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Sep 07, 2009, 11:43 PM
...the wind usually blows
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Originally Posted by modder'n art

Hey, how do I attach images?
Click the "Go Advanced" button near the bottom of the screen. On the next screen, scroll down and click the "Manage Attachments" button. In the new window that opens, click one of the "Browse" buttons to find the image file you want to upload. Then click "Upload".
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Sep 08, 2009, 12:02 AM
--=Scott Statz=--
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Thanks guys. I knew it had to be somewhere obvious that I was just missing.

And now for some gratuitous photo whoring!
Sep 08, 2009, 12:10 AM
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My Radian with Lights,

My Radian with Lights, Soon i will finish the strobs,
Sep 08, 2009, 12:19 AM
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Hi modder'n art, What TX are you using? Don"t look stock.

Its good to here you like the Radian. And most of all you pick a good site to join. You will learn alot from RC/ i Did

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Sep 08, 2009, 02:22 AM
--=Scott Statz=--
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That's right pj, it's not the Spektrum that comes with the RTF. I've got a Futaba 6EXP tx and a CC Berg 7p rx in the Radian. I got in touch with some local fliers here on the boards a few weeks ago and after a few days of training on the radian I bought the whole setup from one of the guys (thanks again Donnie!) We talked about it for a while, and I didn't see any reason to spend the $$ on an upgrade to 2.4 just yet. The 6exp will also work for my heli, and has plenty of room for me to grow into planes with more features. I'm very happy with it!
Also I think it's worth saying that whatever cost/time/distance it takes to go fly with a group of experienced sailplane pilots is one of the best investments you can make as a beginner. Even if you can only manage to do it once or twice. Sure you can learn from the crash and burn diy method, but a hands on with an experienced pilot puts you miles ahead of where you would be otherwise (in both skill and confidence). </soapbox>
Sep 08, 2009, 02:51 AM
Just above a newb
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I got to watch a guy fly a Radian at the field yesterday, and I was taken immediately It looked so relaxing and enjoyable, I usually have a need for speed but this looked like something new I had to try. I was up till 2am last night reading threads on here and every other page or so someone would talk about their first time and how great it was, I could feel the hooks digging in.

I needed to go to my LHS today to get some other things, and I was sort of hoping they were closed for Labor Day as I'd already overspent in the last two weeks I gave them a call, and they were there waiting on me. Then I thought "Well they probably won't have the Radian anyway", but there was one no more than 10' from the front door. Oh no.. credit card begins to tremble.

I walked around the store, pretending to ignore the RTF box calling me, and eventually gave in. Sadly they had no extra props (I'd read about these issues) but I did get some paint and masking tape on the way home, I felt I'd want to paint the underside of the wings immediately. Got it home, wiped the wings with some denatured alcohol and tested the Krylon indoor/outdoor spray on another cracked Z foam fuse I still have. Let it sit for an hour without issue, so I went to painting the wings.

I let them sit to dry for about an hour and then packed up to head to the field. This is about a 30 minute drive, and I wanted to fly my P51 BL and then assemble the Radian so I knew I had time for the wings to dry. When I arrived there was more wind than I expected, gust 12-15 I'd guess and changing directions pretty frequently. I was doubting my chances at getting this one up today, and several others were sitting and talking with not much flying going on. I decided to take up the Supercub to test the conditions, I don't fear crashing it too much. It was managable but not pretty, I was thinking I'd hold off for another day on the Radian.

One of the guys there had one before and noticed it sitting in the box, and eventually convinced me that I could handle it. He assured me that it took the wind well and it would really make it lively, so I finished the assembly, bound to my dx6i, and went to the line. I held the plane up without throttling to get a feel for how I would need to toss it, and a slight breeze made me really appreciate the massive wingspan.. the plane felt like it weighed a few ounces with that slight wind.

That gave me all the confidence I needed, so I throttled up to around 60% and launched with the softest toss, just above level. The left wing dipped the slightest bit for a brief moment and then it just soared, totally effortless launch. I turned the nose just a bit to get directly into the wind, eased the throttle back to around 30%, and it just rose straight up with the slightest upturned nose - hardly any forward movement and almost elevator like.

I played a bit with the elevator controls to find that sweet spot where level flight and lift were just within reach and killed the motor, probably about 20 seconds of motor time to get to this point. I took a few tenative turns to get a feel for the controls, this was nothing like anything I've flown and nearly twice the wingspan. I rode along with the wind, impressed with how easily it gained altitude AND speed while moving downwind.

I'm not sure if I ever really caught a thermal, the frequent wind speed and direction changes made it had to tell exactly what was providing the lift, but it was nearly always there. I trimmed the elevator down just a bit because it seemed to want to climb no matter what I did. I floated around for a few minutes, practiced some up/down/cross wind paths, then did a slow smooth loop, and never once felt out of control. Painting the underside of the wings black proved to be a really good idea as this thing just wanted to go and go.

After a few minutes I took a seat and relaxed, swaying around lightly and playing with the wind. Pretty much everything else in the world had gone away, I can't describe it well but for those that have flown one, I bet you know what I mean. Now and then someone would yell that they were going up and I would just let them know "no problem, I'm staying where I am" - which was now over 400' and well to the far side of the flight zone.

After several others had launched and landed I looked at my timer, counting up, and was at around 12 minutes. I had only engaged the motor twice since launch, about 5 seconds each time to gain back some altitude I lost from looping or diving when the wind wasn't there to bring me back.

