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Aug 21, 2008, 10:40 PM
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Thompsonville Airport

As I have stated our club flies at two different Full Scale airports. So we have to be aware of full scale planes when they come in for landing. We have our own radio to monitor the airport frequency.

Tonight we met at the airport that is in the South part of our county here in Northern Michigan.

Fred Stafford called this afternoon and said we were flying at Thompsonville Airport. Bob Ballmer also called wanting to know if I had a fuel tank. Since I have a number of them, all from Nexstars that have since passed on, so I figured I could spare one or two for his plane. I also think someone sent an email out, but as of now, I just don't remember.

We did have a full scale land at Thompsonville. It was a Cherokee that came in from West to East and landed. The plane is hangered down among the three hangers to the west of the terminal.

I got to Thompsonville Airport about 5:30 or so and there were a number of cars there. Gene Johnson was in the air with his Big Stick. I could see he flying around as I drove in. I waited for him to land. He touched down fine and I crossed over to the parking area.

After I parked I got out my windsock and chair. Then planes and the channel checker. Claude got his plane running and off he went. Claude did a number of touch and goes. Bob finally got his plane running and off he went. Still had a problem with the fuel line, so he landed, took off the fuel filter and it seems the plane is now running fine. Needs a bigger fuel line.

George Force was there and tonight he got his Four Star running and off George went. He flew around for a while, his engine seemed to not be up to par and he landed, made some adjustments and then he flew again. This time the engine was just purring along. George got two nice flights in and no problems. George said later, he was glad to get two very good flights in.

I got my 310 MF running and off I went. I did touch and goes both left and right. Fred and Bob and Gene and Claude all commented that Fred now needs to mow more since I wasn't hitting the runway right. Everyone is a critic, I get no respect. I got out a couple of electrics and then I got out the Predator. It sat on the ground for a long time. I took some pictures of it, just in case the flight didn't go well. Claude got his glider out and got it together, but Fred, Bob and I walked over to the hard runway for takeoff with the Predator. It has small wheels and no steering. We test ran it to see how well it tracked. It was straight as an arrow. Fred said as I sat it down again after retrieving it, that I was just to let it build up speed, let it rise up, no fast turns, nice and easy. Also don't pull up or down much and let the plane fly. So I got ready. I hit the throttle, off it went, across the runway and up into the air. It flew great, I needed a few clicks of up elevator, the ailerons were very touchy, so I just moved very little. I was up for about 3 minutes, I wanted to land, so I went West a lot since the wind was from the East. I was way too high, so I circled around and then came down some. I chopped the throttle and the plane just stayed in the air. I had to add a touch of down, but not much. I was way West and then lined up for landing. I came in, no throttle and the plane just glides like mad. I finally got close to the runway, I flared a tad early, but I got it down in one piece. We now know what I have to do.

Less throw on the ailerons, some expo on the stick for ailerons and I have to add a piece of carbon fiber on the rudder to protect it some the runway. The Predator flies great. It will glide like a glider, it is a heavy plane, I didn't know how much battery I had, so I wanted a short and sweet flight. I walked back knowing that the first flight was great, a few adjustments and we got another winner.

We got back to the pit area, Claude tossed his glider and Fred flew it up and handed the transmitter to Claude. They flew it for a couple of minutes and then Claude said he had no power. So Fred landed the Glider and Claude took the battery out. One cell was down a lot. My meter said it had no charge. So Fred is going to try to bring it back, but who knows. It may happen and it may not.

After putting in another battery, Fred and Claude flew the glider and then Bob flew it. Fred landed it just like a pro.

Gene Johnson had a couple of flights with his Big Stick. He has no trouble with power. He did outside loops and regular loops and all kinds of stuff. He landed in the mowed area easily. Fred said he cut the runway for intermediate to advanced pilots, so if you can't land in the mowed area, you better practice.

George flew, Gene, Bob, Claude and your author flew. I got out a couple of electrics. The Cadet Acro and the Viper. Both flew fine. I got the Cadet flying quite well now. All I need to do is add landing gear to it. A few adjustments and I will have landing gear on it quickly.

So Bob and Claude stopped to eat ice cream in Honor. I thought both were on a diet, but it appears that is not the case. George headed home, Gene Johnson left early, he has an early wake up call for Home Depot. Fred headed home and I went home via Lab Land. I had some gas to drop off so I would run the lawn mower there.

I did try to hit a cone, but that didn't happen. I managed one take-off towards one, but cleared it by a couple of feet.

So that is it. All the news that is fit to print.
The Conehead
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