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Oct 01, 2008, 12:44 PM
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PSS fest 2009 project. P-40B's and the AVG

It's Oct. 1st, 1941 and Gen Claire Chennault needs your help defending the good people of China from Japanese oppression.

Piolts will be paid $600.00/mo plus $200.00 for each enemy plane shot down.

Or so the call went.

I would like to see if there is enough interest in building an entire squadron of American Volunteer Group, AVG, Flying tigers. We would need 12 planes minimum, that is two flights of six. A full strength squad would be four flights of six, but I can't imagine that.

Finding twelve builder/pilots might be tough, but fun if they are out there.

I promise the wing and tail tips will be accurate by PSS FEST 2009, but plane Number one is complete.

Pilot/builder list

Minhuahua = 23, med wing
One Left = 58, med wing,
DWA = 68, light wing, fuse #1
av8soulfly = 23, built his own years ago.
Wr. Mizzard = 45, med wing, fuse #12
Rockbus = 2.4, med wingfuse #3

Alpha Flight complete!

Pismo = 41, med wingfuse #2
The End = 14, med wing. fuse #4
Butch = ??, light wing. fuse #5
Fooesboy = 82, light wing fuse #00

Hangfräse = 64 , light wing[/COLOR] fuse #6
Endless Sloper = 16 , CSD kit.

Bravo flight complete

Howsthewind = 11, med wing, fuse #8
DoubleTAP - 56, med wing
mtnmstr = 2.4, fuse #10
IRJ = 59, med wing, fuse #11

Nauga = 52, med wing, fuse #13
Prplgoat = 56, med wing

Delta flight now forming

fcbflyer = 34, light wing,
Jeff in So Cal = 46
kpeevyhouse = 2.4, med wing fuse #7
Tom = 39, med. wing
Dawson = 60, med. wing
Smarmby = ??, light wing.

Echo flight

TwinBoom. = 50
Dennis, lil mtn. flyer = ??
Don, lil mtn. flyer = ??
Dave B., lil mtn. flyer = ??
John, lil mtn. flyer = ??
Garry, lil mtn. flyer = ??
Imdji, lil mtn. flyer= ??, light wing, fuse #9
mdine1us, = ??, med wing.
neil Walker = ??, med wing.




Every Sat. this moth is ok.

So open build times.


Sat 22nd-
Sun 23rd-

Fri 28th-
Sun 39th-


Sat 6th-

Sat 13th-
Sun 14th-

Then Holiday schedule in effect, building all the time, possibly.


I still need to know what channel you fly on, and "LIGHT" or "MED" wing construction, see post #201
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Oct 01, 2008, 02:17 PM
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I'm in. I already have my P-40 done too! with correct tips and tails! It's even painted! All it needs is some FREAKIN' WIND!!!!!!
Oct 01, 2008, 02:47 PM
Is it DS'able?
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Would this mean more Thursday build nights at Dave's place? I'm in despite my lack of experience in building these kind of planes... especially if you're gonna pay me $600/mo

Who's uncle flew with the Flying Tigers
Oct 01, 2008, 04:28 PM
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In 1941 Chinese currency.

Experience/talent not required. I have a mold, we can schedule individual or group build sessions. We can do the major steps here and then "homework" before the next session here.

We have plenty of time. Start date Oct 18th, and finish date May 16th, give us 30 weeks. Keep in mind we will work as a group but "AT YOUR OWN PACE" on your own plane.

It's "OLD SCHOOL" but they do fly, and survive landings at Fermin. These will be glass fuses, foam core wings, sheeted with 1/32" ply and glassed. I'm using Brian Lairds advice and we should get 40 to 50 oz fliers, with wing loading around 15 to 20oz/ft.

Of course each builder can opt for a more stout build. El Cajon is not the softest of LZ's.
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Oct 01, 2008, 04:30 PM
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One More Volunteer

Just one more volunteer and we will have one flight, and half of a squadron.

Thanks Rob. We may even get to fly as a squadron, imagine how confusing that will be!!!!!
Oct 01, 2008, 04:54 PM
Go fast, turn hard
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You the Man!

