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Aug 22, 2008, 07:51 AM
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"GOLD FINCH" bare-bones roll out!

Just thought I show off the bare bones of the "GOLD FINCH" This is my latest attemp at making what I would call "A good everyday Sport design"

My idea for this a plane is to have a great everyday flying that you won't be afraid to let loose with and a model that you can take to any local fun/fly and have a good chance of winning!

Wingspan 55"
Wing-cord 10.25"
Length 43"
Engine : OS FX .40

All the wood was laser cut from Martin Rousseau of MR Aerodesign:

I made myself a short kit - I had Martin prints the plans and then all the parts needed were laser cut. I had sheet wood added so I could cut my own 1/16" wing D-tube sheeting and 1/4" balsa sheet to make my own wing LE/TE and all the stringers needed using a balsa-stripper. I used some 5/32" piano wire and bent my own landing gear and the build was done

Most of my own shortkits of this size generally cost me approx 135-165$

I'll post some more photo's after Maiden I guess!
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Aug 22, 2008, 08:50 AM
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Looks a lot like a Stik.

Aug 22, 2008, 10:18 AM
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Lesson learned " The wheel has already been invented! "

Here we go! I learned years ago from reading a old pile of model airplane magazines - You know what! Its all been done before! The only new thing here is the use of laser cutting that you can have done for yourself!

(IE) Iam doing my own thing not waiting for a kit company like SIG, GP etc to produce what I want! - So here is the basic Sport design layout - shoulder wing .40 size plane ( SEE Florio Flyer - Stik - Orville etc) But I can use any one part from all those great models with all the features I wanted rolled into one! The overall shape may be the same cause we all know its what really works well! The parts inside are all up to date modern with tab/slot laser tight fit! I almost built the entire wing only using CA-thin cause the fit was so awsume. We are living in a almost instant gratification world in that I can make my own prototypes and have a kit delivered to my door within about a week from the time the order went in! This is the cool part!

So if your like me you love your OLD SCHOOL shapes there are New school ways of building them now!
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Aug 22, 2008, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by gwinhh
Looks a lot like a Stik.


I know you meant well.

Any model with a square or rectangular fuselage and a high wing to some degree looks like a stik .

In fact _ _ _ doesn't anyting with a fuse, feathers, wings, engine or motor, and a landing gear to some degree looks like an airplane?

Hee! Hee! L O L

Have a great day guys

Aug 22, 2008, 01:04 PM
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A good layout worth using again and again!

You can't beat these basic layouts " TLAR" (That Looks About Right) so if you use the OLD SCHOOL basic porportions of wingspan & fuse length etc your already in the ball park for a good flyer! The only real work then is drawing the parts that fit inside the basic layout for CAD

See Ugly Stik - Florio Flyer & Orvile
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Sep 01, 2008, 07:27 PM
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Sept 1 Maiden flight all A-OK for Gold Finch

Yeee Haw! Maiden flight today and it flew oh so nice! 2 flights today - Plane was a touch nose heavy and only needed a few clicks of up and left aileron to fly hands-off. This is a nice easy flyer! Tracks well and has a fantastic glide with power off. Best guess is 4lbs with the .40 OS FX up front.

Going to move the battery back a bit to move CofG back and up the rates on the ailerons for a quicker roll rate. Take-offs easy with a touch of left rudder and landings easy with this floater.
Sep 01, 2008, 07:38 PM
God is good
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That wing fairing on the top is a nice touch!
Sep 04, 2008, 08:00 AM
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Getting the model dialed in nicely now!

I Got in the 3rd flight on the Gold-Finch last night and had a blast getting the feel for this model.

I had changed the prop to a 10/6 APC using the Mousse Can & header using a larger 8oz fuel tank and added a Durbro tail brace kit to shift the C-of-G back and had also increased the aileron thows.

Wow! What a nice power increase I got. I was very aware of the eninge note had changed to a higher pitch with a touch of raspness - Not louder just higher pitched.

The plane was flown easily at half throttle - The plane seems to just trot along steadily not very fast at all. At half throttle you can pull up into loops from level or a spit-S or do a roll with out fear of dropping off. Rolls were extremely crisp fast and axil in both directions. Again when ready to land I pull the power off way back cause this model simply floats and floats and floats. I figure this model would be excellent in a Climb/Glide contest. With the C-of-G moved back inverted flight was a brezze with a tiny touch of down. The next few flights will let me try some snaps and spins but Iam sure it will handle these easily.

Luckily for you guys you can't see the stupid grin I got from flying this model.
Sep 08, 2008, 09:57 AM
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Flights 4,5 and 6

Well got out Sunday for the Rideau RC Flyers Clubs annual picnic - This years event being special our 20th!

