplane Ed!
Wow a ten foot Lanzo Bomber!
I have always liked the Lanzo Bombers!

I have a Leisure Models Lanzo Bomber, about 72 inch kit that I am still working on.I also have a fully built PLayboy Senior( 80 inch span) with a removable firewall, powered by a Fox 35 which I haven't flown in awhile.
But electric technology has come a long way since I built my Playboy.
It would be a fairly simple changeover to electric which I'd really like to do.
I am not well versed on electric conversions, so if anyone can suggest a power setup for my Playboy it would be appreciated.
I also have two Carl Goldberg Sailplane kits, one is an all original, and the other is a replikit.
The orginal kit also had two letters inside the box ( picked it up n Ebay), one letter is to Carl Goldberg from the original owner and the other is from Carl Goldberg to the original owner of the kit. Carl's letter is on his company stationary letterhead(Top Flite) dated may 1951. There was also the original decals in the kit.
I think I posted a picture of them in the Vintage column awhile back( a year or two ago?)
I found them on "post your decals here" column, posts number 55 and 56.
The Leisure Lanzo Bomber is still on the workbench, and has been setting for awhile as I have been very busy doing some remodelling of my home.
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Oct 31, 2008, 01:37 PM
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Thank You gentlemen for the comments and all are appreciated.

To William - I had three different landing gear blanks bent but decided on the narrower of the three. The firewall is as plans show and is held in place with 4/40 blind nuts and bolts. Four #8 bolts holding the motor in place are fitted through nylon spacers into #8 blind nuts in firewall and are easily removed. I honestly cannot see using any type of cables or pushrods now with radios and servos so small and as noted it had no bearing on weight and balance when mounted in tail as noted. Most folks have to add a bunch of weight anyhow in nose to make thing work. Receiver sets in cutout just forward of leading edge of horizontal on left. Also I got out of all competition many years back and fly strickly for myself. After 28 years in Masters Scale and turbines and ducted fans I had enough and enjoy a rubber powered aircraft as much as my jets and scale vehicles. Also, the cut outs on the sides are to remove the batteries from their mounting plate and additional cooling for the batteries if every needed.

To Cash - I fly out of the Greater Southwes R/C Club off of Randell Mill Road and Loop 820 east of Ft Worth. A beautiful facility and a great crew.

Vintage - I do have a great crew of friends. We have always traded skills where needed. Most of us have been flying together 40 years or more so its like any extended family or at least a group of common interest. We pass along all the knowledge we can if asked when we can. Nothing is sacred and you have to have a think skin to get along. I would not trade a one of them for anything. Over the years a number of good friends have passed on and are sorely missed.

About 8 years ago I seriously started flying small indoor electric and gradually worked my weigh up to 26 pound aircraft powered by electrons and don't plan to stop anytime soon. I only have a few gas/fuel aircraft still around and don't plan on firing them off anytime soon. Electric motors work 99.5 percent of the time and never miss a beat in the air. They just simply work and cost has come down dramatically over the last two years, thank God for Lipo's. Whichever way you go have fun, life is just to dam short!! ed
Oct 31, 2008, 11:31 PM
Vintage Flyer
Hi Ed, I also have some fuel powered airplanes setting around, but electric power is becoming more affordable, so much more dependable, and so much quieter.
I have flown some of my electric sailplanes in a big farm filed just behind my home here, and our housing addition wraps around it. My neighbors will watch, fascinated by them ,especially the electric powered sailplanes( three of them are European made ARF,s, all above 100 inch wingspans.They ask me, why don't they make any noise?
I soon show them, and some of them had no idea such technology exists for model airplanes.
I enjoy building, but I used to visit Dymonds Hobby shop in Oshkosh Wisconsin before they moved to California and Helmut gave me a great deal on them.
The quality of these ARF sailplanes was just incredible and my job at the time gave me almost no building time.Even though I do own and fly a few ARF's ( go ahead, smack me upside the head! LOL! ) my biggest gripe with them is they come with no plans so building new parts, or replacing parts or whole aircraft sections is somewhat difficult.
At the time, I had absolutely ZERO building time available, so I bouht them.
I get my greatest joy of building a really nice kit, and or scratch building, since I have a very nice shop with about every power tool, saws, scroll saws, etc and other tools imaginable.
Then my job changed and my daily building time went to zero.
I am now trying to get back into it.

That Lanzo Bomber of yours in flight is just incredible!
Old Timers just really get my attention!

