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Jul 07, 2001, 12:39 AM
around Colombia
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Large, high-power/performance electric gliders

Apparently, interest in these planes is building. However, they are no more an F5B plane than a truck is a race car. People do race trucks, I realize, but they use tires, transmissions, and engines quite different from those of a Formula-1 car. Likewise, optimum power trains for a large glider differ in prop size, gear ratio, and motor design from those of an F5B plane. And not all gliders lend themselves equally well for electric power.

For the Stratos SR, we offer a specially-matched Lehner brushless system coupled with a Reisenauer planetary gearbox and RFM 17x10 to 18.5x12 propellers (sorry, this is not yet on the web site) to run on 16-20 RC2400 cells. The SR is really a F3F slope racer whose overall design, relatively light weight, high strength, and excellent ability to carry weight, make it a good choice for a high-powered, high-performance, electric-enhanced slope machine.

Don't confuse it with an LMR (limited motor run) glider, it's wing loading is a little high for that, and the Lehner system we specify consumes way too much juice for a 30-second motor run; the plane would be out of sight by then, probably at the apogee of a smoke trail... )

No F5B, no LMR, so what good are these planes? They don't fit any structured contests, I admit, but boy, are they FUN!!! Say you are a slope addict suffering from withdrawal symptoms (so HLG and polyhedral gas bags are out) and having trekked to the edge to the most awesome, sheer abyss where sinking out means almost certain loss of the airplane, and there is MAYBE enough lift to fly...

Well, toss out your high-performance, e-overpowered slope sled and go find some lift. If there ain't none, laugh at the sink monster and escape its claws with the push of a button or the flick of a switch. In a few seconds, the plane is up high enough and out away from the slope, loitering, and waiting for an unsuspecting thermal to come along. When it does, hook it, center it, and follow it home. Just before it reaches the slope edge, let loose of a fury of high-speed slope aerobatics, taking full advantage of the thermal's lift as it passes through. Aah, what a slope fix...

It's fun, believe me! I will demonstrate this with my Stratos SR-e at Sailplane and Electric Modeler' Memaloose event July 19 through 22, where I'll hurl the plane fearlessly out over the Hells Canyon of the Snake River. If you're interested in such decadent, non-conventional flying, e-mail or call me, vee vill pump you up... )

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Jul 08, 2001, 01:33 AM
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I am pumped up...yesterday was just like Dieter described..tossed my Stratos SL with the F27 on 20 cell out over a canyon in western Oregon where the loggers 1000' down in the canyon looked like tiny play toys..
Started sinking then caught some boomer thermals, high speed runs from the LZ out over the canyon, big square loops, what a wonderful day. This plane was "built for comfort" and speed .. it is the plane I always take with me. Don't leave home without it!
By, got to go fly now.

Jul 08, 2001, 05:25 AM
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Okay, Hans-e and Franz-e I think you vould be better suited to der Shprokets! Enough monkey business...back to the topic at hand! Just as I've yet to see a 27 cell plane fly, I have no idea what kind of performance a plane like the Stratos will exhibit. Climb rate? Top speed? Landing speed?
Jul 08, 2001, 05:44 AM
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its a good idea to bring an electric to the slope, been doing that for awhile. never have seen a stratos, except for a grob stratos 2c. i sure do like the looks of that graupner impression. i sure wish i could raise some hell at hell's caynon with my slope sleds. i could go up to catalina mts here in town and toss em off into the unknown of windy point@ 10k ft on mt lemmon hwy. but what the hell, when you have an 800ft stand alone, DRIVE UP hill with awesome wave lift from the NW side. i will have to make a sacafrice to the wind gods before i leave town from windy point.
the slope is the ONLY place to fly, we fly it all there, awesome performance with ducted fans.

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Jul 08, 2001, 10:38 AM
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Considering that the highest point in the entire state of Florida is about 800 ft. above sea level, we don't do much slope soaring here. Electric boosted is quite popular, however.
Bob Stewart
Jul 08, 2001, 03:39 PM
around Colombia
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Hey Scot-Y, we're not Hans-e and Franz-e, we're Larr-e and Curl-e; get yourself a ShredAir hat, and you can be Mo-e... )

As I said in the beginning, these planes are not 27-cell F5B planes. Properly powered, however, you will get vertical performance. Because of flaps and lighter loading, landing speed is slower than that of a max-loaded F5B plane, and top speed looks slower because the planes are bigger. Looks are deceiving, as you will find out the first time you scream past at eye level after a 10-second vertical dive.

Please keep in mind that this is NOT what sane people do with nice molded F3B/F/J planes, this is just something for demented slope heads like myself who think TD stands for Tedious Dawdling.