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Feb 12, 2003, 10:23 AM
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Working bitchargers

In attempt to filter out the useful stuff from the huge bitcharger thread please post your WORKING model details here:

ANY questions about the modifications etc please make a new thread for, try to keep this one just for model posts.

Use the following format:

Brand or source of the car:
Modifications to Tx:
Modifications to Rx:
Antenna modifications:
Construction material:
Range of transmission:
Other details:

model Type:



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Feb 12, 2003, 01:00 PM
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Brand or source of the car: magic mart - micro x or xtreme or something (will look it up on huge thread)
Modifications to Tx: 9 volt w/7805 voltage regulator
Modifications to Rx: n channel fet(hanging garden style)
Antenna modifications: tx-none, rx-5.75" magnet wire
Construction material: sheet balsa 1/32"flying surfaces, 3/32"fuse
Range of transmission: ? over 80 ft
Other details: bifolar coil w flea hair sized magnet wire(from guitar coil)

WS: ~13"
AUW: ~20g
Motor: echarger(folks have recomended using a n-20,lv m-20 to extend my battery life w/direct drive prop)
Gearing: none (dont try this at home w echarger motor)
Prop: homemade w walmart craft slats(looks like mesquite) 2.75"
originally a skycruisers mini clone 3-1/8" cut down till motor stays warm instead of hot
Battery: 145 mah kokam lithium polymer
model Type: tractor - ralph bradley profile guided mite

Notes: i just came in from flying there was a little wind. i added trim tabs for up elevator(used to nose in when i released the throttle) and downthrust. i could just barely pulse the throttle and the thing would climb. the motor stayed off more than on
except when going downwind. on my 3rd successful flight with
any rc(all have been with this model) i went for a circle and landed the model in my hand. the 4th one i made a few circuits around the yard and the wind pulled it towards a truck tire and snapped the prop and seperated the wing. nothing a little glue wont fix. yipee!

The 1st picture has the homemade prop and direct drive echarger.
Pictures 3,4,5 has an e-charger motor with stock gearbox and prop this makes the current draw a little less but still is not satisfactory for 145mah lithium polymer
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Feb 12, 2003, 08:31 PM
For Sale-everything over 250 g

RC Minnow

Brand or source of the car: Motor Works (Walmart)
Modifications to Tx: none
Modifications to Rx: Remove LED and rewire
Antenna modifications: Rx 36" magnet wire
Range of transmission: Greater than 50 feet
Other details: Steering coil is from the car but the magnets are replaced with smaller stronger ones.

WS: 16"
AUW: 14 grams
Motor: Stock Motor Works
Gearing: 9.7:1
Prop: Ikara Butterfly
Battery: 145mAh Kokam Li-Poly
Model Type: Balsa and tissue laser cut kit.

Notes: Very easy to build and fly.
Feb 12, 2003, 09:25 PM
For Sale-everything over 250 g

No-Cal Corsair

Brand or source of the car: Thunderbolt Mini (Tx says Bensu on it)
Modifications to Tx: 9 volt and 7805 regulator, steering and motor channels switched
Modifications to Rx: lighter cap and a MOSFET
Antenna modifications: 32" Rx antenna
Range of transmission: greater than 50 feet
Other details: Reverse button lowers the tail hook and raises the elevator.

WS: 17.5"
AUW: 16.1 grams
Motor: 7 ohm pager
Gearing: 3:1
Prop: GWS 4025
Battery: 145 mAh Kokam Li-Poly
Model Type: Profile, balsa and tissue. Built from Paul Bradley plans.

Notes: Carrier takeoffs and landings on a ping pong table are a lot of fun!
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Feb 15, 2003, 12:51 PM
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Brand or source of the car: "Panther" Snow globe clone
Modifications to Tx: none
Modifications to Rx: forward transistor replaced by a FET
Antenna modifications: Tx none, Rx thin magnet wire, ca. 30 cm long
Construction material: all Depron
Range of transmission: huge (no problems in a 45 by 25m gym)
Other details: Motor wired between forward output and battery "+"

WS: 40 cm (15.7")
AUW: 18g (0.65 ounces)
Motor: Original indoor B2 (Mabuchi M20 ?)
Gearing: none
Prop: Original indoor B2
Battery: Kokam 145 mAh LiPoly
model Type: KIS (keep it simple)

The model should be a simple all-Depron design with a minimum of work as well as special knowledge, tools or materials required. Flies very well, slightly overpowered, must be pulsed to stay in level flight. Further improvements are a landig gear and a second motor output with 1 Ohm resistor in series to have a cruise setup. Drawings availiable under
it's a A4 paper scanned. I gave it swept wings and horizontal tailplane because no flaps have to fit in this parts. it looks like a swallow in flight, so I called it "Hirondelle" which is the french name of this bird.