Ed in Grabill, Indiana
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Nov 01, 2008, 05:10 PM
Just call me Ῥέᾱ
Rhea's Avatar

I have only recently learned of the Lanzo Bomber when I saw the plans for a foamie version of it on the ‘Fly RC’ magazine web site. I have made one 2/3 the size of those plans (it is pictured in my Avatar (oops, no longer)). I put a Park 250 motor on it. My interest in the good old vintage planes has me building a Royal Rudder Bug—that will have electric power, and more than rudder only, maybe ailerons too—right now but it sure would be fun to build a big 1938 Lanzo Bomber like yours also.
Where can I get the plans for a big one like that? Are there kits available anywhere?

I hope you will enjoy yours for many years.
Last edited by Rhea; Aug 25, 2009 at 12:29 PM. Reason: Changed avatar
Nov 01, 2008, 05:48 PM
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Ed, do you happen to know what kind of wattage you're running with that system?
Nov 01, 2008, 11:49 PM
If the winds blowin, I'm goin!
CashRC's Avatar
Ed, you might have seen me out there, if you've ever helped out with the Lone Star Nats combat contest that GSW has every March..in fact, have you ever heard of an errant combat Zero that some of the locals and combat pilots refer to as "Containergirl?"

Anyway, ya'll have a nice field, and a great group of guys..BTW, if you know Bob Leone, ask him about "Hargett the Target"

You ever want to get together and fly some old-timers let me know, we're not that far apart..
Nov 02, 2008, 02:26 AM
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Ed Couch's Avatar

I only have an a set of 66 percent plans give to me at the time I acquired the airframe but there are folks here who would know where to find them. Maybe they will chime in and help you out.


I run everything through the Whatt Meter but have honestly forgotton as I run this combination on other vehicle (Pawnee 40 and Astrohog bipe) and it never heats up and goes like a bat out of hell when needed. I towed a 7 pound scale glider up today with the Pawnee and it hauled it up like an old pro. As stated before the batteries were not even warm after any of the flights. I'll hook her up and check tomorrow if I think of it.


I do not make many real contest events any more and especially combat type. When I fly in a contest its to win not play and in combat I'll go for the juggler every time. I flew Master Scale for almost 30 years but backed away when I realized I was not having any fun and it was all time consumming so now I set back and laugh at myself and have a much better time than when I competed, much easier on the equipment and especially on me.

I have a new Hanger 9 P-51D up for its maiden flight in a few hours but will drag the bomber along this morning if they both will fit in the van. You folks have a good day and keep things going.
Last edited by Ed Couch; Nov 02, 2008 at 02:38 AM.
Nov 02, 2008, 08:57 PM
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williame3590's Avatar


Hi Ed, is that Jenny ARF as good as it looks and are they still available? I think they were around 500.00 if not mistaken. Nice models you have there.

Nov 03, 2008, 03:33 AM
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Ed Couch's Avatar
Yes sir, it is an outstanding model and flies like a dream. You can see much more on the subject model in the following thread. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=898920 . Your price is also in the ballpark as well.

Note also, I flew the big Stang yesterday and it is also a keeper. Thing is plum scary in flight and really rips the sky with the big electric motor and prop combo howling away.

Nov 03, 2008, 09:52 AM
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Ed Couch's Avatar
In all my haste yesterday I forgot to pull the Whatt meter out and run the stats on the bomber. I recharged the batteries this morning after a little over an hours flying time and put back 725 mills on each of the 3/3700 packs. Had a little thermal activity so it was 15 seconds run here, 15 second motor run there. What a hoot. Anyway these are the numbers I took this morning prior to charging batteries:

23.5 volts under load

28.5 amps max draw swinging 16/8 APC prop

548.2 watts average over 15 second burst.

Don't know if this helps but under full throttle and a 4 knot headwind I have 0 feet ground run and almost vertical accent holding almost 60 percent down elevator in slight left hand circle. Normally never make a complete 360 turn until I'm about ready to shut down around 800 feet or so. Total time less than 15 seconds at any burn. Occasionally bust the patch with motor barely turning and use the throttle to smooth out the landing and pick the exact landing spot. For me its just for the hell of it and I could care less what other folks think as its only for my enjoyment and relaxation. As we say here in Texas "Ya'll have fun now, ya hear!!". ed
Nov 03, 2008, 03:01 PM
Registered User
Thanks for the numbers, Ed.
Are you familliar with SAM LER models? How does your Bomber's climb compare to them? Like a hot C Glow ship, or C Ignition, or maybe less, like a Foxacoy?

I love the rush that comes from a rocket climbout, and it would be nice to be able to get it just by turning on a switch!

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