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Sep 24, 2008, 08:37 PM
Retired RC Flyer
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Pulse XT 25e


E-Flite Pulse XT 25e, Power 25 Motor, Phoenix 60 amp esc, AR6200, HT225MG servos, 52 in wingspand. Well, she' built, roughtly 5 hrs not bad.

Now for the bad stuff! Following the instruction on glueing wing halfs together leaves a gap between the wings of between 1/32 to 1/16 of a inch. Not good, would have to redrill and glue wing dowel pins and wing mounting bolt holes to correct.

All hinged surfaces are factory done, this is nice except for the fact that they are to close (air gap) and whatever they used for hinges they are to tight. All control surfaces are hard to move and have limited travel. I've been moving them back and forth and trying to free them up, maybe with time they will free up.

Battery compartment is tight, height wise. My 3200 3c will fit but my 4200 3c of 4200 4c will not fit height wise. Will try to grind some off the inside of the hatch cover to get my 4200 3c in it.

It took some sanding on the airframe to get the bolt on tail to align with the wing.

Other than those mentioned things every thing else went smooth with no probs, which is goog LOL.

Now if the wind will ever stop blowing here in Jacksonville I will Maiden this thing. Pictures included showing probs I had.


PS. 3 lbs 11oz Flying weight.

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Sep 24, 2008, 09:19 PM
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I'm thinking about getting this plane sometime next year. I love my mini Pulse.

The covering trimming looks a 'lil rough around the inside wing halves. My last EFlite plane was a Mini Pulse purchased about a year ago, and the covering was almost perfect (better than I would have done anyway).

Have you built many EFlite ARFs before this? If so, any comments on the their overall covering/build quality between a couple years ago and this plane?

Sep 24, 2008, 09:28 PM
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Nice looking plane. I was looking at that exact one until I found out how much batteries cost to fly it. Now I am flying glow for those size planes.

Sep 26, 2008, 03:23 PM
Retired RC Flyer
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Pulse XT 25e



Well the wind finnally let up enough to maiden the E-Flite Pulse XT 25e today.

Start taxi down runway, add throttle, whoa, wait a minute, ground loop. Shes a little hard to hold straight on take off. 5/8 throttle up she goes. Climb to 100 feet turn back towards me, no probs. Well lets see, what's needed to trim her out. Wait, nothing, straight and level just the way she is. Slow roll nice a little slow switch to higher rate, a little better, still needs to roll faster. Nice loops, no probs. Loops nice even on slow rate. Invert, add just a bit down elevator fls level. A little more down aand she does a nice inverted loop and rolls back level. Try knife edge, not quite, needs more rudder and she will. Try hover, she sits there for a sec add throttle and she climbs out, even with the 25 motor.

Time to land after a couple fly bys. Chop throttle, she doesn't like to slow down. Make final turn glide in. She sets down 1 small bounce and does a ground loop. Got to try to figure out what's going on with this taxing prob.

No probs at all flying her, great sport plane. Will not 3d like my N300EX Extra but it's not a 3d plane.

3 or 4 more flights and I'll put the floats on her and try that.

All in all a great flying airplane, just need to get more throw on control surfaces so how.



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