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Sep 18, 2008, 08:44 AM
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Excellent stuff Dave.
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Sep 20, 2008, 05:08 PM
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I thought I would start to go through some of the plugins I am finding usefull..

Bezier curve... for the wings section
Mirror..... why draw a full model when most model plane designs are almost identical on both sides..use mirror for replicating one side to the other.

heres the zips needed...unzip and put into your plugins folder.
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Sep 20, 2008, 05:39 PM
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A 5 minute wing...
tools ...line , bezier curve, arc, eraser, pushpull, select, scale and move, mirror.

line tool...draw a box lines in direction of blue and green axis..this gives you a corectly orientated surface to put your curves onto.
select side view
bezier curve tool ..under the draw menu.. make an upper and lower profile joined at each end.
arc tool ....round off the leading edge.pic1eraser tool ... remove the original rectangular face.pic2
tapemeasure.. measure the chord and enter the size in..yes to resize your model.( I typed in an 8" chord here)
select iso view
pushpull tool ....pull on the profile face ..enter half span value. ( i entered 24" here)pic3
select tool ...left click, pull and drag to the right, to rectangularly select just the end faces and lines of the wing. keep this selected when scaling and moving.pic4
scale tool you want a tapered wing, with a thinner tip?
I did so I scaled the end down.pic6
move tool ... pick a point exactly at the front of the leading edge, click on it, now click the left arrow button to lock the move onto the green axis. move the end back or forward to where you wanted it. (I moved my tool curser to the point at the rear of the root section, then the front point of the outside end moved back to line up exactly with the rear point of the centre)pic5select tool ....treble click on the wing ..selecting all, pic7
mirror tool ..with all selected right click on the selection and pick the mirror option. ...using the mirror pointer click on the front poit at athe root of the wing. ...move the pointer up along the blue axis...leftclick move the curser along the green axis ...leftclick..... your wing should be mirrored. pic8
select tool ..lastly select the whole wing and make it a group ( not shown)... its now safe
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Sep 20, 2008, 06:38 PM
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select side view
line tool ...draw a fin on the end
pushpull tool ...make it the correct thickness (I pulled till it was 1/8" thick)pic9
select tool ..just select the fin, not the wing
right click on the selection to get the miror tool
mirror tool ... select the same location point as before, at the wing go up the blue axis ..go along the green axis
your fin should be mirrored at the other end.pic10

an alternative method would be to make the selected fin into a component, by right clicking on it then selecting the make component option ,then use the move/copy tool take a copy to the other tip. this would give you the option to modify just the one tip shape and the other would change with it
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Sep 21, 2008, 04:19 PM
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here's another usefull tool

zorro ...use it for cutting through your model

the idea is to make a wing with polyhedral, or upturned tips.

tools used .... bezier curves, arc, eraser, push pull make the basic wing shape ..weve done this before. pic1

new tools ... section plane, zorro

select the section plane tool, and pick the end face of the wing, pic2 use the select arrow to select the section plane, it goes blue, pic3
use the move tool to take the section down the wing to where you want the cut to be.
Rotate your view untill all you see is the edge of the section plane. pic4
Select zorro and draw the cut line along the section plane line from above the top of the wing to bellow the bottom of the wing.
delete the section plane. pic5
use the rectangular (draging right) select to select the end of the wing. pic6
You can now use the move tool to produce the upturned tips, and the scale tool to taper to the tips, even the rotate tool to put in a bit of washout,if you are that fussy pic7
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Sep 21, 2008, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by davereap
here's another usefull tool

zorro ...use it for cutting through your model

the idea is to make a wing with polyhedral, or upturned tips.
Really appreciate all your tutorials. Seeing those geared towards our modeling needs is a major plus!

Have a question about this use of Zorro. I'm thinking doing it this way may cause the inboard area of the elevated panel to be thinner. Any thoughts?

Sep 21, 2008, 06:34 PM
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WOW I just found this. Fantastic info here I have been fooling around with SU for a week or two and this is just what i needed. In poast 13 you talk about skining you formers. How do you do this is it a plugin or tool you have downloaded?
thanks for all the great stuff you have here.
Sep 22, 2008, 12:09 PM
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thanks for your comments..please put me right when ive messed up

GOLEM ...yes you are correct, I never thought of that. to get around that problem the cut location could be rotated to 90 degrees to the upturn, Or.. the wing could have been pulled to the point of the upturn, the end selected then rotated to the correct angle, then the face pulled out to the tips.
There are always different ways to get the end result, finding the quickest is the problem...
neither of those will work,they will just slim the main section down towards the join...
the only answer I can see is to make the wing in two sections main and tip, then rotate the tip and move it in to join the main section. the two sections will just have to join as best as, some overlap/intersecting will have to take place. with one part selected you can then do the intersect with model. then get rid of the internal overlaps.

