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Feb 20, 2003, 07:30 PM
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German foam Airbus A319 - any experience or info available?

I wonder if anyone has got any info on these models from Zeiler Modellbau, maybe some of the European forum members know… You will fin the bird at There is not much info, and there is only a German phone number – and my German is not that good!

It’s a nice bird, and I even don’t know if it is designed for electric flight!

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Feb 20, 2003, 07:33 PM
Go FASST or go home...
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Another a319 pic
Feb 21, 2003, 12:40 AM
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Hallo Ben_E,

This Modell is desgined fro two Speed 600 Props, but I think you can use some edf's two. You can wrote them a E-Mail in english too.


Feb 21, 2003, 01:12 AM
crazy about airliner

a319 airbus

hi ben

that company have send me so email they is a good company
the price in the u.s is between 100.00 to 120.00
it is a all foam kit no radio system !!!
Feb 21, 2003, 02:01 PM
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I have seen this model posted before within these Discussion Group pages, but I forget exactly where and when. I too was somewhat interested but never followed through with any investigation.

So I took the liberty this evening to phone Zeiler Modelle for you (and me). It's a cottage industry business and not a large company. And Hr. Zeiler doesn't speak much English.

All the Airbus models listed use the same wing but each has a slightly longer fuselage (A319, A320 and A321). They were essentially designed for twin-prop modeling—even though it's a jet—because the motor nacelle has a 150mm diameter...too large for any current commercial ducted fan. Apparently most purchases have been for gas-powered flying; electric motors for a prop configuration would need to be in the Speed 600-or-more range.

When you consider the Schübeler fan's diameter is 90mm—and Uli Amacker of Switzerland has plans for a 120mm fan design, the biggest and only a very few of which I've seen at e-meetings—anything much bigger typically compromises a loss of efficiency.

The foam Zeiler uses is typical building supply store foam, the kind that easily dents and surface treatment is highly recommended, particularly if using gas-powered engines: silkspanning, glassing, or sheeting. It's all hotwire-cut, although the wing is a slightly denser foam than the fuselage. There's also quite a bit of building required.

And I was told the models are for experienced modelers with GOOD flying proficiency. Except for the Clark-Y profile wing, Hr. Zeiler tried to maintain an as-close-to-scale profile as possible—and here, think about the wing sweep. Casual slow flight, particularly in the turns, is not recommended.

The kit box for the A319 weighs 1.4 kilograms and shipping to other countries within the EU is about €25.
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Feb 21, 2003, 06:07 PM
Go FASST or go home...
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Thank you very much for taking up the (glove?) phone and taking that call to Hr. Zeiler

I must say, the members of this forum is absolutely fantastic!
Just ask a question simple or complex and you get the answers!

Again - Thank you James!

Then back to the A321, do you know any of the specifications for the aircraft? 2x600 with props means that this is a quite large bird - How come, if the material is foam, there should not be any reason to scale it a little dowm to fit one of the (larger) EDF units already avalible. Again the wing area will be smaller... There are a long row of considerations to be made...

One thing that strikes me is, that we are quite a few members of this forum that are interested in airliner models - and actually I think we just might represent quite a market for a model that fits to one of the avalible EDF-units. What can we do to "have it our way"?
I don't want to bombard Hr. Zeiler with e-mails and phonecalls, but ther should be deasent way to approach him with what I feel is a wish that quite a few of us share - and politely tell him that there is a real market out there. We are only the tip of the iceberg!

Gentlemen - any suggestions?


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