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Jul 05, 2009, 02:03 PM
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RockBoy, depends what you doing with it, if its going into the plane, then recording dropout doesn't apply.

If you using as a ground based recorder, then yes, i think it may drop out of recording on bad signal.

Warning however, ONLY the aiptek camera's in the USA allow for AV-in recording for use as ground based recorder.

All PAL and non usa Aiptek's have the AV-IN disabled.

All the older models we can but here at K-Mart at regular retail price very cheap.

Ahd 100, 200, 300 are only about $60 ~ $90 usd retail now here in Australia.
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Jul 06, 2009, 08:56 AM
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If I understand correctly, AV-in is not what im going to use. I only use AV-out, so I can send this signal via a 2.4ghz transmitter. I dont have to record my FPV flights, its just that I have a good quality camera on my Easystar(not only for FPV, but other stuff to). Here in Netherland the ahd c100 is about 80/~$150 .

What exactly is a ground based recorder?
Jul 06, 2009, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Rockboy_Pascal
If I understand correctly, AV-in is not what im going to use. I only use AV-out, so I can send this signal via a 2.4ghz transmitter. I dont have to record my FPV flights, its just that I have a good quality camera on my Easystar(not only for FPV, but other stuff to). Here in Netherland the ahd c100 is about 80/~$150 .

What exactly is a ground based recorder?
Well, not exactly... you *must* start recording on an Aiptek camera, else it will auto switch off after one minute of inactivity. And no more video stream... imagine that happens while you are in flight out of line of sight, and the card becomes full...

A ground based recorder is a device allowing record of the downlink video stream on a magnetic/optic/electronic media. A camcorder featuring AV in, for example.
Jul 07, 2009, 03:10 PM
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Jul 07, 2009, 03:16 PM
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but does anyone know if the Toshiba Camileo s10 camcorder will record with the screen folded up ( closed ) ?
The P10 will if you remove the little Neo magnet from the display (run your nail across the seam and it'll pop open), not sure about the S10, but I guess they used a similar approach.


Jul 07, 2009, 04:55 PM
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Jul 08, 2009, 09:23 AM
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Today my Aiptek ahd C100 arrives. I open up the package and it is very compleet, with 1gb sd card, tripod, savety back and the cables. You can choose if this camera automaticly shuts down after 1,3 or 5 minutes, even turn it off. So it stays on till the battery is empty. If you let the lcd screen open for just 1cm it wont turn off and you wont have to take out the little magnet.

Im going to connect to camera to my 10mw transmitter, lets see if he turns off when signal is lost for a second. I let you guys know.

So i got the av cable of my camera with a white/red/yellow connector, and I got black/red/yellow connectors on my 10mw transmitter. You said black and yellow are for the video and Vtx only, but where do I have to connect to black connector on? Or do I only need to connect the yellow to yellow?
Jul 08, 2009, 03:47 PM
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Rockboy, be safer to open the lcd right open, flip it round, and close with the screen facing outwards, that way there is no chance of it turning off, i hate to think what happens if your flying via the camera, and what ever you have holding it open by a few mm slips... eek.

In regards to AV colours......
I was taking about the colours of the individial wires going into the typical Video Transmitter.
So looking at wire colors, Black and yellow is needed to feed video to the transmitter.

HOWEVER, your talking about RCA conectors, lol.
So with AV connectors, the Video OUT is always YELLOW.

For the Audio, its normally
RED RCA plug for Right audio chanel
WHITE RCA plug for Left audio chanel.

In some caces, if ONLY the white is used, then Left and Right are mixed together into WHITE to convert Stereo to MONO audio.

Normally the RCA plugs are ditched by most people.

when doing so, the Camera lead with the YELLOW RCA plug is cut !
The inner wire (this can be white or yellow, or other colour ) goes to the YELLOW wire on the Video Tx
And the outer ground mesh or wire goes to BLACK wire on the ground.

Seperately, your Video Tx need to recieve POWER from somewhere, so thats what the RED wire on the Video Tx is for.
So, supply power to Video Tx seperate from video source, however, the Negative black wire is shared with the camera and seperate power source.

Sorry, im making this sound so complicated, its incredibly simple, just darn hard to explain......

Im sure there is some simple diagrams somewhere showing the wiring setup?

Initially, if everything has RCA conectors, stick with that for now, and ONLY Plug the YELLOW RCA from Camera to your Video Tx.

Jul 08, 2009, 05:56 PM
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Hey wobby, thanks for the information, I do understand it now. Its all clear for me now.

But one thing, im a little bit disappointed about the HD quality of the Aiptek AHD C100.. The quality of moving objects are a bit blurred. The DVD resolution isnt that good at all. Ive changed the settings a bit too, but the stabilizer didnt help so much. You keep seeing those blurred things on your screen. I tested it on my HDready Plasma TV and my computer on a sunny day. I still have 2 weeks to bring it back to the store, maybe I go for the Aiptek HD ahd 200. But whats the diffrent? If somebody recommend me an other hd camera, go on, tell me please.