Patrick Wegener
Team Klaustrophobia
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Feb 17, 2003, 11:58 PM
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Brand or source of the car: Precious(?) snow globe clone car
Modifications to Tx: 9 volts to RF section
5 volt regulator to TX2 chip
rewire switches to exchange motor and steering
Modifications to Rx: Steering coils wired in series to stock motor outputs, ZETEX ZXMN2A01F fets
substituted in (2 coil) steering outputs to drive motor, with a 2.35 ohm cruise resistor in the "left" output, for
two speeds.
Antenna modifications: 18" thin magnet wire
Construction material:
Range of transmission: more than 70', no problems in a standard gym.
Other details:

AIRPLANE A shameless copy of mcross here, a Minnow, with a couple of minor cosmetic changes.
WS: 16"
AUW: 14.9 grams
Motor: stock motor from car, (running in reverse i.e. CCW)
Gearing: 9.86:1 (stock car gears)
Prop: 4" K-sun rubber model prop, heavy at more than 1 gram, but it is sturdy and seems a good
match to the plane and motor
Battery: 145 Lipo
model Type: Stick & tissue rubber model

Notes: The model climbs and turns well, and flies for more then 30 minutes on one charge. With the
exception of the Lipo and the fets, all of the airborne power-train and electronics are from the car.
Feb 19, 2003, 04:23 AM
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Looking good, please keep posting your working combos. I'll cut this thread free now and start a new one on the tx.
Feb 19, 2003, 05:37 PM
Only nerd in the village
Brand or source of the car: Snow Globe - can't remember name
Modifications to Tx: 4 nicads, longer aerial, buttons rewired. Housed in stylish cardboard box.
Modifications to Rx: Replaced "Left" output transistor with IRLML2502 mosfet . Fits perfectly. Longer aerial
Antenna modifications: App. 3 times longer TX aerial (piano wire). App. 60cm RX aerial (magnet wire)
Range of transmission: At least 25 meters
Other details:

WS: 40cm
AUW: 19 grams
Motor: N-20 (49 cents from BG Micro)
Gearing: None - Direct Drive
Prop: GWS 2.5x0.8
Battery: 140mah LiPo
model Type:High wing cabin model

Notes: Uses forw/rev controls for BIRD type rudder. Climbs well even with small prop. Model is almost entirely from 4mm beaded styrofoam. 1mm carbon sticks for wing spar.
Feb 21, 2003, 09:46 PM
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Brand or source of the car: Motor Works
Modifications to Tx: Added antenna, 39" from RS spliced onto root of the existing antenna
Modifications to Rx: None
Antenna modifications: Rx -- about 24" of magnet wire
Construction material: 2 and 3 mm split F3, skeletonized
Range of transmission: About 60'
Other details: Hot glue throughout

WS: 23"
AUW: 22 g
Motor: N20 LV
Gearing: None
Prop: GWS 2510
Battery: K230
model Type: Sholder-wing pusher, scaled down Frog from

Mar 08, 2003, 02:20 PM
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Hi folks!

After reading a lot about the microsizer-flyers in your and german forums, I built one like this.
Many thanks for all the informations especially to Graham Stabler and in Germany to my friend Patrick Wegener, who posted a lot of informations on his homepage. After two nights of work my first prototype was ready to take off. It flies with a geared (1:10) B2 Bomber motor, a red "Günther" prop and 3x 50mah Sanyo cells. It worked fine, but it was a little too heavy, so I decided to reduce weight. After another two nights of hard work, the result was a improved and much lighter plane. Now I use a direct-drive motor with one lipoly cell. Flight duration takes now 8-10 minutes with plenty of power.The first picture shows my prototype, the other fotos the new plane. Take off weight is now 17,6gr.

