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Feb 12, 2003, 10:44 PM
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I think I'm getting an SS but I need help

This will be my first plane but I've been reading up on my options for quite a while now. I decided not to go with any of the 'birds i.e. firebird, fighterbird, etc b/c I want something that will have transferrable parts and will help me make the step up later.
It seems like my best option is the Slow Stick.

So with that in mind, how much do you guys think it will cost for the plane and everything needed in the end? I don't want to go too hi tech since I just want to get my feet wet and make sure I'm really into this hobby even though I'm pretty sure I will be.

Can you give me a list of what all I need and what type you think is best for me? Such as the transmitter(what one and why?), battery pack and charger, servos(how many?) , other things I might need.

I've been flying on FMS for a while to get used to the whole opposite direction when coming at you thing and just how R/C's handle.

Thanks for your help
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Feb 12, 2003, 11:02 PM
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Rather than give you a long list and a bunch of options you can do a search for Slow Stick and spend a week researching or just send a email to the contact at:
and tell him what you want and that you want a inexpensive system and he'll make the proper recommendations! If you want to then post the suggested system we'll be glad to comment!
Feb 12, 2003, 11:18 PM
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Well, I plan on buying it at the LHS but it's about an hr away. I know they will give me reccomendations there but I'd like to have some input from others before I go in there with an actual purchase in mind. For instance, I don't know the name brands now but the last time I was in there and asking about options they had quite a few transmitters starting at $60 but the guy for some reason insisted that I shouldn't get anything cheaper than the $200 one they had.
I would feel bad about emailing the guy for a recommendation only to go buy from my LHS.

I have done a search on SS's but I never found anything that said the complete parts list or anything for a beginner and I want to just make sure I don't forget anything.
Feb 12, 2003, 11:25 PM
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Another problem is that I've read a lot of threads that say "plan on spending at least $400 to get started in this hobby" and I don't see how that adds up. For instance, looking at www.allerc.com if I bought the plane and one of the flight packs and a charger with an extra set of batteries, that shouldn't be more than $200 should it? Would I be missing something that I need?
Feb 13, 2003, 01:20 AM
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Originally posted by chopper320
Another problem is that I've read a lot of threads that say "plan on spending at least $400 to get started in this hobby" and I don't see how that adds up. For instance, looking at www.allerc.com if I bought the plane and one of the flight packs and a charger with an extra set of batteries, that shouldn't be more than $200 should it? Would I be missing something that I need?
Here's what you need:
Speed Control= go for a 10 amp brake or no brake and I like a on/off switch on the control
Servos= Hitec 55, 81's or GWS pico or Naro's You need 2
Flight pack= I like 8 NiMH capacity from 800 to 1200 (Get 2)
Battery charger that can charge NiMH batteries and should go down to .8 amp for the first charge.
Transmitter= The best you can afford otherwise you'll be buying a better one very soon and if you don't stay in the Hobby you can sell a good one and get a lot of your money back! I would go for at least a Hitec Flash 5X or better
You will need connectors to match your escape and motor hookup
and of course a Slow Stick!
Foam safe CA glue Thick and thin
Clear packing tape
5 minute epoxy
Exacto Knife with #11 blades and some single edge razor blades come in handy
Long nose pliers
and that should pretty well do it!
The Hobby shop should be able to fill in anything else if they are any good!
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Feb 13, 2003, 07:58 AM
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I'd echo what boomer has posted, especially regarding a transmitter. I was in the position of having to go as inexpensive as possible, so I was going to get a cheap 3-channel radio. In the end, I waited a couple weeks until I could afford the Flash 5sx, and I'm glad I did. The additional model memories alone is about to become very useful, and since my second plane is a mini-ifo, I need the mixing functions.

Also, I would strongly consider ordering online. I know that there are some great LHS's, and I've found one I like and try to use whenever I can justify it, but I saved a ton by shopping online--part of the reason I could get the better tx! Be careful, too, because the first LHS I went to has very high prices; I'm sure newcomers drop a lot of cash there before realizing how overpriced they are.

There are lots of threads on specific recommendations. This is a fairly recent one:

What to order? Soup to nuts

You won't go wrong with the SS and like boomer said, a tx like the flash 5 will have a decent resale value if you find the hobby is not for you.

