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Sep 12, 2014, 11:36 AM
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Hi Steve,

You are right, I made a mistake measuring it...

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Nov 14, 2014, 05:05 PM
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inside the Loc8tor

Here are some Picture from the inside.

there are 3 metal bands like a Yagi going from middle to front guess thats the Antenna, its inside the board.

i try to get better Picture in the next day's.

PS: If you want complain about the Quality feel free to send me a Digital Camera or make some yourself....
Nov 14, 2014, 11:25 PM
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IA-Flyer's Avatar
Thanks for the inside pics.
This sure worked good with my cat this year!
Nov 27, 2014, 10:51 AM
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some more Picture from the inside
Mar 12, 2015, 06:16 PM
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alexgorbatchev's Avatar
Curious if anyone made an progress on this?
Jun 23, 2015, 03:13 PM
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Loc8tor on Radian UMX

Hi Flyers,
I just picked up the loc8tor. It is perfect I believe for my application on Park Flyers. I do have a Distance-RC beacon for further out. I am going to try the Loc8tor tag in my UMX Radian. I figure if it can carry the FPV gear in the new model it could carry this tag.

I like to fly the Radian right out of my back door. I have many obstacles in my yard and large trees, hayfields, forests and water nearby.

I would have tried it already but the wind and rain here just kicked up as I was going out the door. I did lose a UMX Radian this spring downwind. I understand that nose down into the ground would have been better but that was not practical. With large trees in my backyard your field of view is limit sometimes.

If anyone has already tried this please tell me what you think or even if you didn't try it.
Jun 24, 2015, 08:49 AM
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Loc8tor works great on UMX Radian

Well, I got the answer to my question this morning. The Loc8tor lite works great on my UMX Radian. I thought it would because I know the Radian can carry the micro FPV setup.

It flew very well and had no problem climbing to altitude or getting out of tight spots. As far as gliding goes it seemed fine. It was a little windy for me and a little moisture in the air (almost rain). The air was bumpy and there appeared to be a few MPH of wind at altitude. These are the conditions in which I lost a different Radian a couple of months ago.

I believe the glide was comparable with/without the tag attached though it is hard to tell. These are not thermal conditions.

I simply hooked the elastic band that comes with the Tag around the fuselage and used packing tape to secure the tag. Now that I know it works I am going to cut out a little of the fuse on the edges of the tag so that it will set down in the battery cutout. With the battery all the way to the rear everything balances out perfectly.

Yesterday I asked my wife to hide my Bloody Wonder somewhere outside. We have almost 2 acres of yard and many obstacles such as forest, bushes,buildings,pond,etc.

When I tried to find it with the locator it kept directing me to inside my house. As it turns out I had selected the tag for my Radian by mistake and it sent me right there (loc8tor comes with 2 tags). After I selected the tag that was on my Bloody Wonder correctly I found it in just a couple of minutes! I could not have done that without the loc8tor.

I am very pleased. One tag will stay permanently on my UMX Radian and the other will circulate among my other planes.
Jun 24, 2015, 12:04 PM
488's Avatar
Good going. The Loc8tor has it's uses but unfortunately, I found the range to be too short for my liking. If your model goes down in thick brush or tall grass (with the tag low to the ground) then the range is cut down substantially as the grass/trees will add extra attenuation. I prefer using UHF RDF beacons but for very short range, the Loc8tor has it's uses.

Glad it has worked well for you.

Jul 07, 2015, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by 488
Don't remember where exactly I got mine. I picked up about 5 of them some 10 years ago when I was experimenting with 2.4 GHz FM video links. The feed points came with either N-type connectors or SMA. Just google "24db WiFi antenna" and you'll see lots of these antennas pop up. Easy to find.


Would is work with a 5.8ghz 24dbi grid antenna....maybe just with less range? Its a lot more portable.
Jul 14, 2015, 02:09 PM
488's Avatar
Yes that will work; just at a reduced gain.

Jul 15, 2015, 08:52 AM
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Loc8tor Fun

Hi Flyers,
I have one Loc8tor tag mounted on my UMX Radian which I leave on it. I have many trees and high hay fields near my house. I feel confident flying right out my back door with this setup.

The other tag I circulate between my planes which are park flyer foamies. I don't worry about which plane I leave it on because it is easy to find with the remote. The other day I was looking for the tag in my house with the remote. I just could not figure it out. I was getting a signal on the remote but it was not strong like it would normally be.