Thank you and regards
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Jul 09, 2009, 12:34 AM
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I kind of hinted at this already, the only camera worth buying in this price range would be the Aiptek discussed here or the Toshiba Camileo P10. Get it at at the link below:


Jul 09, 2009, 01:08 AM
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Is the Gewicht 148 kg real ?
In this case I'll pass it, my ULM is limited to 90Kg, lol.
Jul 09, 2009, 07:13 AM
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146kg's, boy that is heavy, i see that in the specs, lol.

The AHD 100,200,300,600,700 are all CMOS based cameras.
Ive never had the A-HD 100, but it is obviously the least capable camera.
However, even the latest offerings, dont like fast panning too much, the relatively narrow angle lense makes panning appear even worse.
With a .6 Wide angle conversion lense, panning issues all but go away.

Being able to record at 60 fps in some resolutions on the newer cameras, 300,600,700 helps somewhat as well, but ultimately, not much you can do with 60fps video, to post on youtube, you go back to 30fps, so every second frame is lost, and the jerky effect on fast motion/panning will appear again.
Vimeo uses 24fps, that you loose every second frame from 60fps, then some more are dropped.

The biggest other problem is that NOT MANY computers can play back HD video smoothly, programs like QUICKTIME totally destroy the quality, and make a very jerky playback, most other players do a better job, but rememebr, most computers will stuggle to play back smoothly.

Playing from camera direct to HD television is the only way to tell how good the video really is, as the built in player in the camera does play back to TV nice and smooth.

The CARD you use is important too, make sure you get a CLASS (6) card for any camera you end up settling on.

You Mention AHD 100 has Image Stabalizer???, are you sure ?, only the AHD 600,700 have that as far as i know. in the USA the 600,700 Cameras go by the name of GVS, , that stands for Gyro Video Stabalizer. The US Models dont use the AHD600, 700 product id.

The Toshiba Camileo Sander links too, would be similar to the AHD 700 or GVS, with the difference being the Toshiba has a CCD instead of CMOS.

As far as i'm concerned, none of the Aiptek cameras have hit the sweet spot yet, i find that the Image Stabalisation at 60fps is great on the new Aipteks, but the loss of quality is very apparent to me. video looks very compressed to achieve 60fps.

BTW, if recording on these cameras, DO NOT bump up the EXPOSURE, doing so really slows these camera down, i think the image proccessing in the camera really struggles to keep up.
Same applies to night shot, make sure night shot is turned OFF, otherwize you end up with slow jerky BLURY video.

Jul 09, 2009, 10:10 AM
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wobby...I disagree in some points here
what computer are you running?

you need at least a 2chip intel 2ghz to run the video smooth (I agree this sucks)
my videos run with true 60frames a sec on my computer panning is even sharper as on the usulal 60intelaced frames the kx cameras do

the ahd 100 has same quality as all others fixed focus cams...but no 720/ quality is the 720p/30 in my opinino there is no need to put a more expensive camera in your plane

inshort...I am really happy with the aiptek 100...but as long as cant have the lens mod extension cable its useless for my plane

hint..hint...any progress out there???
Jul 09, 2009, 10:52 AM
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Mmmmmm, dilemma!! Maybe ill keep it, becuase the quality on youtube between the ahd or other camera's isnt that big. And for FPV its probably good enough.
Pathscherpofel, do you fly with the aiptek c100 on your plane? Do you have any video's you can show me:P?
My SD card is a extrememory 1gb with 4.1mb/sec. Thats probably enough right?
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Jul 09, 2009, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Patscherpofel
wobby...I disagree in some points here
what computer are you running?
lol, Pat, you give me a good laugh, you're not disagreeing, i think are agreeing with what i said ?

Yeah, i got fast computers, dont worry about that, lol, I write 3D graphics visualisation software for a living, lol

Yes, no point going higher than 720p at 30fps, if youtube is the final destination.

Ive not had the AHD100, could be Rockboy you may have had exposure turned up, or night shot turned on, both those do whack things, especially bluring and stepping.
The card you have probably be fine.

As for bitrate, theses newer camera DO drop the bitrate down to nearly half when doing 60fps, the quality loss is really obvious, under 2Mbps for HD is NOT ON in my book, lol

Just a heads up, once you start flying with PAN/TILT on these cameras with headtracking, you will need to have WIDE angle, these cameras do not handle fast motion too well with the stock narrow fov lense.
Ive been flying Headtracking P/T with Aipteks since my first AHD200, can not say that im that happy with the results so far.
These cameras work best FIXED in place on a really slow flying smooth plane on a day with NO WIND, lol.

On a side note, some of the earlier digital cameras say they do 30fps, but if you go into an editing program, and step through 30 frames one by one, you will see the camera DOES NOT do 30 individual frames, some frames are repeated to fudge the framerate.

Easy to test, do a very short 1~2 second recording panning at a fixed speed.
Open in edit software, and step though the frames one by one, and see what you see, lol.

Ive noticed the new model camera is using a new trick, instead of repeating whole frames, it does another naughty trick instead, lol


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