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Sep 13, 2008, 11:46 AM
Noo Bee Fyer

Difference between Raptor 30 V1 and V2 ?

I found a friend that has an unfinished V1 that would sell it to me for about $100 with engine. This will be my first fuel heli. I've had an SJM400 and currently flying a T-rex450. I can do figure eights but thats about my skills for now.

My question is that - Would V1 be good for a beginner in fuel heli, is it worth what I am paying for, will I have trouble looking for V1 parts, what are the V2's upgrades and are they essential to a non-3D flyer?

Many thanks to all your inputs.
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Sep 13, 2008, 04:19 PM
mmmmmm Nitro...
V1 parts are still readily available on the web if you shop around. I own one and have no problem finding stuff to keep it flying. . If you donít mind waiting a few days for the parts, most local hobby stores probably would not stock the V1 parts and quite a few of the smaller parts are interchangeable with the V2(not so much crash parts though). As an entry level gasser, itís a perfect rig to cut your teeth on. Itís very tough and forgiving and it has options to set it up either for 3D or nice and mellow for the novice to intermediate. As far as if your getting your monies worth, it all depends on how well the motor was maintained, what electronics this person is willing to give up with it, and if the last owners took the time and care to make sure that everything was kept in an orderly fashion. Remember, Helicopters donít fly, they beat the air into submission, and if they arenít maintained meticulously they beat themselves. Do a thorough inspection of all the parts and take notes on what it will need to get it in the air, and do a comparison of getting a new one. This might give you a better idea on if it is a good deal or not. As far as the difference between the V1 and V2, they added about a mm diameter to major stress points ie; feathering shaft, flybar, tail components some bearings and sturdied up the frame. It's not imparitive to upgrade it to fly it. though crashing one is always a good excuse to.
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Sep 13, 2008, 07:15 PM
21st Century Space Cowboy
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www.raptortechnique.com is a great place to look at regarding V1 and V2 differences.

I fly a V1 myself. The Raptor 30 is a great nitro heli which will handle aerobatics - it will do slow 3D too - the 50 is better in that regard due to better power/weight ratio. However, depending upon the electronics and how good the engine is then $100 may be a very good deal! Try and give us details of the heli if you can - servos & gyro etc. if it has any.

Sep 14, 2008, 07:14 AM
That'll hold until ...
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I recently bought a Raptor .50 that turned out to be a R30 V1 somewhat converted to a raptor .50. I have posted about it Here you should find specific answers to most of your questions there.

I have kept the V1 head (expensive to change that) and the frame. I'm not bothered by the small fuel tank, and the head seems to be doing fine. I'll keep on the lookout for someone selling a head and change that when / if.

100$ with engine sounds like a great deal. Unfinished so one would assume the engine is new? I'd buy it even after the ordeal I had with mine, which was mostly figuring out to get the most out of my $$$ on making it a reliable heli. It seems I have it all sorted out now and had a trouble free day with it last weekend and am looking forward to another good day today.

Sep 14, 2008, 01:20 PM
21st Century Space Cowboy
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BTW you can easily add a header tank to increase flight times a little if you wish.

Sep 14, 2008, 06:31 PM
Noo Bee Fyer
Many many thanks guys for the links and advice. It helped me out quite a lot. It turned out, although it is unfinished, it's been flown. It was used to be another else's trainer, then when that guy upgraded to another heli, he took the electronics from it. Although he said that it had low miles, it looks like the frame and engine had some hard use. I am opting to look elsewhere.

With all your advice, I am now comfortable to find a good deal, V1 or V2. For now, I probably can say V1 will suite my flying if I can find a good deal for learning. If I find a V2 in my price range, then thats a bonus.

Thanks for the expertise!

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