Greeting from Vienna! FONSI

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Mar 20, 2003, 02:44 PM
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Brand/source of car: Mini Fit Snow Globe Clone, $10 at flea market.
Modifications to Tx: Popular 9V Tx mod, per RC-CAM site.
Modifications to Rx: Longer aerial, 25". Tweaked Rx coil.
Antenna modifications: None on Tx, 25" 40 AWG on Rx.
Range of transmission: 200-250 feet in open field.
Other details: Bitcharger's Motor H-Bridge output used on rudder actuator. PVN012 FET type SSR controls N20 motor (wired to car's "right turn" output). Transmitter's push button switches rewired to support switched controls (four cuts and jumps).

WS: 23 inch.
AUW: 1.9 ounces.
Motor: N-20.
Gearing: Direct.
Prop: GWS 3025.
Battery: LiPo, Plantraco 560mAH.
Model Type: Harbor Freight Free Fly (Sky Runner), $7 on sale. Shoulder wing pusher, pod and boom style. Upgraded to carbon boom, used only one vertical tail, stripped out battery/charge system to save weight.

RC-CAM's Construction Summary: Click me.
Related eZone Thread #1: Click me.
Related eZone Thread #2: Click me.
Related eZone Thread #3: Click me.

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Mar 29, 2003, 07:46 AM
RIP "Long Shadow Flyer"
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Brand or source of the car: Toys-R-US Micro RC pistol grip TX
Modifications to Tx: added 24" telescoping antenna
Modifications to Rx: added Opot isolator and FET for dual speed drive.
Antenna modifications: RX 24" thin wire
Construction material: Crosman's Visual Impact Target, Balsa, meat tray foam
Range of transmission: 100-150' Full range double gym
Other details: Rudder control, rear end of car glued to balsa stick acting as "servo" with pull pull strings. Wing is captured in balsa grips to allow CG adjustment...

WS: 27.5"
AUW: 73g 2.5oz
Motor: 2 N-20
Gearing: None
Prop: Gws 320
Battery: li-ion, (Nokia cell phone)
model Type: High Wing, Twin engine

Notes: Flys Ok for a heavy weight, and has a loud Buzzing sound.
Climbs slowly on High speed, will slowly drop on Low speed.
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Apr 16, 2003, 01:56 PM
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Hi guys, may this is the first conversion in Mexico, and this is very ilustrative and fun to do it.
Sourse of the car: Bensu
Modifications in tx.: 4 cells 800 mah Ni-Mh.
Modifications in rx.: Soldered extension for the enlarge the actuators coins.
Antenna modifications: Soldered 24" wire antenna.
Range of transmission: more than 50 ft.


W.S. 14"
AUW: 36 gms.
Motor: N20
Prop: Red prop 4" cuted to 2.5"
Battery: Bob Selman 145 mah Ni-Poly
Model type: Voisin Farman

All construction is balsa sheet 1/32 and 1/16 stick, 1/64 ply wheels, the front elevator is fixed for trim en is very response in glide, very stable and flat glide. Even is more complex to build than 1903 Wright Flyer, is more stable. How about an 14 bis ?
Apr 29, 2003, 01:54 PM
AMA 697691 / FAA 13675

Icara Hangar Rat Conversion

Brand or source of the car: Hobbico MicroSizer
Modifications to Tx: None
Modifications to Rx: None
Antenna modifications: None
Construction material:
Range of transmission: Indoor gym

WS: 19.5"
AUW: 0.9oz
Motor: KP-00
Gearing: 2.75:1
Prop: U-80
Battery: Kokam 145mAh Lithium
model Type: Icara Hangar Rat


For a full write-up on my Hangar Rat conversion, go here

Click here for a larger image.
Latest blog entry: Greg's Web Hangar
Dec 22, 2003, 12:42 AM
always too heavy
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Brand or source of the car: Tradesell Europe (€10,-)
Modifications to Tx: Two Resistors and one capacitor changed
Modifications to Rx: H-bridge removed, MOSFET with low Vgs threshold directly connected to IC output.
Antenna modifications: TX none, RX solenoid wire 0,1mm 50cm long, under wings
Construction material: Wings Depron, fuz Balsa wood
Range of transmission: app.15-20m
Other details: actuator of car used, connection via pushrod to rudder

WS: 25cm
AUW: 26g
Motor: N20LV
Gearing: none
Prop: homebrew yoghurt-pot-prop (other than in picture)
Battery: Kokam Lipoly 145
model Type:homebrew SE5a

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