I got Mike Anderson to try and snap some shots of the bird flying with my camera. So most of flights #4 and #5 were doing circuits and touch / goes.

The last flight was after the meal and I had the field to myself and let the Gold-Finch stretch it legs a bit! After doing a low / slow pass I pulled up gently and jammed on the throttle and the G-F climbed like a home sick angle it just kept going up and up Wow! - pulled into a snap/spin and spun it back down. Flying inverted is amazingly easy rock steady all the way across the field from right/left with next to none down stick preasure. The stalls are straight forward with a small pitch forward/level wings. I must admit I like the way the motor runs with the Mousse-can & Header. Iam starting to believe alot of the fun of this model is in effect of throttle control going from slow - fast and back to slow in controlling the model precisely.

I hope to upload a flying photo or 2 when I get home from work today! - If anyone else got one I would appreciate your post - Thanks!

PS: For those who have seen the model fly and have made indications to me they would like to build the Beta version - I figure I need a few more weeks to update the original drawings - The Beta Version gets a new thin down fuselage with the new horizontal stab stiffners I added during the build on my own prototype that worked out so well.
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Sep 09, 2008, 12:47 PM
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A few more shots same day from a club member

Just a few more shots
Sep 11, 2008, 04:07 PM
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We got some video of the Gold Finch flying

Local club member Scott Baker got this video of the Gold Finch flying!

Note my great skill in my Touch/bounce and Bounce and go Weeeeee.

Rideau R/C Flyers' 20th Anniversary Club Picnic (4 min 17 sec)
Sep 12, 2008, 09:46 AM
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The Better Beta Version Ready!

Hi Guys Iam just finished doing up the work on the slimmer fuselage for the Beta version of the Gold-Finch 40

Martin Rousseau of MR Aerodesign said he can put the kit out for 120$ cdn plus shipping Plane is so NEW it not on the web site yet!!!

The Gold-Finch 40 is simply an excellent overall sport design that can be dialed up or down depending on your flying skills! Whether you need a slow pussycat 2nd airplane to learn your basic aerobatics or a fire-breathing 3D fun/fly monster than you will find it all here in the Gold-Finch’s flight envelope. This plane is simply another in the long line of models that follows the basic shoulder wing designs. The clean lines and strong structure will let you build it quickly. I hope the Gold-Finch will become your best friend by being there for you as an everyday flyer for years to come.

The Gold-Finch 40 can be scratch build from plans or be built as a laser-cut short kit from Martin Rousseau of MR Aerodesign. The kit provides a set of plans all the balsa and plywood needed for the basic build. All the 1/16” balsa sheeting for the wings and fuse is measured/cut by you from sheet stock provided. The use of a balsa-stripper tool will let you make your own ¼”sq stringers, LE/TE stock needed in the fuse/wings from sheet the balsa provided. An Extra bonus the kits will include is a set of pre-bent 5/32” landing gear and the 1/8” elevator connector. The laser cut short kit part fit is so nice I had it framed up ready to cover in about 2 weeks. I used both CA+ / CA- and both 5min / 30min epoxies to do the build.

You will need a Master Airscrew Balsa Stripper

The Gold-Finch 40 as designed by Ken Park
Wing Span : 55”
Wing Cord : 10.25”
Wing Area : 560 sq/in”
Weight : Approx 3-4lbs
Length : 43”
Engine: .40-.46 2 stroke
Fuel tank: 6-8 oz

4 Channel radio – Y-Harness – No radio mixing required
4 regular size servo’s = 2 Aileron, 1 Elevator, 1 Rudder
1 Mini HS-81 for throttle

5 Channels radio – 2 channels for Aileron/flaperons – Radio mixing required.
4 regular size servo’s = 2 Aileron, 1 Elevator, 1 Rudder
1 Mini HS-81 for throttle

A few extra items will have to be purchased from your local hobby store:

Two 3” wheels, 5/32” wheel-collars, landing gear straps. Dubro Tail-wheel kit and a ½” tail-wheel. Y-Harness for the 2-servo aileron set up
2-3 rolls of your favorite covering material, Cloth CA type hinges
Sullivan Blue or Red flex control rods and a braided flex cable for throttle.

Sep 19, 2008, 09:47 AM
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A few more photos

a few more shots taken from Nigel
Sep 22, 2008, 02:33 PM
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Gold-Finch 40 Kits available online to buy!

The plane is now available online with MR Aerodesign for purchase if you where waiting to get one? http://www.mraerodesign.com
Oct 05, 2008, 08:17 PM
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Updated photos of the New kit version

I just finished the kit building of the Gold-Finch 40 kit and its ready to cover

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