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Sep 02, 2008, 11:02 PM
32 yrs. Of aircraft Flying!
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My personal use with A123 cells.

UPDATE December 4th 2010, lipo's have come a very long way, they gotten cheaper and better so i have been using lipo's mostly. I still feel A123's are the best safety wise however.

Just wanted to add that I have gotten back into helicopter and purchased a blade 400 used on HF and love it, I have 280 flights and still having fun with it.
Set up:
Stock blade 400 with stock motor.
Castle Creations 25a Esc, set to Gov mode 2250 HS
HS 56's servos
Futaba 240 Gyro with Hyperion Dig. tail servo
Carbon main blades
using Billowy 40 to 50 C packs 2250's 3S
For unlimited power no bog ever.

Also Over the summer my Club decided to have a Half A pylon race, some of the members still owned the original Ace GLH's but one of the members redesign them and made them for electric power using cheap hobby king motors and esc's and battery's. Called these POD's ( Paulding one Design) Everyone used the same motors, (they all slightly different KV) but close as you could get. We all used whatever esc/battery's and servos but most use the cheap 9G HK ones.

This was a lot of fun and hope to have another race next year, i took 3rd out of 9 pilots, the 2 glow guys didn't have a chance they could not keep there engines running ( TD051's)

I have added pictures of my blade 400, the GLH I used for a practice plane and the POD I raced, and also i owned a AJ slick for about a year, it was a really great flying plane I used 2200 3S lipo's in it also to keep the weight down it did everything nice in the air.

I also added a picture of my mini edge 540 as it crashed cause of a brown out, i had just come out of a spin kinda low maybe 15 feet and nothing happened it went right in, I was using a cheapo ESC w/o a external BEC. running HS65's on the tail and HS55's on the wings it just not enough the AJ slick replaced this plane. but i sold the Slick few months back.

Bare with me this is my first blog ever. Step. 2008.

I wanted to write and say how I use A123 cells and how much they have helped my flying ability.

I first started flying a 4 cell A123 2300 mah pack in a E flite Mini Edge 540
plane has 37.25 wing area and 297 sq in wing area. weight should be 24-26 ounce with battery mine is right at 32 ounces with a Park 480 motor with castle creations 25amp esc and 4 HS-55 servos.. Flys great I get 8 minute of hard flying with it. Everyone said it was to small and the battery would be to heavy, No it will not slow way down but I can still harrier land it.

I next got me a Eflite Edge 540 BP 35.5 inch wing span and 410 sq in wing area. its small and profile built up plane, I flew it on TP 1320's for a lil while but got tired of 45 min chargers, the smaller 1100's came out and I got a couple packs and got my father to make up a 4 cell pack for my plane, it weighs a little more but not that bad, now with a Himax out runner and Castle creations 25Amp esc and 4 HS-55 servos is is 20.07 ounces. and flys just fine.

Video of my Profile with 4 cell A123's 1100's.
Edge 540 with b&d 100 mah cells (4 min 5 sec)

After those I got me a E flite Mini Show time,44 inch wing span and 414 sq in wing area I figured on using only 3 cells in it 2300 cause of weight, we found a motor that would handle 3 cells and later 4 cells if i wanted and set it up with a scorpion 3014-16 motor with Suppo 40 Amp esc and a DE sport BEC and 4 HS-65 Servos.3 cells right at 32 amps and 320 watts. plane weigh was 25.65 w/o battery and with a 3 cell it was 34.85 ounces.
flew it for 50 flights like that then added a 4th cell. it bumped the weight up to 33.3 ounce but went from 320watts to 440 watts. using a 10x7 prop.
I guess over 400 watts was to much for it as the right ring folded in flight.

Video of Showtime with 4 cells

Mini showtime on 4 cells A123's (1 min 29 sec)

I also own a Extreme flight yak54 47inch wingspan I fly it on 4 cell A123 it recomended torque motor and a Suppo 40A esc with DE sport bec 4 HS-65's weighs 51 ounces, a little heavy but had few repairs to do when I got it, it was used.

I just started flying a Electro stick with a 52.75 inch wingspan and 589 sq inch wing area. Using the same 3014-16 Scorpion motor off the show time pulling a 11x7 prop at 41 amps and 450 watts. it flys great on 4 cell A123 2300mah packs. I am using a 70A Suppo esc with a DE bec and two full size Futaba 3001 servos on tail and two new HS-82MG on is 47.5 ounce w/o the battery witch is about 11 ounces.

This is the Show time,mini edge and profile edge all together

Again I never posted a blog and wanted to post about my experience with A123's, I get sick of hearing there to heavy and this and that, I say if you have over 300sq inches and over 37 inch span your plane will fly fine on the big ones and anything over 20 ounce will fly fine on the 1100's

I went from 45 min charges that I keep the lipo in a battery box while charging and was scared to even walk away for a sec while on charge to 15 min charges with not so great chargers and now I have a TP 1010 and charge most my 4 cell A123's in 12 mins or less. its great.

No worries of fires

you get more then 100 cycles before they crap out.

there hard and you don't have to handle them like eggs,
I was always scared I was going to drop a lipo and mess it up.

If you crash a plane you do not have to worry about killing a battery, being in a hard case nothing will happen to them.

I only posted links to my pictures cause I have enough attachments already to them all.

Thanks for reading and if you want you can give your thoughts, info, or questions.

My next A123 Planes will be a 3DHS Aspreha I hope, to replace my really missed Showtime.

I even use A123's in my RC trucks, more power I love it, here is a video of my traxxas rustler on 3 cells
Traxxas Rustler, With some Power! (5 min 20 sec)
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Sep 03, 2008, 06:58 AM
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Hello- good blog. Have you made any packs yourself? Having the "master" for a father you may not have. I just got my first two "cases" and am mostly using the original straps for cell connectors-just adding leads. Anyway thanks for sharing (your flying skills). jim
Dec 04, 2010, 01:22 PM
32 yrs. Of aircraft Flying!
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Originally Posted by jim e
Hello- good blog. Have you made any packs yourself? Having the "master" for a father you may not have. I just got my first two "cases" and am mostly using the original straps for cell connectors-just adding leads. Anyway thanks for sharing (your flying skills). jim
WOW, So so sorry, I didn't realize people could post to my Blog and so I just now seeing this Dec 4th 2010...
No i never built my own, my soldering skills stink. I do good to get two pieces of speaker wire held together so He does do all of my packs, plugs, whatever needed done.
Latest blog entry: OMP M2 Helicopter.

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