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Oct 10, 2008, 02:00 PM
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How to connect elevators and ailerons to servos

Hi all, hope somebody can give me some guidance on this. I am mid way through building the 'crash e' which came as a free plan in one of the mags. This is my first build from balsa and I cant work out the best way to mount the servos-either in the fuselage or wings. Do I need a servo for each aileron or just one? How do I connect the servos to the ailerons and elevators-theres so much stuff on the market I dont know what to get. Also how do I seal the gaps in the ailerons? I will be using a small brushless outrunner and will be using solarfilm to cover it-once Ive found out how to use it. Any help will be much appreciated, thanks
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Oct 10, 2008, 02:38 PM
An itch?. Scratch build.
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Crash-E, RC Model World Oct 08

I hope you can already fly RC and fly quite well, as that is not a beginners/trainer model.

The plan shows two aileron servos, (installed in a pretty awful way). You could install just one and either run snakes or bell cranks and push rods.

The elevator again could be a snake or a push rod.

Trying to build from a plan as your first balsa build is a tricky way to go.
Often free plan designers assume the builder is already experienced so they tend to leave some of the assembly open to the builders ideas.

Unless you have a local model shop where you can go and get bits and pieces, (and advice), you are really going to struggle to get individual bits and pieces.

Sorry to put you off, but if you really want to build a balsa RC model you would be better off to buy a kit that includes all the bits and pieces. All you would have to add would be the RC, motor, ESC, prop, and probably the covering.

It's a bit like when someone stops you in the street and asks for directions to ....., and you know, .... but not from where you are. You feel like saying "I wouldn't start from here, mate".
Oct 10, 2008, 05:46 PM
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first model

i have not seen the plan that you are building for the ailerons can have two servos one for each aileron or you can use one in the middle of the wing as in the photo servo for the elevator the servo is fitted sum ware near the front of the fuz and a push pull rod or snake both systems need to be supported to stop them bending hope this helps
Oct 11, 2008, 01:16 PM
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Thanks to you both for that info and advice. Yes it the crash e in the photo. I have flown with a j3 cub and parkzone spitfire and crashed a few times but fixed them again and got used to them. Maybe I am being a bit ambitious but I still want to have a go, I dont mind the fixing bit, its part and parcel I suppose. Could you answer me this question too? How do you work out which lipo battery to get? Ive got a hi model cf 2822(125w) 830kv and a venom v28 1200kv brushless outrunners. Also when a motor gives a recommended model weight does that include the weight of the battery and esc and motor? Thanks
Oct 11, 2008, 04:37 PM
An itch?. Scratch build.
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Hi Ricky41

My apologies, I had assumed from your questions that you were not a flier as they seemed so basic. But it's easy these days for people to buy and fly with RTF's and not need to know how or why.

Good to see your willing to have a go at building.

I don't know the Venom motor, but use a 2822 on an EPP pusher jet.

The 2822 draws about 10amps with an 8x4 HD prop and 12.5amps with an 8x6 HD prop both on a 3s, (11.1v), pack.
I use 1500 and 1800mAh lipo packs, but they would be too heavy for the Crash-E.

The nearest model I had, (sadly smashed), to the Crash-E was a Little Sue, another free plan model. She was 38" span, 8" chord, and had a flying weight of 18oz. The Crash-E is certainly smaller at 28" span, quite small.

I would ignore the model weight they quote with a motor, as it depends more on the model, and wing area, and the type of flying.

Servos, you will need the micro sized ones, around 5 gram.
The aileron servo set-up on the C-E, two servos stuck to the wing or fuselage and sticking through the fuselage, looks just too vulnerable.

The elevator servo could be 'glued' in the fuselage, I have used double sided tape or silicon sealant quite successfully, they don't need screw fixing.

Keep us informed how the build is going.
Oct 12, 2008, 08:43 AM
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sorry the sparky stuff i am no good at i have been trying to get a F18 in the air with a EDF system and it is difficult to work out good luck with the build

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