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Oct 24, 2008, 09:05 PM

"Oh No! There's that Kid Again!!!" AMA Cover Photos

Yep! Cody Remington just can't get away from the paparazzi! :-)

And then there's Mini-DP....Louisville's own soaring super star....Lee !

What a story....born in the mountains of Kentucky, raised by moonshiners,
(or was it wolves) in a craddle of tobacco leaves. When he wandered on to our
flying site, he couldn't speak or read...and of course then VP of LSF, and
LSF5'r Ed Wilson figure the best way to nurse him to civilization was to build
him a 2m!

Okay maybe it didn't quite go that way but I can tell you all that while Lee
gained the support of sailplaners of both coasts, he worked his tail off to
turn a personal corner toward a good life...(and a really great supportive mom
of course :-).

"The hobby has turned him around" says mom....(well like any 12 year old, it
really depends on the day you ask her!)

How's this for a serious LSF pilot???? He's just completed his LSF4 tasks!
He won the MidSouth Soaring Champs as a Junior and was only off the senior
score by about 8 points!

He's taken wood at most of the contests he's flown, including winning the
JR/Horizon Radian Fly-Offs at the Soaring Masters! As well as placing higher
than a lot of us in Unlimited there.

You can tell he's 12 though....he was more interested in driving the golf
cart at the Masters than hitting the 100's during flying ;-).

Thanks to all for believing in Lee. We're lucky and proud to have him in
our club.

(by the way....our Cody can be seen on the lower left corner of Page 24 :-).

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