Its this kind of thread that makes this place FUN!

I can't make the trip, but my P-40 will carry the Flying Tiger's finish. I went to high school with Chenault's grand-daughter.

I just got the wings ready to glass in the morning. I am going scale down to the round fairings on the bottom that housed the LG jack-screws. I need to find some balsa dowling for this if I can.

Post pictures of the squadron when you can. It's great to see others opening their shop and pitching in. I live for the build nights we have here where people can stretch themselves a bit and try new things or just share a better way.

go for it!

Oct 01, 2008, 06:25 PM
Surf's up!!
sixty9mustang's Avatar
Hey Great Idea
If I was there I would participate. Since I probably won't be able to afford the travel to SoCal next year I will just watch with enjoyment. I built a couple of 1/48 scale P-40's quite awhile back, and will submit these for support.

Great thread

Oct 01, 2008, 10:44 PM
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Can you guys schedule weekend build nights? Its too far for me to drive up on weekdays. If so count me in.

Will you supply the material and we just pay you or?

Can we build extra stout fuses.

Oct 01, 2008, 11:54 PM
Embrace the suck
nauga's Avatar
Cool idea Dave. The formation will be a sight to behold
I'm not able to join in, but maybe I can help with cores.

who will continue his Vietnam-era Navy theme
Oct 02, 2008, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by rockbus

Can you guys schedule weekend build nights? Its too far for me to drive up on weekdays. If so count me in.

Will you supply the material and we just pay you or?

Can we build extra stout fuses.

Yes we can do weekend builds.

Maybe a few SD guys can car pool.

Ray I have enough material to start you off and we will work out the rest as we go.

Each builder/pilot can lay-up and build to his own desired goals, they do not all have to be identical weights, just identical looks.
Oct 02, 2008, 12:24 AM
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So any more takers???

Pilot/builder list

One Left
Wr. Mizzard

Alpha Flight complete!

Now forming Bravo flight.
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Oct 02, 2008, 01:08 AM
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Here ya go Dave, all fixed!
Oct 02, 2008, 01:44 AM
Jim in San Diego
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I am very interested in this project and in a carpool up to build sessions on the weekends. James & Ray PM or call if you'd like to discuss.

30 weeks for a project is not helping me Dave. remember, I'm the guy with planes that sit for 8 months :/ I'm hoping all of the pressure of build nights will keep me going. If not, I'll sell the partial to Louie

Oct 02, 2008, 02:34 AM
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We're gonna have to get jackets...

I'm up for carpooling.

When do we start laying up figerglass???
Oct 02, 2008, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by TFLG
Here ya go Dave, all fixed!

That looks much better. Now can you stop by sand them round and touch up the paint for me?

I'll sort them out before Maiden this weekend, wind allowing.

If you want we can start this Sat.

You will each need to bring a 1/4" thick balsa sheet, and one piece of 1/4"x1/4" bass or spruce for tails.

We can lay-up a fuse and start building tail feathers. If we run the poly-resin hot we might get two laid up.

We will also put together parts/supply lists.

Jim, don't worry about the build pace too much. Yes we will be RUSHED in the end, burning midnight oil, that is just how the PSS FEST is when you are building for it, but we do have time. I know some of the squad will have been in the air long before the event. Besides are you saying if you finish the first one early you won't consider building a second?

Ray Jackets with the CHITs would be a little over the line for me. I stopped wearing uniforms when Uncle Sam said "thanks for your service soldier, now go home." I won't even wear matching outfits at the wife's request.

To anybody reading this, there is no requirement that you have experience in building. I will do my best to teach you the basics, and you will learn so much more by actually putting your hands into a build. In the end you will find that these kinds of planes are not a difficult to build as it seems.

It was REED'S refusal to sell complete Jarts thus encouraging others to scratch build, that got me going. I didn't jump in alone, I was too intimidated, so I found a teacher VIC G. one of the OG's. He took to JOHN D's and even more old OG. I still feel like I need to send more builder/pilots into the world to say thanks.


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