I stayed up awhile longer and decided to land, because it was getting busy and I wanted to give up the airspace to some others. My first landing attempt had to be aborted about 10' from the ground as I was offline from the grass and heading over the paved runway. Just a touch of throttle and it rolled back around the field for another pass. No real problem bringing it down this time. I travelled downwind near to the edge of the flightzone and banked it back, descended to about 20' and brought on a little motor just to keep it coming closer so I didn't have to walk out to get it. Killed the motor, skimmed the ground for a few seconds and flared, and it plopped down soft as can be.

I'm still new to RC flying, but that was easily the most enjoyable time I've had yet.. it ranks up there with my first unassisted flight and landing. I just couldn't wipe the grin off my face for quite awhile after that, it felt like I had been flying on the wind myself and everything just felt good with life. With several stressful events coming in short succession lately I haven't been that relaxed in quite awhile. This one's a keeper - it will stay in the truck ready for trip to the field when it's needed.

Sorry for the overly long post, I just couldn't bring myself to short-change today's flight.

By the way, final tally on the timer at touchdown was 18 minutes 24 seconds, and probably less than 90 seconds of that under motor power. I haven't recharged the battery yet but I doubt I took out even 500 mAh.
Sep 08, 2009, 08:26 AM
Proud member of LISF and ESL
My Radian took is first bump Sunday. I was teaching a new student and I did not properly prepare him before giving him the controls. My fault, not his.

He was coming in from about 100 feet and was diving. I told him to pull up. Instead he pushed down and hit the throttle. Straight in!

Nose torn off and some damage to the fuse. But as far as I can tell nothing too serious. Should be a couple hours of work, tops. Most of that will be insuring alignmnet and thoroughly checking the electroncis.

It is a great trainer but you still have to prep the student properly.
Sep 08, 2009, 09:23 AM, repeat...
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I was playing boomerang on Thursday and stalled a little short of a catch, and off to the side a bit. I was sitting on a 5 foot rise on a concrete parking lot stop with the soccer field below and in front of me. When it stalled, it bumped the nosecone onto the asphalt. Now there is a ticking sound from the motor. I can feel it with power off and with the battery unplugged. Almost like something came loose inside the motor. It still spins up and has same power. Sunday, I was flying around and the ticking was almost gone. Then I bumped nose first into the grass kinda hard and it same ticking/bumping sound came back. When spun by hand, it feels almost like a dead spot inside it.

Any ideas??
Sep 08, 2009, 10:50 AM
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Sounds like something came loose and got into the motor. Not sure on this one but you can usually take an outrunner apart by taking the shaft off and pulling the bell. I'd do that and see if you see any broken bits in there. If you're lucky you may find you just got a pebble or little bit of plastic in there somewhere. Come to think of it before you take the motor apart check under the spinner and see if maybe something there is hitting.

Hope that helps ya!
Sep 08, 2009, 11:15 AM, repeat...
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Originally Posted by LeftyF
Sounds like something came loose and got into the motor. Not sure on this one but you can usually take an outrunner apart by taking the shaft off and pulling the bell. I'd do that and see if you see any broken bits in there. If you're lucky you may find you just got a pebble or little bit of plastic in there somewhere. Come to think of it before you take the motor apart check under the spinner and see if maybe something there is hitting.

Hope that helps ya!
Been hesitant to try taking the motor apart but since I do have a spare, I will give it a try.
Sep 08, 2009, 11:46 AM
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It's usually not a big deal. You would do that to replace the shaft. It's 4 parts, so can't really mess it up. Just be careful if there's a C clip holding the prop shaft on. I usually replace the C clips with a wheel collar, but if you are careful you should be able to re-use it. Push a flat blade screw driver blade of the right size into the slots at the opening of the C clip to expand it and carefully push it down the shaft. Do the same in reverse to put it back on. Voila!
Sep 08, 2009, 11:48 AM
the lift is always in the sun!

After a hard impact to the nose...

I would take the motor apart and roll the shaft on a piece of plate glass to see if it is bent...replacements are only a couple of dollars.
It does seem as if you do have some Foreign Object Debris (FOD).

One of my friends has bent his shaft and was able to use his drill press to press the old one out and a new one in. Just loosen the collar set-screw with a 1.5 mm allen wrench and slide it off. There will be a small wire ring between the collar and the bearing as a spacer as well so don't lose it. The motor can now be pulled apart. You can use a drill press and a smaller diameter pin to push the old shaft out (make a note which end of the shft is which). If it rolls smoothly without hopping on a piece of flat glass, you're ok to put it back in service....

really not that hard.

Something else to check for (and probably the first thing to notice), are cracks on the plastic firewall motor mount causing mis-alignment. I have replaced a motor mount for another friend... also about $ 3.00 to replace. Just remove the 3 small screws and work the motor mount off. It is glued on (not really) with something like white silicone or latex caulking mostly to fill the gap and reduce vibration. Rub off the caulking and put some more on before screwing on the new one.

Hope this fixes it for you.
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Sep 08, 2009, 05:31 PM
In the 20' glider range
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Originally Posted by parkjoe
My Radian with Lights, Soon i will finish the strobs,
Have you had a chance to fly it with the lights, If so how was it?
Sep 08, 2009, 07:21 PM
Time to burn up some wind yo!
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Will get round eventually, one day, to making a new one...

dont mind the fag at the end, i would have edited it if i could've...
Sep 08, 2009, 07:54 PM
Squish!!! Splat!!!
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Hey there, AussieJarred...........

You just brought a whole new dimension to this thread. I would never have thought you could 3D a Radian, but there it is. Wow, and thanks!

Now you've got to teach the rest of us how to do that.

Great show!


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