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Apr 24, 2001, 12:48 PM
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Cap-232 vs. Giles G-200 vs. Extra 300

If one were to compare these three designs and they were built with comparable sizes and/or wing loadings and the power plants and cell count were the same, what would be the difference in flight characteristics?

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Apr 24, 2001, 02:18 PM
Visitor from Reality
Another idle thought on another idle day.

For the Next Big One, I'm going to cheat and scale a current FAI pattern ship down a tad to meet a 600 - 700 watt / 20 cell package. These are designed to be neutral first, looks second as they don't have to imitate a full size.

For one thing, my CAP is 7.5" wide over the cowl, mostly empty space. I can live with a skinny model!

Rumour has it, an OFB of mine is publishing his 2M FAI pattern ride soon in England. It has an all-wood frame, which lends the design to scaling down to around 600 squares and adapting to a 40 oz fuel tank. It also has a fixed UC on the fuselage - much easier than retracts.

Will have to see how it goes, but it could be like Todd Long's "Dream" minus the sticker shop.

With a site like ours, the ground handling of the Four Star is a real plus that wins out over cool looks and a tendency to end landing runs inverted.


Apr 24, 2001, 04:01 PM
Time for me to Fly...
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I think an electric pattern ship would be nice. I wonder if any of the new .50 sized ARF pattern planes out there would convert well?......might be worth a look.

Apr 25, 2001, 01:00 AM
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Here's my opinion from what I know about these airframes:
Assuming all perfectly built and set up, virtually none! It's all about pilot preference, and how your skills translate with each airframe. There's good reason you see a mix of each in formal competition, they each can exceed the skill level of most pilots!
Apr 25, 2001, 01:03 AM
Visitor from Reality
You really have to qualify that by adding the size and kit.

The ones I know something of are the GP CAP 232 and Giles 202 which have both been electrocuted. From AnnMarie Cross at GP, the CAP is the extrovert 3D machine, happier at radical maneuvres, while the Giles is more suited to smoother, flowing flight styles.

Like, the Giles she built is probably better suited to electric power than the CAP I did.

Extras - something like the Ford Taurus of the aerobatic world

Generally speaking, pick the one you like the look of and build it as light as possible. If you're BARFing around the 46 glow bracket, find the lightest start point "kit", use those new 2000 nimh and consider a Maxcim set-up so you don't have to haul a RX pack.

These are not models that improve with additional weight. AnnMarie got her Giles down to a couple of ounces less than GP's prototype OS90 four cycle powered ditto and it would fly torque rolls.


Apr 25, 2001, 01:20 AM
Time for me to Fly...
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There are some pretty big differences in my opinion. The Cap exhibits quite a bit of roll coupling and requires alot more time to dial in than say an Extra 300L. I never really liked my Cap. I always felt like I was on one side or the other of proper trim, without ever hitting the nail on the head. It was a very capable machine, but it wasn't to my likeing.

The Giles flys very nice and smooth, but still I prefer the patternship-like handleing of the Extra 300L. If you go the the 300S it handles a very similar to the Giles....smoother than the Cap, but not as smooth as the 300L.

I haven't yet flown my Edge, but I'm expecting a very good pattern-like handling IMAC ship.