A more troublesome solution if you have to be spot on with your design unfortunately... myself I would leave the tip section thinner, they are usually tapered in any case as that looks better

the way I was skinning was slow and labourious. adding triangular faces one at a time, between the formers..
I think now, that it will be easier/quicker to use pushpull with a shape that is a sort of average for the model, then slice at the various formers locations with zorro, and then use move to reshape/adjust the points in the hidden geometry till they line up with the correct shape of the formers on the plan..
there are always various method to get there, I am still exploring the program, I only found this SU program a short time ago myself

As you play with the program you will have ideas on the best way to do things...please post them here. It will help me out as well.

also check here for info and components people have made..
download, extract and copy into a new folder you can make in the components folder. call it model parts..
post your own made bits here as well

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Sep 22, 2008, 02:51 PM
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Here is the next usefull tool

slicer ....with the correct settings it will do a similar job to zorro, but will also do a lot more

It will take slices at a selected thickness at specified distances through the model ...and lay them out.
This makes it a good way to produce formers for your fuz..

First make your fuz all .pic1
group your selection ..pic2
slice tool ... pick the intervals between cuts, and the thickness of the slice.
make sure your slicing along the correct axis..
your model will be various options which you select as you progress. select layout the slices, if you want the formers seperated and laid for will see what happens if you mess about with the options

If you use loads of cuts and slices then the lay it out option you can build one of those 3d models you might have seen ...tuts head
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Sep 22, 2008, 06:50 PM
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Making a start on the fuz ....the easiest way yet

heres an even simpler way to produce a multisectioned fuz, using the move tool in its copying function

Draw a fuz section and use the pushpull tool to make the first length of the body/fuz
Select all... use the move tool and press ctrl to make it a copy tool. also press the left arrow to restrict the movement along the length of the fuz.
Select a point on the fuz and move the copy out , untill it lines up at the end of the original section, click to position...
Now type how many sections/copies you want 2x ..for two extra or how ever many you like...

This method does not need grouping and exploding and is the easyist way yet to produce the multi sectioned body that you can then adjust and shape.

pic 1 having made a fuz section/face, use pushpull to take it to a length..then select it all..
pic 2 use the move tool to copy (by pressing the ctrl key) and move the selection until you have two bits just touching. you can tell its in the correct position as it will jump into plave to place it..
pic 3 type in the number of copies you require...hit enter

now each section joint can be reshaped or scaled to make your fuz
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Sep 23, 2008, 08:28 PM
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davereap ~ A big thank you for taking the time to pass on this info. Like a few others, I 've been struggling with SU as well. Your tutorials have saved me countless hour of self taught trial and error. Thanks again and please keep 'em coming...

Sep 24, 2008, 04:23 AM
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For all reading here please put here any tips you find ...
the simpler the better,
whether it relates to plane, cars or anything else model related

Since I am new to the program as well..

and I am just putting up info as I work it out

Oct 03, 2008, 10:27 AM
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Heres another great use for sketchup....finding areas on unusual shapes..

as an example I am using the superfly pic again...

1.....import your pic or plan.....use the tape measure tool to get to the size you want the info on....I chose a 30" span here.....pic1

2....use the line tool to trace round the edges...pic2 all
4 ....right click on the selection and you have an area option on the menu that comes up... pic3

if you then use the tapemeasure tool again you can resize your model and get the new area... at 20" ...pic4
Oct 04, 2008, 03:46 PM
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I got a problem that just cropped up. For some reason SU will not create a face when drawing formers. I can draw squares with the line tool off of the 3 view and the faces appears just fine.

If you look at the attachment, you'll see that former 123 & 5 have faces that I have used to create a 3D part. Formers 4 & 6 that I did today will not create a face no matter what I try. I tried retracing, zooming in to find a break in the line, everything looks fine. What the is up? Anybody have a clue?


Oct 05, 2008, 05:55 AM
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two reasons why a face isnt made..
1...not quite joined up...but youve checked this
2..the points although joined are not exactly on the same flat plane...this I think is your problem

try retracing the former , making sure it tells you each time that the point is "on face",
Or retrace but in the parrallel camera view rather than the 3d view. but make sure you still get the on face curser message

the face being the plan/picture youve got imported..

zooming in close is essential here for exact positioning. rather than letting SU help to locate where you are putting the point
sketchup makes this mistake a lot, as it tries to help you, by inference, locate the positioning of your lines relevent to other bits of your model.

curves or arcs can give the same problem.. the ends might be on the face but the centre can be off the face. or up at a slight angle...again you have to get the on face messages for the ends and centre , i think not a vector message.. not sure here i cant quite remember the messages..

if when you bring in the plan you lock it up as a group that sometimes helps, the curser displays "on face in group" or some similar thing

If youve got it all correct you will get your face on the last point connection

to see if it is an arc problem draw a line, joining each end of each arc.
if one is a problem..when you draw its line the faces will fill in

the pics 1..looks ok from the top section of arc not in the same plane
I exagerated here with a vertical arc..your might only be off the flat plane a fraction...but no faces... join the ends of this arc with a line and your faces will appear.
You might need to try joining lines accross more than one arc. you can also do the joining lines across sections of the former. if you get a face then that lots nice and flat..and your problem is in the rest of the former somewhere

you will need the whole lot flat before you can push pull it
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