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Sep 16, 2008, 01:29 AM
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Ive been collecting additional plugins recommended by others and found some extra suitable bits

ones to search for

Autocentrepoint .... jf unfold tool
Bezier round edge .... sphere tool
Joint Push Pull ..... SketchyFFD
Tools on Surface .... greyscale
Bezier .... shapes
Slicer ..... zorro
Mirror ....Construction line tool
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Sep 16, 2008, 02:03 AM
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From the previous posts it can been seen that making a scale model from plans is a time consuming process.
So I will change direction now and go down the simple route..

Most of our sport planes are not scale....SO

They more often made up of a box fuz which gets tapered towards the tail, a wing with ailerons, a tailplane with elevator and a tail with rudder. we need to use plans in our drawing.. Entirely up to you, but I tend to just get my ruler out and measure what I need to.
If you want to pull in the so..and you can use the tapemeasure tool to get your sizes from the plan. And use the dimensions tool to add the sizes to the plan...
Dont worry when you are building the model if the size on the imported plan comes out way different to what size model you require. All you have to do is measure one thing the wingspan, specify a size by typing it in 36" hit enter and you can then ok the the whole model to be resized
At the same time your dimensions will be altered for the new size model... thats a very handy gadget..
See the superfly in the first posts ....what size do you want ...makes an easy job of it..
Sep 16, 2008, 04:21 AM
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Making the fuz

Selecting front view
Use the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle, left click and hold on the joint of the axis, pull diagonaly to get the shape.
type in your fuz size (width,height) hit enter and you have a rectangle ....pic 1..

Select the Arc tool .... if you want a rounded off fuz, put arcs in the corners, try to get them the same size.
select the eraser tool and erase the square corners ....pic2
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Sep 16, 2008, 04:43 AM
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We are now going to use the push pull tool to extrude the face weve just made, into our fuz.
There are two methods here that work...
METHOD 1... tools used ...rectangle, arc, erasor, pushpull, section plane + move, zorro, select, scale.
Rotate your view untill you can see the back of the face.
Select the push pull tool, grab the face and start to pull, type in the length of your fuz, hit enter.
Use a tool called zorro to cut your fuz into three sections...Zorro will not work in the parallel view so it is difficult to get nice square cuts across the fuz, but its easy to use and if you take care you will manage a reasonable cut
Since I put this on ive found a way to accurately get positions for zorro...
Use a section plane tool to cut through your model, move the plane to the position for the cut... line your view of the section plane to get it edge on ..then make a cut with zorro along the line of the section plane...done

The recommended method...pic 11

rotate your view, again pull the face, but type in only the length of your first section pic 1 (length to the front of the wing possibly).
select the whole thing, using 3clicks of the arrow cursor, it all turns blue.
select the move tool, press the control key to make the move a copy tool.
Grab the selected item and move/copy along the green axis.
select the push pull tool grab the rear face and pull out, again type in the ammount you want to pull to.
Repeat this to get the rear of the fuz section. pic3
youv now got three sections and you join them by selecting a section and moving it against the next section, (select all, move by clicking on a point, grabbing it and taking it to the adjacent point on the next section) pic4
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Sep 16, 2008, 04:58 AM
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We can now add some shape to the fuz.

Rotate your view

Use the arrow cursor to select just the end of the fuz. (left click ,hold and drag to the right diagonaly to site a selection box covering all the rear face and edges) pic7

Select the scale tool ...pic8
Push and hold the control key to scale about the centre point (shown in red)
By grabing and pulling the handles ( yellow squares ) you can shape the end to how you want it. You can later move it up or down to again acheive your desired shape pic9
Repeat this exercise for the front face (Former 1) ..pic10
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Sep 16, 2008, 05:09 AM
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Youve now got a basic fuz. By usng more cuts along the length you can get more shape into the body, but how many of our planes use the simplest box fuz...quite a lot..
Now lets add a cockpit
Sep 16, 2008, 06:46 AM
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Find and install the shapes plugin.
This will let you make a dome.....under the draw/shapes menu pic1Make your dome then scale it to the correct width for your fuz.
Also scale the length.pic2
The dome is a group so explode the the group then right click and use the explode option..
Now you can select bits of the dome to scale or move...the idea being to end up with a cockpit shape..which you can regroup then move onto the fuz pic3

heres the zip file for the model so far
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Sep 16, 2008, 06:55 AM
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The two parts... fuz and cockpit have been made into groups and locked in the skp file.
Unlock and play....