Also if I tried to go in any direction it either stayed the same or if I just extended my arm the signal just got a little worse.After about 10 minutes I still could not figure out what was wrong.

My wife said,"What are you doing?" After I explained it to her she said, "Did you look in your pocket?"

She always knows where everything is!!

BTW, I also use a beacon for longer distance locating. I think both are very helpful.
Jul 27, 2015, 02:57 PM
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Another Loc8tor success (long)

Whoo Hoo,
I have used my Loc8tor several times to find planes more quickly. I have lots of trees, brush, and high hay in my flying areas.I never really know if maybe I would have found them quickly without the Loc8tor.

This weekend was different. I was at a Model Air Show in Phelps , NY. Great time flying and camping for 3 days. The Sky Rovers put on a GREAT event.
Later in the evening my buddy and I were both flying our UMX Radians after all the other activity had ceased. Plenty of room, great conditions. I was momentarily distracted by a nearby quad copter. Also I decided at that time to look at the timer on my transmitter.

When I looked back up to my plane it would not respond correctly. After a little back and forth with my friend I realized I was looking at HIS plane and NOT my own Radian. I probably took me about 30 to 45 sec to figure this out.

After that I could not find my Radian in the sky or on the ground. I had only a rough heading of where I thought it might have gone. I got out my Loc8tor light without any real hope of getting a signal. I did not get a signal so we headed down the road which leads out of the flight field.

About 1/8 mile down the road we got the first signal. I was ecstatic.I KNEW now that it could be found. To make a very long story shorter here is what happened.

Several people were using the Loc8tor as we got weary during the search. There were very dense areas to work through . We would go down the road instead of following the signal directly because the terrain was so difficult.

Finally I determined that it was directly above me in a very tall tree surrounded by other trees but close to the road. No one could see it from any angle. Finally Tim P. from the local club climbed the tree looking for the plane. He could not see it either!!

I am guessing he climbed 30 feet up. He climbed down and got the Loc8tor device from me and climbed back up in the tree. Not until he had all of the lights on the Loc8tor lit did he just barely see the plane in another major branch of the tree. Everyone was very excited. He had to climb down once more and ascend another portion of the tree. After much branch shaking the plane was finally with his reach and he brought it down.

I think the Loc8tor folks will be having some more orders soon. There have been many planes permanently lost at this field. Many people were very impressed with our adventure.

I measured the distance with my motorbike the next day. The UMX Radian was 1/3 mile (as the crow flies) from where I was flying it. I didn't measure where we got our first signal but was probably at least half of that. Even MORE impressive was that when we were right underneath the plane we still could not see (even when someone climbed the tree).

I was very lucky (that is my style) but luck alone would NEVER have found this plane.

Jul 27, 2015, 04:25 PM
488's Avatar
That's awesome Bruce. Yes they are handy for distances you encountered. Wish I put one on one of my TBS Disco Pro's. It's somewhere on my property, just not sure where (lost over a year ago).

I had ordered two more tags recently so they should be here any day. Don't let the batteries die on those. I have two tags laying around the house 'somewhere' but the batteries must be dead cause I can't loc8te them

BTW, loved the story about the tags in the pocket. You must be my long lost twin brother....

Sep 11, 2015, 03:11 AM
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angelo.p's Avatar
Originally Posted by Derk_L
Hi there,

After removing some parts from a budget wifi 2.4GHz yagi
antenna, I tried to put my loc8tor plus on it.
The result is very good, the receiver 'count'(?) went from
35 to 45 on average!
I attached a picture, the red arrows points are in line with
each other.
Maybe someone has suggestions, maybe it's better to move
it? Thanks in advance!

Hello, I receive today mine.
I don't understand if you have connected your tag to the yagi or only put it on.
Thank you
Sep 22, 2015, 01:51 AM
Full-Blown RC Junkie
Snowboard_Nut's Avatar
I just ordered one of these from HobbyKing to put on my micro Diatone Blade 150 Quad. What pushed me to buy this Loc8or system was the fact that when my quad went down in a marsh with tall weeds I literally couldn't see it when it was just 2 feet in front of me because of it's incredibly small size. I plan to install the tag into a balloon and then tie the balloon to add some element of waterproofness to the tag in case it takes multiple days to ever find something out in the woods so that the tag would still work should it rain one of those nights.

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