Feb 13, 2003, 08:04 AM
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I just e-mailed a buddy of mine to help him configure his order for Slowstick & accessories. Here's the text of the e-mail.


Let's see. For starters, you need:

- The Slowstick kit. $35.

- Two batteries: I have the stick-shaped, NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride) 8
cell, 800 mAh (800 milli-Amp-hour) rated batteries @$28 ea. Each of these
batteries give me about 12-15 minutes of flying on the SS, which is a lot.
(I have NiCd batteries for my Speed 400 planes.)

- A battery charger. I have the Watt-Age PF-12. $50 or so. The Watt-Age
PF-12 can be plugged into an AC wall socket or a car battery (for at-field
charging). It is fully automatic and charges both NiCd and NiMh batteries.
Nice and easy to use.

- A good transmitter with at least 4 channels. Don't buy a cheapie
($50-$100). Get one of the more advanced transmitters now that has mixing
for v-tails, elevons, rudder/aileron, end-point-adjustment, exponential
mixing (to make the joystick less sensitive around the center point), servo
reversing, multi-model memory. I have the Hitec Flash 5X and I like it very
much. It's saved me a ton of problems but there was a learning curve
involved. The transmitter will come with a battery (mine is NiCd) that you
can charge with the battery charger. Tx cost: about $140? (I bought mine
with a 'glider pack' of 3 servos for $183 from Tower Hobbies.) Here's the


The HS-81 servos that came with my Hitec Flash 5x are a little heavier than
what you need for the SS but they are very usable here.

- Receiver and Servos. I've tried several receivers and the one that I can
wholeheartedly recommend is the Hitec 555. While you're getting that, you
can buy two Hitec HS-55 micro servos that are very light but still have
enough torque. The 555 is about $65 and the servos are $20-$23 or so each.

- Speed controller. You need a 10-amp Electronic Speed Controller (ESC).
I've been very happy with the Great Planes C-10 speed controller. The FMA
and the E-Flight weren't so good! Approx $30.

- You have to choose a 'channel' for the transmitter and the receiver.

- Get three extra props (11"x8") and an extra set of comparable wheels.


Of course you'll need all the incidental stuff - glue, tape, needle nose pliers, awls, etc.

Good luck!
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Feb 13, 2003, 08:44 AM
Ok, were is my plane?
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My 2 cents, You said you live 1 hr 1/2 away from LHS make sure to call them first to c if they have what u want. ask if they will match prices, Shop online http://www.horizonhobby.com/ Good place for Gws stuff. were the heck do you live anyway 1hr 1/2 to LHS . you don't need no smachy fancy radios. Just make sure its 72mhz FM. Do not get a AM radio ! I repeat DO NOT GET AM RADIO!! The Slow Stick is great parts is parts
Feb 13, 2003, 09:00 AM
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There's also ebay

If you're comfortable with it, there's also ebay -- you can pick up many of the components that you need (xmitter, etc.) pretty cheaply there. Then, as you progress, you can put them back & recover most of what you paid, esp. if you bought used.

Ebay is not for everyone, but I use it alot & have never been burned.

Feb 13, 2003, 11:38 AM
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I was just getting started as well and already have three planes!

Just getting to my maiden flights today with SlowStick and Beaver!

Here is my thread

The transmitter will probably (And should) cost you about as much as the SlowStcik setup with electronics and batteries.

BUT!!! if you buy a decent TX and decide you don't like the hobbie you could always sell it and get most of your money back. By everything cheap and your gonna take a big hit if you could sell it, or be stuck with it...

Just my 2 cents
Feb 13, 2003, 07:40 PM
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Here's how I did it. Bought a used Futaba conquest 4 ch radio on ebay for about 30.00. Bought a new Pico stick on ebay for 26.00. Bought a new GWS micro flight pack with rec. crystal on ebay for about 75.00. Put the thing together and went out and flew it fairly successfully the first time. I have other R/C stuff already but this was all for this particular project. This was my first real flight (other than control line and a little flight sim). If I can do it, it can't be that hard. Of course this thing flies really SLOW. I don't have a LHS nearby so do a lot of ebay.