next....a very simple tailplane and wing
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Sep 16, 2008, 08:08 AM
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A simple tailplane and/or wing, depending on the dimensions you set.

tools... rectangle, line, move, erasor, pushpull, move.

select Rectangle tool, in top view draw a rectangle near the rear of the fuz, give it the exact dimensions if you want, or pull till it looks about correct.. pic1

select Line tool .. draw a line from midpoint to midpoint on the long edges... pic2
select Move tool, grab the centre point on the front long edge, push the left arrow button to lock the move on the green axis, move the point forward to get a nicer tailplane shape.. pic2

you can now erase the line..
select the push pull tool ...grab the top face and pull up ...enter the thickness you want..... I used .25" pic3select the whole tailplane by trebble clicking on it ..
Move the tailplane ..grab a midline point and drag it into the fuz pic4
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Sep 16, 2008, 08:33 AM
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the wing

you can copy and scale the tailplane or draw from new.

tools ..... rectangle, line,(various), pushpull, move

construct a rectangle the size you want, shape using the line tool and the move you can get fancy and use the arc to round the design or move to give dihedral or sweep back. Use push pull to obtain your thickness.
lastly position with the move tool to where you like

the tail uses the rectangle tool , the arc tool, the line tool, and the push pull tool, lastly the move tool to put it in place...the only diference here is you draw the thing vertically by being in the front view

more work
nose added...wing shaped and swept back
tools used nose.. select, copy, pushpull, zorro, scale.
wing ....zorro and move

here is the skp for the final model
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Sep 18, 2008, 06:07 AM
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learn the shortcut keys... saves time
Sep 18, 2008, 06:42 AM
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Shaped Wings one minute to make

Its very easy to make airfoil shaped wings onto a fuz...

tools used .... bezier curve, arc (A), erasor (E), push pull (P), select (space bar), move (M), scale (S), zorro, move

This process needs a nice flat side face to draw on.
Using the bezier tool.. make the upper foil shape, then the lower foil shape, using the arc tool round the leading edge. pic1

Use the erasor tool to get rid of the pointy leading edge, use the pushpull tool to start to pull the wing you can enter the length/span you want into the dimensions, dont forget to factor the fuz 1/2 width into your entry. Hit enter and the wing will goto the required length ...pic3....
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Sep 18, 2008, 06:57 AM
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Shaped wings

Use the select tool to select the end lines and face of the wing.

Now you can shape the wing, move will give dihedral if you go up along the blue axis or sweep if you go along the green axis
To do this click on one point of the selected end...use the up arrow key to lock the path onto the blue axis or the left arrow key to lock to the green axis..(the right arrow key locks to the red axis) ... move it..pic4
You can also use the scale tool to taper the wing ... pic5..
For a polyhedral wing use zorro to cut and move to move the tip higher ..pic6

The last job is to select all ...treble click (all goes blue) then use the mirror get the correct mirror, click on a point where the mirror starts,..then first move up the blue go along the green axis and you should have the whole wing...obviously you dont want erase the original when that option comes up ...pic7
Sep 18, 2008, 07:08 AM
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Note... if you havnt a nice flat surface to make your wing on...
select a side view, draw the airfoil's face ... using bezier,arc,erasor, then you can pull out, shape, and mirror..
You then have to move the wing into the fuz...
You also need to make sure the wing is the correct size as you progress with the construction... dont forget your wing will have to be half the span for this method to be correct, then, when you mirror and position the wing it will have the correct overall span
Sep 18, 2008, 07:10 AM
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A tailplane and tail can be produced using the same methods

a few cuts and some shaping and you can get something a bit different..

weird how the wings are the same length but look as though they arnt in this pic

heres the SU file
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